New Tokyo Pokémon Center Features Huge Incubated Mewtwo

London's Pokémon Center might have been an unmitigated disaster, but the one in Tokyo features an incubated Mewtwo that is all kinds of awesome.

London's Pokémon Center might have been an unmitigated disaster, but the one in the franchise's home country is all kinds of awesome.

Pokémon fans have been spending money on anything and everything the franchise has had to offer for well over two decades. Whether it be trading cards, video games, cuddly toys, or even dress shirts, if it is an official Pokémon product, then chances are that thousands, if not millions of fans are going to be willing to spend their money on it.

That's why it makes sense that Pokémon would cut out the middle man and open up its own stores, or Pokémon Centers, with shelves stacked with all sorts of must-have Pokémon-themed goodies. Since Japan is the country in which the Pokémon franchise was created, the Land of the Rising Sun should plays host to the world's most impressive Pokémon Center.

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Tokyo's Pokémon Center recently became even more awesome than it already was. That was accomplished via a brand new and very cool centerpiece - an incubated Mewtwo. For those not paying Tokyo a visit anytime soon, you can check out the Center's exhibit in all of its glory thanks to a short clip recorded by a Pokémon fan which has since been shared on Reddit:

If you're unaware of when exactly an incubated Mewtwo appeared in the Pokémon franchise, or you have just forgotten, let us refresh your memory. Mewtwo was first housed inside of an incubator at the beginning of Pokémon: The First Movie. However, the troubled Pokémon was also subjected to the same treatment in the far more recent Detective Pikachu, which hit theaters earlier this year.

Pokémon Centers are few and far between and not all of them are as successful as the one in Tokyo. A temporary Center recently opened in London to celebrate the release of Sword & Shield. Those in charge of Europe's first-ever Pokémon Center failed to anticipate its popularity with some customers having to queue for six hours just to get in. Even worse, stock was flying off the shelves so quickly that stocks ran out a lot faster than expected.

If you're going to visit a Pokémon Center, we'd recommend heading to Tokyo rather than London.

Source: Reddit

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