This Tiny Neo Geo Console Is Adorable - And Comes With Over 20 Games

This past Tuesday, it was revealed that a Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro will come pre-installed with 20 titles.

Everyone seems to be releasing a mini version of older consoles following the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, and SNK is so excited they are in essence looking to release two! SNK has already released its Neo Geo Mini, a great looking miniature arcade cabinet, and this past Tuesday, it was revealed that a Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro will come pre-installed with 20 titles.

The hardware is set to release worldwide, but the specific titles have not been listed. The library of games might include some of the 40 games included in the Neo Geo Mini, or entirely different titles. The stick will be usable with the Neo Geo Mini, or as a standard arcade fighting stick for the PC.

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Via: techspot.com

SNK is describing the new controller as a “Pro-Gear Spec Advanced Entertainment System,” and it looks fantastic in its crisp, simplistic design and white exterior. Unfortunately, SNK has not yet revealed the price of this unit, and that makes it difficult to consider as a worthwhile purchase or not, as the price range for high-quality arcade sticks can be wide.

First, we could compare the Hardware offered by SNK to the Home Arcade offered by Capcom, a similarly styled arcade stick that was also plug-and-play with 16 pre-installed titles, but with controls for two players, making it ideal for casual play with friends. That one is priced at roughly $250, but has no reviews yet either as it is set to launch on October 25th.

Via: techspot.com

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As for arcade sticks used to train for competitive fighting games, there are many options. The Hori Fighting Stick Mini is a popular option, more for its price than its quality, clocking in at a mere $49. From there, the Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai retails for about $189 and is of much better quality. On the high end of the price and build quality is the Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick, selling for about $500 on average.

Given the approximate price of the SNK hardware, the quality of the build had better be quite good, as no one will want to pay a premium price for a cheap arcade stick and some games that are far more of a novelty than a necessity. Fortunately for us, helpful YouTube content creator, Spawn Wave, is quite likely to receive and deconstruct one of these arcade sticks shortly after his release. His most recent video on SNK hardware took the Neo Geo Mini to task, which is great for consumers to evaluate if something is a potential purchase or a pass.

For now, we can only wait, since the initial images of the SNK hardware look attractive, but come with neither a price nor list of games.

Source: Techspot.com, Tomsguide.com

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