Titan Quest Releases A New Expansion Called Atlantis 13 Years After Launch

Seemingly out of nowhere, Titan Quest has released a new expansion that is both themed after and explores Atlantis. It has been thirteen years since the release of the game, and no one is complaining to have the new content. The expansion features a number of points for veterans to dive into, including new areas, new and rebalanced skills, new enemies, and an impressive amount of new loot.

Like many games today, there is also a new horde mode that spawns waves of enemies to defeat, gradually progressing in number and difficulty until you are overwhelmed. It will be interesting to see what the long-term plans are for this mode, if any. Perhaps a leaderboard or scaling rewards would be appropriate, but again, it may be another thirteen years before we see the next update!

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With regards to the new skills, there are some great developments that might shake up how the game is played with a new tier of skills in every mastery. While this is typical of Action RPG games, it is also one of the best indicators for success in an expansion by potentially forcing a shift in the meta of how characters are played.

This can also renew interest in old players, who would be lured by the promise of innovated gameplay, and not the same old tired game from before. It is in essence how the Diablo 3 seasons seek to reinvent their endgame every few months, with some seemingly simple buff or change that forces a response for the most efficient progression through Greater Rifts.

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A "casino merchant" has been added, providing random loot. If this NPC is like others from the Diablo or Torchlight series, it is usually best to stay away and not throw good money after bad. Time will tell if this is true, but there has yet to be a good NPC of similar design in any other balanced game.

The release of the expansion is interesting given other recent updates to old games. It seems that we are experiencing a time when modern expansions are in vogue for games that have seemingly been shelved from a development perspective.

For those players who enjoy the style of game offered in Titan Quest, but who turned off by the antiquated system of play and style of graphics, there are other options out there as well. Diablo 3 is perhaps the most well known, as is Path of Exile.

For those who want to play what might be termed a spiritual successor to Titan Quest, check out Grim Dawn. After Titan Quest developers Iron Lore Entertainment closed in 2008, a number of the core members moved on to establish Crate Entertainment. Grim Dawn is their creation and offers many of the same stylistic feels of the older games, but with updated mechanics and constant updates, along with frequent expansion releases. It is also rooted in themes of Elder Gods and general spookiness, which is in itself a reason to dive in!

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