Tinaraes, Rhux and Pika Win Twitch Rivals Fortnite!

After an intense day of Fortnite matches at the conclusion of Twitch Rivals at TwitchCon 2019, one team outperformed all the rest, with Tina “Tinaraes” Perez, Keenan “Rhux” Santos, and Julio "Pika" Cesar Nevarez crowned champions. Tina was also voted MVP of the Twitch Rivals Fortnite Tournament.

While the trio did not win any matches directly, the scoring structure of the tournament showed them well ahead of most other teams. The overall competition consisted of three rounds of four matches each, then followed by a final round of four matches. In each round, teams were evaluated based on their placement or eliminations.

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As a result of their performance, the team took first place, but also had the most eliminations with 22 in the final round, placing the team’s final earnings at $117,000 USD. The competition was fierce throughout, and the following teams made up the top ten finishers at the end of Twitch Rivals:

  1. Tinaraes, Rhux, Pika $117,000
  2. Dubs, Megga, ajo1x $97,000
  3. Agholor, xExoph, iMrSharpShooter $88,000
  4. MrSavage, KingRichard, rojo11 $88,000
  5. Blakeps, hking, ohreckz $80,500
  6. MckyTV, Noward, Benjyfishy $69,000
  7. Cented, edgeyy, Alouette $62,250
  8. Ceice, Elevate, CouRage $61,500
  9. Kinstaar, hunter, twiks $53,250
  10. aydan, DrLupo, seanpcc $37,000

The end result is noteworthy because the team won overall based entirely on their eliminations. Despite not taking any of the matches as a Victory Royale, their overall performance was consistent and dominating over other players. Check out the highlight reel below from some of their matches to watch how well the three moves as a team and find opportunities that others miss.

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While the action was great in each match, organizers of these events should consider reigning in the behavior of the participants. Watching Tinaraes, Rhux and Pika graciously win and describe their emotions at the end was a sharp contrast from the vulgar language and juvenile discussion among players during matches. There appears to be no moderation, and profanity was rampant. If Fortnite and esports is to continue growing in popularity, its players should be held to similar standards as other organizations.

In most professional sports, be it soccer, hockey, or football, swearing is unacceptable. Doing so in frustration to no one in particular can net a player a caution or directing it to other players or referees is grounds for expulsion from a game, because no one deserves to be verbally abused in what should be a celebration of skill and love of a game.

This did not occur with all players, but a quick search of the many VODs from yesterday reveal a large portion of players screaming and swearing at the slightest inconveniences. Twitch Rivals was exciting to watch, now they need to refine the presentation to continue growing.

Now that Twitch Rivals has ended, the champions are a group to follow in the future. It will be great to see where Tinaraes, Rhux and Pika go from here.

Source: Dexerto.com

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