10 Expert Tips For Pokémon GO Trainers

According to The Pokémon Company, the Pokémon GO app was downloaded over 800 million times. They also reported approximately 60 million users playing Pokémon GO over a year after launch. Without a doubt, the game is mainstream and played by people of all ages.

What makes Pokémon GO exceptionally special is its intuitive augmented reality. Augmented reality simulates Pokémon in an environment, so it appears as if they exist in real life. It was a bold move by The Pokémon Company to move forward with this game, but it seems to have paid off even if most of the profits went to Niantic Labs and only 19% of revenues went to Nintendo.

Sure the game is popular, but most don't know what it takes to be the best trainer they can be. You too could become a Pokémon Master if you learn these expert tips. These are 10 expert tips for Pokémon GO trainers.

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10 Transfer Pokémon To The Professor To Earn Candy

If you are like many trainers, you may have duplicates of Pokémon. Transferring your Pokémon to the professor will give you candy that can be used to power up your Pokémon and evolve them. Evolutions aid you in battles by making your Pokémon's stats raise and possibly change the type of your evolved Pokémon.

Just by catching Pokémon in the wild, one can accumulate a large number of Pokémon specific candies. By using the Pinap Berry, one can double the amount of candy they earn from catching Pokémon.

9 Be Sure To Hatch Your Eggs And Use Incubators Wisely

Each Pokémon GO player starts with an orange incubator. There are several types of incubators that allow you to hatch Pokémon eggs. An orange incubator has unlimited uses, a blue one has three uses, and the super purple has three uses but hatches eggs faster than the blue one.

The type of Pokémon that hatches from an egg is decided the moment you get one from a PokéStop—not the moment it hatches. Some trainers use a strategy that involves only hatching 5km eggs since they can give powerful Pokémon and don't take as long to hatch as the 10 km eggs.

8 Meet With Other Trainers For Raid Battles

One of the newest and coolest additions to Pokémon GO is Raid Battles. In Raid Battles, Pokémon trainers band together to defeat powerful versions of regular Pokémon. Successfully defeating a mighty Pokémon in Pokémon GO during a Raid Battle may be challenging.

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There are different tiers of raids with some capable of being beat solo by beginners, while others require high-level groups. Meeting with other trainers will almost always improve your chances of conquering a Raid battle. It takes time and discipline to conquer the most challenging Raid Battles.

7 Learn How To Evolve Pokémon

As seen in the picture above, evolving a Pokémon has benefits such as an increase in HP and an increase in CP (Combat Points). Evolving a Pokémon in Pokémon GO isn't always as simple as giving it candies.

Sometimes, players need to collect candy and a specific item to level up a Pokémon. For example, Onyx can be evolved into a Steelix after Onyx is given the right amount of candy and the Metal Coat item. To make it as a top GO player, you'll need to become familiar with evolutions.

6 Try Pokémon GO With Augmented Reality Off

Of course, to find a Growlithe in your house would be surprising for anyone. Pokémon GO's augmented reality brings the game to life. Although it is an amazingly cool feature of Pokémon GO, there are benefits to turning the augmented reality off.

Catching Pokémon becomes more comfortable as your screen will stay steady instead of moving around like in augmented reality mode. Augmented reality is a new technology that still needs improvements. The potentials of this technology could be something beyond great.

5 Engage In Battles To Occupy Gyms

Of course, we don't mean heading to the gym to do 45-minutes on a treadmill. What we actually mean is heading to Pokémon gyms to beat the trainers who hold the spots can lead to rewards. For one, you get to occupy the gym, which is totally cool by itself.

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Also, you can earn Poké Coins, which are used to buy valuable items in Pokémon GO. Just be warned, capturing a Pokémon Gym requires defeating multiple Pokémon. Even if you don't want to battle, it's worth heading to gyms to meet other players, and often, there are PokéStops near gyms as well.

4 Practice Throwing Poké Balls

The way you throw Poké Balls has an effect on the experience you gain. Earning a "Nice" rating gives you 10 XP, a "Great" rating gives you 50 XP, an "Excellent" gives you 100XP, and a "Curveball" provides you with +10 XP.

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Timing your shots and trying to curve a Poké Ball gives you experience, which can lead to more Pokémon. Practice throwing balls and try to get your timing right because it will pay off in the long run. Throw the ball when the circle is the tiniest for the highest amount of XP.

3 Check Your Pokémon's Moveset

Merely looking at a Pokémon's Combat Points won't ensure that you win battles. Check out each Pokémon's moves. Flamethrower has 70 power, so it is an effective move.

In order to get the best results in battles, it is recommended to check your Pokémon's moveset. A Pokémon may have lower Combat Points, but if its techniques are much stronger, it will be the better choice in Pokémon GO battles. Choosing the best team is critical in gym battles.

2 Collect XP And Level Up!

You'll want to collect XP and level up if you're going to make it as a Pokémon GO trainer. Catching an Exeggcute (above) provided this trainer with 610 XP points. Since it was a new Pokémon, she gained quite a bit of XP and 3 candies.

Collecting XP not only helps other players identify you as experienced or not, but it also gives you access to gyms, new types of berries, more advanced Poké Balls such as the Ultra Ball, and it allows you to catch higher-level Pokémon. Each of those reasons warrants the need to focus efforts on XP grinding.

1 Using Incense Is More Effective When You're Moving

Incense in Pokémon GO has been tested thoroughly, and it turns out that moving with an activated Incense is leagues better than standing or sitting still. Sure if you want to sit still, you will catch Pokémon every 5 minutes, but it turns out that by walking with an activated Incense, you'll encounter a Pokémon every 200 meters.

This could mean to a lot of walking if you use a few different incenses, but think of Ash Ketchum; it takes lots of work to become a Pokémon Master.

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