10 Essential Tips For Building The Subnautica Cyclops

The Cyclops is the submarine of dreams for most Subnautica players. This massive underwater machine can be your deep water base of operations. It’s a huge undertaking for anyone to fabricate, even an experienced player. There are materials to gather, predators to avoid and plenty of map to get lost in while you explore. If you’ve had a hard time assembling your dream machine or if you’re picking up the game for the first time, we’re here with some tips. We can’t build it for you but we can get you started on the right foot.

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10 Titanium And Copper

When it comes to resources titanium is your base for almost anything you want to fabricate. It’s one of the most abundant resources you will need. Metal salvage is the fastest way to gather this needed material. This stuff can be found all over the seafloor spreading out from the Aurora wreckage. Limestone outcroppings can hold a chance for titanium along with copper. If you see some, go ahead and try your luck. Copper is needed for your electrical equipment so don't pass it up.

9 Silver And Gold

Both of these glittering minerals are needed for electrical applications because they’re highly conductive. Silver can be found in the kelp forest embedded in sandstone outcroppings, though you have to deal with bleeders and stalkers. You may find it easier to search the lost river or the dunes to find yourself a deposit. Gold, on the other hand, is a bit harder to get. Also found in the kelp forest, but this time you will have to make your way down into the caves of this area.


If you have done any exploring you quickly find that swimming can make hunting for materials a black hole for time. That is where the Mobile Vehicle Bay comes in. Like most other tools, you have to find the blueprints. You can find these little treasures in wrecks thrown from the Aurora in the crash. With these, you will be one step closer to building your fleet. You still need to gather up a nice stack of titanium to craft yourself an ingot. The last thing you need is a power cell - but you need a few batteries and some silicone rubber for that, so grab some copper and a few mushrooms while you are out there.

7 Quartz

Like titanium, quartz is used in many of your fabrication recipes. From silicone rubber to solar panels you are going to find yourself gathering this stuff every time you see it. And if you are out at night, as dangerous as it may be, this stuff glows, making it super easy to grab. If you get yourself a few stalker teeth you can craft up some enameled glass. When you get into the base building part of your adventure you will need a bunch. Don't forget that all those batteries you are going through use this stuff too.

6 Cyclops Blueprints

Before you can even start building this monster of a sub you are going to need the blueprints. Strap yourself with a scanner and a Seamoth and head out into the deep. You are going to need three of each and the best place to go hunting is the beautiful Mushroom Forest.

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The only obstacle you are going to find here is an occasional Mesmer. Don't get too close to these guys or you might find it hard to look away or fight the urge to swim closer.

5 Lithium And Lead

You are going to need a few pieces of lithium for this build. Mixed with some titanium, you get yourself the very durable plasteel ingot. This stuff is used in deep sea base building, and is what gives the cyclops the ability to withstand the depths. You can find lithium just laying around in the mushroom forest. Since you're going to be out there looking for blueprints, keep an eye out. Lead can be found in sandstone outcroppings. Check the kelp forest for this material. Chances are you will come away with all you need.

4 Now That's A Knife

You are going to need some defense from all the hostile fauna down there and the knife is going to be your trusty friend. A little bit of titanium and some silicone rubber is all you need to craft up your new tool. You will find it to be very useful. Not only a tool for keeping the hostiles at bay, you are also going to need it to gather creepvine clusters. Don't forget to crack off a few table coral plates for your computer chip. The handle comes in handy here. The coolest part of the knife is you can turn it into the thermoblade at the Modification station. You can cook a fishy meal with one slice. What more could you want?

3 Batteries

Through all of this, you are going to need power. All that quartz and copper you have been picking up along with some acid mushrooms and your fabricator will gift you with these little powerhouses. Wrap two of these batteries up with some silicone rubber and you get yourself a power cell, the main driving force for your submersibles. Powering just about every tool you will use in this game gives these a high priority on the list of things to stockpile. It takes six power cells to run the Cyclops. If you are lucky enough you can find batteries and power cells on occasion in crates found in wrecks from the Aurora so keep your eyes peeled.

2 Glide On

If you plan on going on a hunt for blueprints you should look into getting yourself a Seaglide. You can find the plans for this tool in the shallows and kelp forest making it an early acquisition. This underwater tugboat will pull you all over this aquascape. You're going to need some batteries in your pocket just in case you drain the one powering it. The best part of this little tool is its cool terrain map letting you get the lay of the land as you jet around the seafloor. If the Seaglide doesn't suit your style, you can try and find yourself some Seamoth blueprints around the grassy plateaus or head out to the Aurora if you're down for the danger.

1 The Fabricator

The fabricator is going to be your friend through this whole ordeal. From turning unsanitary water potable and cooking up a nice fish dinner, to crafting all your sub-aquatic needs, this thing does it all. You can go out and build a little base of operations and put one of these in it but your escape pod has one ready for you to use. Like the Mobile Vehicle Bay, this thing spits out whatever you need like the ultimate 3D printer. It does come at a cost, using a portion of your stored power with each fabrication. Don't you wish you had one of these at home?

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