Tomb Raider: Lara Croft’s 10 Most Badass Costumes, Ranked

Lara Croft is more than just a video game protagonist. Since first appearing in Tomb Raider back in 1996, Lara has been a pop culture figurehead. Whether you view her as a sex symbol, action hero, or empowering female star, one thing is universally true about Ms. Croft. She is a total badass.

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The dual pistol-wielding woman who hunted down artifacts and did battle against all sorts of mythological beasts was most popular because she was as tough as they come. You could put her up against any action icon from the past few decades and she could probably kick their asses. And she'd look damn good while doing it. That's what we're here to rank, as we're listing the 10 most badass outfits Lara ever wore in her many video games.

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10 The Original - Tomb Raider

Where would Lara Croft be without her original outfit? It's a simple setup but one that is as famous as the character sporting it. There's not a lot of creativity behind it but it has so much history behind it that it can't be left off of any list like this.

The light green top and brown shorts have become something of a cosplayer's dream. They get to pull off an attractive look that also allows them to seem legitimately tough. The pistol holsters and backpack just bring it all together.

9 Wetsuit - Various Games

Wetsuits have kind of been a consistent outfit in this franchise. Almost every edition of Tomb Raider has seen Lara Croft venture underwater for an adventure. Some of the outfits she wore on these missions didn't stand out, but a few looked legitimately cool.

The two games that would rank at the top are Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld. Those wetsuits had similarities, were stylish, and mimicked a bit of her most iconic outfit with the shorts.

8 Russia - Tomb Raider: Chronicles

While Lara Croft's most famous look is a combination of a tank top and shorts, that's not practical in every situation. In Tomb Raider: Chronicles, Lara's adventures took her to Russia as she attempted to board a naval ship.

Lara had to don a costume that covered much more than her typical choices. The snow camo look allowed her to blend in with her surroundings and also looked fantastic. It was different from what we were used to, looked cool, and she kicked ass while wearing it.

7 Catsuit - Tomb Raider: Legend

One of the coolest aspects of the rebooted Tomb Raider: Legend entry into the franchise was the outfits. It may seem trivial but it was really cool to have so many options to choose from. And instead of the clothes being determined by the mission, you could decide on your own.

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The catsuit in this game was pretty close to perfect. It was suitable for almost any situation and was incredibly sleek. There was also the way it adapted to smoothly include all of her weapons and assorted gear.

6 Wraithskin - Rise Of The Tomb Raider

There may not be a cooler looking Lara Croft outfit in history. 2016's Rise of the Tomb Raider was a more realistic and serious take on the series and that meant some of the costumes had to reflect that theme.

The headpiece included with this ensemble is made from a bear skull and sheep horns. Combine it with the skulls hanging from Lara's belt and the sheer look of her raggedy clothes and you can tell she's ready for a fight. It strikes fear in her enemies and helps her blend into her surroundings.

5 Huntress - Rise Of The Tomb Raider

We return to the tremendous Rise of the Tomb Raider video game for our next entry. That installment set Lara up with plenty of outfits that someone could realistically wear if they were on a tomb raiding adventure. The huntress outfit is one of the best at capturing that core concept.

It uses the surrounding ecosystem to protect Lara. She can hide in plain sight and the material of the outfit keeps her warm in cold weather. Some outfits look more badass, but when you consider how threatening Lara is when wearing this, it makes sense that it ranks high.

4 Commando - Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Yes, it's Rise of the Tomb Raider once again. One of the coolest features of this commando suit was how it reduced the delay for Lara when she regenerated her health. That made it an ideal outfit to choose for combat and that's badass.

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From a looks perspective, it also has great elements. We've already established how great the snow camo pattern is but when you add on the ballistics vest with ammo pouches you've got something special. The fingerless gloves, leg holsters, and all of the other little accessories add a lot to this one.

3 Apex Predator - Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Our final entry from Rise of the Tomb Raider is the Apex Predator. It came with the special ability to reduce damage from predatory animals, which is highly valuable in this game. But the most badass thing about this outfit is how cool it looks.

The first thing that jumps out when you see this outfit is the warpaint. It's not overdone but there's just enough to stand out. The red color makes you feel like it could be blood, which is terrifying for potential enemies. In a game filled with great looks, this is the most badass.

2 Hitman - Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is a spinoff installment of the series. It isn't as popular as the main games but still featured some cool elements. One of those was the outfits, which included one called Deus Ex that nearly made the list. But the one that did was from another franchise entirely. And everyone on her team could sport it.

This game included a set of skins related to the Hitman game series. The protagonist there sports a slick suit with a signature red tie. Lara donning that top is a cool crossover. She still keeps her holsters and some of her own elements, making for a unique look that we'd love to see in a major Tomb Raider entry.

1 Evening Dress - Tomb Raider: Legend

If Lara Croft's whole deal is being a badass while looking like a million bucks, then there is no more appropriate outfit than this one. It is arguably the best in a Tomb Raider: Legend game loaded with seemingly endless apparel choices. Just take one look at it to grasp how great it is.

The outfit stems from some kind of cocktail dress worn by Lara for a party. It is ripped in just the right places to allow her to get her guns in an instant. She looks like the hottest person in the room and also the one who could end your life whenever she wanted to. It's the ideal Lara outfit.

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