10 Tips To Level Up Fast On Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is a horror game where four survivors and one killer are loaded into a match and there is a goal for each of them: the survivors must escape, and the killer must prevent them doing so. Although it’s four vs one, it’s pretty evenly matched, but it can be tricky for beginners on either side.

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You level up by collecting Bloodpoints (which essentially work as the games XP system). You can then fill out a Bloodweb with them and once you’ve filled out the whole web, it changes to a new one and your character levels up.

Be aware that each character you play has a level, not you as the user! So here are some tips for earning more Bloodpoints in each game.

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10 Practice Your Skill Checks

The skill checks are what you’re going to find hardest at first, and if you can get all of them on good (and maybe even some on excellent), that’s going to help you out a lot. When repairing a generator, healing someone, or doing various other activities, a circle will appear suddenly and you have to hit the skill check button right as the rotating indicator is between the white lines.

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This is something that really only improves with practice, so make sure you’re taking on as many repairs as possible in the early days. You’ll never learn if you avoid them for fear of making a mistake and the killer finding you.

9 Learn When To Hide Rather Than Run

If you’re constantly sprinting across the map, the killer is going to find you fast and you’ll earn next to no Bloodpoints if you’re constantly being strung up on the hook and are unable to do anything useful.

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When the killer comes close, you will hear a heartbeat that gets louder and faster. When you hear that heartbeat, the best thing to do is to look around, locate them, and hide somewhere out of their view. This actually has a better chance than running, since the killer will see you if you’re sprinting away — and sprinting also leaves a trail!

8 Don’t Struggle

When strung up on a hook, you’ll see the option to struggle in an attempt to get off — but don’t!

There’s a very low chance of you actually getting off on your own and you’ll need someone to come and rescue you. Struggling more than likely not just means you’ll die quicker, and you don’t want that because you’ll end the match with very few Bloodpoints, but it’s a waste!

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If you do get hooked, just patiently wait for someone to get you off and heal you. Then you can go around repairing more generators and helping others, thus earning you more Bloodpoints!

7 Listen For The Wind

The object of the game is to escape (if you’re playing as a survivor anyway). How this is done is by repairing a certain number of generators and then pulling a switch by one of the two doors, which will unlock the escape route. Most of the time, anyway.

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You might see in the left-hand bottom corner of your screen that the hatch is another option. This only happens sometimes, but if escape is looking impossible by yourself, you might want to seek this out instead. It’ll be an open door on the ground and if you listen closely, the whistling wind means you’re close to it. It's better to get out that way than die trying to escape the other way. More points!

6 Get Chased

The killer being close isn’t a good thing in many ways, but there is one advantage: the longer they chase you without catching you, the more Bloodpoints you get. Even better if you escape from them!

If you’re being chased, there’s no point in running away in a straight line — the killer is faster all the time, and will definitely catch up in a matter of seconds. Try to zigzag through obstacles and switch between indoors and outdoors if possible.

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If you throw a pallet down at the right moment behind you, it will stun the killer and earn you even more Bloodpoints, so this is another good option once you get the timing down.

5 Look Out For Your Friends

Looking out for your friends is important in a game like this, and not only because you want them to repay the favor later. The game awards Bloodpoints for pulling people off hooks and for healing them (which is where your skill checks will come in handy again).

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It may be tempting to leave someone who got hooked to their fate, but if the killer has left after hooking them, it’s worth pulling down for the Bloodpoints alone; even if they didn’t do the same for you at some point!

The game places a lot of emphasis on teamwork, and it’s worth helping out.

4 Cleanse Totems

In some of the maps, you might come across totems. They can only be used by certain killers, so it may seem utterly useless, but if you have the time and the killer isn’t close, cleansing them is a good way to boost your Bloodpoints. And if you’re stuck in a map with a killer who can utilize the totems, even better!

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It only takes a few seconds to do so if you’re relatively sure the killer isn’t right behind you (i.e., you can’t hear the heartbeat yet), it’s probably worth it if there’s not anything else pressing going on around you.

3 As A Killer, Keep People On Those Hooks

As the killer, you want to keep people on the hooks. Once you’ve put them on, don’t run straight off and leave them; circle the area for a bit, as there may be survivors lurking nearby ready to run and pull their friend off the moment you leave!

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This tip is really all about finding a balance, though. Some people will linger by each hook until the person dies, which is far too long when everyone else is running around and repairing generators uninterrupted.

Ideally, keep returning to the area so you can catch someone right as they’re pulling their friend off. Then you’ll get at least one of them.

2 Damage Generators And Break Pallets

Some quick ways of earning a few Bloodpoints are to break the pallets that have been thrown down and damage generators in the process of being fixed. As the killer, if someone throws a pallet down, you can pause to kick it and break it. You can also pause by generators that are not completely fixed and damage them, making it take a little longer to repair them. In the grand scheme of things, it’s unlikely either of these will win you the game, but every little bit helps when it comes to filling out those Bloodwebs, right?

1 Make Use Of Perks And Tools

The killers each have unique abilities and the survivors have perks and tools that can be utilized and may be extremely handy for gaining some Bloodpoints. For example, survivors can carry a torch that can be used to blind the killer (and force him to drop a survivor he’s holding!). They can also carry tool kits that can be used to break hooks, speed up generator repairs, and first aid kits that can be used to repair themselves. The possibilities are numerous.

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All in all though, just be patient, get good at the game, and you’ll be earning a ton of Bloodpoints in no time.

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