Red Dead Online: 10 Essential Tips To Survive Battle Royale Mode

Whether you've seen the credits roll on Arthur Morgan's story, or you've skipped everything and jumped straight online, Red Dead Redemption 2's 32-player battle royale mode can be a steep challenge. Otherwise known as "Make it Count," the mode features the now-familiar BR formula of a shrinking map and only one victor. This mode, however, is unique from other popular BR modes, such as those seen in Fortnite or Call of Duty.

Rather than a mad scramble to collect weapons and resources, the game instead allows only bows and throwing knives. This encourages up-close and personal battles that are often tense and exhilarating.

Rockstar's latest update for RDR2's battle royale mode is "Gun Rush," which, as the name suggests, introduces guns, falling more in line with classic BR gameplay. Thus far, the reaction has been mixed as the auto-lock targeting system is not particularly well suited to this style of game. Matches often come down to "who saw who, first," rather than skill. That said, whatever your preference is, before jumping online it is worth your time to read up on some useful tips to help you be the last cowboy standing.

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10 Don't Camp

Ah, camping; the age-old tradition of hiding out of sight until an unfortunate enemy draws near and then BAM, easy kill. While often a great way to ensure your survival, it is also sure to encourage some horrible reactions from other players.

If you are the type of gamer who enjoys a good campout, you may want to re-think your strategy for this one.

Rockstar has implemented a sneaky feature that discourages camping of any kind. Basically, when a player is stationary for too long, the game will broadcast your location to every other player in the match. That's one sure-fire way to get yourself killed.

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9 Feel It Out

While games like Fornite focus heavily on sound to alert players of nearby enemies or loot, Red Dead Online has a different approach. As if the game wasn't tense enough, players will notice their controller begin to vibrate rhythmically as players draw near. This is a fantastic tool to alert you to enemies that may be just out of your line of sight. Use this to your advantage whenever possible. Just remember, if you're moving and feel a vibration, the other player probably feels it, too.

8 Get Low

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No, we're not talking about a great DJ Snake tune (as awesome as it is). A big part of battle royale is to remain unseen for as long as possible. Catching your enemy by surprise will give you an advantage, making your odds far better. The best way to achieve this is to crouch as often as you can. Making yourself a smaller target, while also reducing the sound you make as you move, will be invaluable.

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7 It's All About Perspective

Rockstar has implemented a solid selection of camera options for RDR2. These range from a first-person view to various third-person options. For online play, however, you need only concern yourself with one camera angle and that is to be as zoomed out as possible.

While it may be fun and immersive to play the campaign in first person mode, it is a great way to die online. The field-of-vision is far too limited to be practical. By zooming out, you can be sure you're seeing as much of your surroundings as possible, while simultaneously limiting the possibility of an enemy getting the jump on you.

6 The Mini-Map Is Your Best Friend/Worst Enemy

As we mentioned above, in battle royale mode players can be marked for standing still too long. It is also possible to reveal yourself by firing your weapon. When a player does this, they will be displayed on the map as a red dot, showing everyone exactly where you are. This can be extremely useful in getting an easy kill, or multiple kills, as quite often several players will converge on that location. On the other hand, if you are the one who has revealed yourself, it is best to move from that location quickly. It is also important to hold your fire until you are guaranteed a hit, or else you risk exposing yourself.

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5 Go Full Hunger Games

Much like the popular Hunger Games series, players in "Gun Rush" will often find the best weapons are placed in the middle of the map. Some players, especially those new to BR games, may want to take their time and allow other players to kill each other off. However, if you truly want an advantage, sticking to the outskirts will leave you lacking in decent weapons for the final battle. Instead, rushing to the center right away can give you a one-up on the competition early on.

4 Put The Dukes Away

As fun as it may seem to throw haymakers at your friends, hand-to-hand combat is not ideal for BR. Much like a throw-down at your local watering hole, fist fights are noisy, attract a lot of attention, and don't usually turn out as planned. Knocking someone out with your fists also takes far too long and therefore should only be used as a last resort. With the attention that you will draw, it also makes it too easy for other players to find you and pick you off from a distance, even if you do win the fight.

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3 Get A Good Vantage Point

How often do you see cowboys on rooftops? Not often, which means that other players won't be expecting a hail of bullets (or arrows) from up above. While many players will opt to use bushes or other cover zones on the ground, getting a good vantage point from the top of a building could be very beneficial. As mentioned, many players will not think to look up, but more importantly, it also gives you a cleaner line-of-sight for headshots.

2 Leave The Horse Behind

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While horses are an excellent way to get around in RDR2, they are far less useful when it comes to BR modes. While it may give you an advantage in the speed department, it is not worth the attention you will draw. Add in the fact that being on horseback makes you a much larger target, this is not a strategy we can suggest. When necessary, a horse can be useful to get out of tight situations but riding it directly into battle can be fatal.

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1 Don't Forget Ability Cards

Red Dead Online has a unique spin on the "Dead-Eye" ability. While it doesn't slow down time like in single-player, it is still a useful tool. Combat (such as "Dead Eye") and passive abilities can be equipped through the use of Ability Cards. These abilities include things like painting your targets, dealing more damage, or regenerating health. Using Ability Cards properly can make the difference between life and death, therefore, it is essential to use them whenever possible.

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