10 Tips And Tricks To Dominate At Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the most balanced games in the series. It's clear that the developers are keeping competitive players in mind, having faster gameplay and numerous touches that make each game exciting to spectate. This has led many people to get into competitions, though it's a big world out there.

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If you're someone who wants to get better at Smash Bros Ultimate, you'll need to do some training first. Whether you're trying to win a tournament or just want to take down your friends and family, here are 10 tips and tricks to dominate at Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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A lot of players can get focused on doing similar moves to try and get ahead. However, experienced players will easily catch on and take advantage of that. Super Smash Bros Ultimate involves a lot of predicting, so it's important to mix up your strategy. If you're constantly going for a dash attack, mix it up by using your grab instead (as your opponent will likely shield).

When you're getting up from the ledge, don't use the same technique. Alternate between jumping, rolling, and attacking. If you start to fall into a rut, your opponent will read that, costing you the match.


Many people who play Super Smash Bros Ultimate are focused on finding a main, someone the play primarily. However, if you're looking to seriously get better at the game, it's important to play more than just one character, preferably one who addresses your main's weaknesses.

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For example, if you play Little Mac, you'll want to play another character who can recover in the air better. That way, if someone is playing a character who likes to juggle you off-stage, then you have an answer for it. By playing just one character, you'll be essentially trapped to whichever fighter your opponent plays.


Just about every character has their own combos. Certain moves chain together with others to provide greater damage and knockback. When you settle on a character, it's important to know what those combos (or potential combos) are and capitalize on them when you can.

It's always a good idea to go into Training mode and practice those combos, as it's the best place to do it. Combos are how people get ahead in competitive play. That said, don't always go for those combos in battle, as they can sometimes be situational, requiring the opponent to be in a certain position first.


It might be tempting to practice by tackling Level 9 CPUs, but the benefits are actually much smaller than you might expect. Level 9 CPUs are programmed to fight with reflexes and techniques that human players either wouldn't do or wouldn't be able to do.

This makes fighting CPUs not useful for someone learning how to fight other players. Fighting a lower-level CPU can simulate a human player much better, but it doesn't require much skill to beat them. A much better way to train is by fighting online. Better yet, if you have a group of friends who regularly play, fight them to gain experience.


This seems like an easy tip, but it's a big one. In the middle of a serious match, it's easy to let your opponent get in your head. Whether they're ahead of you in stocks or they're starting to combo you, it can be easy to lose your cool and start playing worse.

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Playing calmly is the best way to win. If you stay level-headed, then you'll be able to put your skills and training to good use. Between rounds, if you're starting to lose your cool, take a deep breath and stretch out your muscles. You want to be collected whenever you battle.


In the days of Super Smash Bros for Wii U, rolling across the stage was a strategy that worked for some people. This might've created some bad habits that need to be broken in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Consistent rolling has a penalty in this game, leading to shorter invincibility frames and a longer time to complete the roll.

If you spam roll, then you're essentially opening yourself up to a free attack from your opponent. Roll twice if it's absolutely necessary, but think about getting away from your opponent with some other strategies too. Think about staying on the aggressive.


Whenever you pick a character, they're going to have certain weaknesses. Those weaknesses can be better exploited by other characters in the roster. If your character depends on rushing down, then you'll have a hard time taking down the Fire Emblem swordsman.

When playing the game, it's crucial to not only know who your counters are but know how to counter them. Whether that means adjusting your strategy with your main or pick up another character who is better against your previous counters, you have to be prepared for anything. There are over 70 fighters, which means you can't cover everything perfectly, but you can at least be ready.


Aggressive play is the way to go in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The game seems to reward those who play offensively and punish those who are trying to get away. While just throwing out attacks constantly is a great way to get yourself attacked, it's important to stay on the offensive when you can to force your opponent to react.

Once they're on defense, they'll need to react. However, when you consistently force them in a tough position, it's only a matter of time before they'll mess up, leaving themselves open long enough for a follow-up attack. It's easy pickings from then on.


If you've watched competitive play for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you've probably heard the phrase "DI." This stands for Directional Input, which refers to how you can use the control stick to alter the angle at which you're flying toward the blast zone.

If you angle your stick toward the upper corners, you have a better chance at surviving hits that would normally cost a stock. You may still have a hard time getting back on stage, but you still keep your stock and are ready to strike back. Directional Input does take some quick reactions, but it can literally save your life in battle.


Teching is an important skill in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. When your character is falling to the ground or being launched into a wall, ceiling, or floor, players can press the shield button right when their character makes contact. This results in a few invincibility frames where the character reorients themselves, letting the player respond much faster than normal.

Teching can also save your life if you get knocked into the side of a stage. However, it's important to know that teching, especially when you're knocked to the floor, isn't always the best option. Opponents will know how to read a tech and know how to follow up on it.

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