Toast Refuses To Promote Upcoming Hearthstone Expansion As A Protest

Popular Hearthstone streamer Toast refuses to promote Blizzard's next expansion through a card reveal in protest of game's unchanging mechanics.

Toast, like many other streamers, has slowly transitioned away from Hearthstone to other games, but he still maintains a large viewership hovering at nearly 1.1 million on Twitch. From a marketing perspective, he is the exact type of person that Blizzard would want to promote their next game expansion.

Toast is not alone in expressing these feeling towards the current state of Hearthstone, and no one can really blame a streamer for not wanting to continue with a game that has seen little real change in the past few years. With each new expansion, perhaps a handful of cards become relevant and make their way into current decks, while yearly rotations offer a bit more variety, but only for a short while.

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Instead, Toast is currently hot on the heels of Teamfight Tactics, a game that is quickly soaring in popularity based on a League of Legends custom game variant. Switching between games is not uncommon for many streamers, and currently there is a lull in Hearthstone anyways, as has always been the case in the period between the announcement of the next expansion and its launch. At this point, Hearthstone's next expansion is only three weeks away.

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However, while some question why Toast was given a card, many others were quick to jump to his defense. Even though Toast is less inclined now to play Hearthstone, his contribution over the past years to the game has been nothing short of outstanding. With each expansion release, fans could be sure to tune in and see what interesting and often game-breaking combinations he would come up with. For instance, some may recall a  instance when Toast obtained 5000 armor in a single match with Shudderwock.

The issue is likely to fall upon deaf ears over at Blizzard, at least in some ways. At the end of the day, asking Toast, a streamer with long ties to Hearthstone, to reveal a card is little more than good business sense. Even if Toast leaves Hearthstone permanently at some point, it does not take away from previous achievements and contributions to the community.

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