The 10 Deadliest Characters From Tom Clancy Games, Ranked

Video gaming has a preponderance of tough guys. It's a common stereotype that all videogames are violent and so on, which is obviously bunk. That being said, the amount of FPS games that are still unironically hoo-rah is more than in any other media. The Tom Clancy games are prime examples of these. They focus on characters who are military men extraordinaire, similar to those in films like Predator. So, long as you few these games in the same light as silly '80s action movies, there's nothing wrong with that, either. In this list, we're going to take a look at 10 of the most dangerous characters from Tom Clancy's games.

10 Major David Crenshaw

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. was an incredible game. At a time when Ace Combat was pretty poor, it filled the niche of air combat game extremely competently.

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David Crenshaw, the game's main character, was a peerless fighter pilot. While in the beginning, he's providing air support for anti-cartel operations, he then joins the PMC Artemis. However, once Artemis decides to take on the United States, Crenshaw starts the fightback. In his final in-game act, Crenshaw kills Artemis' CEO, by bombing his compound in a black operation.

9 Anna Grimsdottir

She may not be a player character, but Anna Grimsdottir (or Grim, as she's known) is one tough cookie. An expert computer hacker, she is the brains behind every single Third Echelon operation. She also helped Sam Fisher while he was on operations, and is everything that you want an electronics expert to be. Cold, tough, and an expert in her field, she's someone that you do not want to mess with.

8 Hibana

One of the most dangerous characters in Rainbow Six: Siege, Hibana is an incredible soldier from the land of the rising sun. Her X-Kairos launcher allows her to blow holes in reinforced surfaces, with three shots from this able to make a massive breach for her teammates.

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She's fast, able to run around the map at fantastic speed. And finally, her assault rifle, the Type 89F has incredible stopping power and amazing accuracy, and if she runs out of ammo, her Bearing 9 PDW is an amazing backup weapon.

7 Bishop

Bishop, the main character from Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is a heck of a soldier. When Vegas comes under attack by terrorists, it is up to him to save the day. A crack shot, and possessing an incredible attention to detail, Bishop is an inspirational leader, able to inspire his comrades to incredible acts of bravery. In typical action hero fashion, he's not afraid to break rules to get results. At one point in the game, he captures one of the terrorist leaders despite being totally alone, without backup or support.

6 Toshiro Otomo

Toshiro Otomo wants one thing, and one thing only: to return to Japan in the height of its power, and make it a superpower once again. He is not afraid to do anything to make his dream a reality. He has the American warship USS Walsh sunk by a North Korean missile, launched by his elite team of hackers, and things only get worse from there. His ultimate plot involves launching a North Korean nuke at Tokyo, hoping to start a war between the US, North Korea, and China, allowing Japan to rise to the global forefront. A twisted individual who should never be underestimated, Otomo is one of the best Tom Clancy villains ever created.

5 Logan Keller

While we may have featured the protagonist of Vegas 2, Logan ranks just a little higher. Why? Well, because the attack on Vegas in the original game was ridiculously over-the-top. Featuring a microwave weapon that could cook the people of Vegas to death, it took a heck of a man to beat them back, and Logan was just that guy. A crack shot, an incredible leader, and a veteran of Delta Force, he firmly belongs on this list.

4 Thatcher

A veteran of the SAS, Thatcher is easily the most impressive member of the Siege roster. He's not a fan of high-tech weaponry, saying that he prefers a six-inch knife instead. As such, he packs EMP grenades that can take out enemies' tech and packs the M590A1 pump-action shotgun. An all-around fantastic shotgun, it packs a decent punch, while also having good accuracy and range. If his dialog doesn't sell you on Thatcher, I don't know what to tell you.

3 Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell is a heck of a hero. Not only is he a member of Ghost Recon, and a certified incredible soldier. He also rose to the rank of general, in the world of Endwar, becoming the leader of the US forces in World War III. In his capacity as the leader of the US Forces, he successfully defended Freedom 4, and launched a devastating attack at the war's start, helping the Joint Strike Force assume a strong position in the conflict.

2 Ding Chavez

The archetypal Rainbow Six soldier, Ding Chavez is an exceptional light infantryman. A small man, but built like a pit bull, he has an incredible grasp of tactics and special operations, making him the ideal member of Rainbow Six. In addition to his knowledge and skills, he is a well-rounded soldier, capable of wielding a huge number and variety of weapons. His experience in operations, all around the world, he is the ultimate trooper in Tom Clancy's universe.

1 Sam Fisher

Of course Sam Fisher was going to be the top of this list. You knew that already, didn't you? The one and only stealth expert, he is capable of some insane acts of courage, skill, and smarts.

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Whether he's being the stealthiest guy around, lurking in shadows, waiting for the time to strike, or smashing guy's with chairs, sinks, and anything else that's lying around — you do not want to tangle with Sam Fisher. One of, if not the most enduring video game character created in the Tom Clancy universe, Fisher earned the top spot on this list, of that, there is no doubt.

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