20 Toon Disney Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Still Pulled Off)

Ah, Toon Disney, home of pretty much all of our childhoods. Whether you grew up watching Disney Afternoon, saw Toon Disney turn into Jetix and eventually Disney XD, or was there when Toon Disney came into existence, this network has been a part of our lives for quite a while. And we’ve seen some pretty amazing cartoons come out of it.

Wanted an action series? They’ve got that. Wanted something silly and fun? Got it! Want to watch something more on the fantasy side? Yep, they have that too. Toon Disney had pretty much everything under the sun. And with these series came a huge variety of characters. Most, if not all, of these characters had their own fun quirks and personalities. From over the top villains to relatable heroes, there was probably a character that you would love.

But while many of us loved all the crazy characters in Toon Disney, they’re probably a big source of stress for those trying to cosplay them. Cosplaying an animated character in general can be very hard. You’re dealing with people that have different body proportions due to stylized animation so you’ve got unusual facial features and body types to deal with. And half the time the character you may be trying to cosplay isn’t even human.

But this challenge hasn’t stopped many cosplayers from doing the impossible, so here are 20 Toon Disney cartoon characters that are incredibly difficult to cosplay and the cosplayers who pulled it off. Let’s have some fun with cosplay!

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20 Stone Never Looked So Good

Via: facebook.com (Knightmage)

Goliath is both intimidating and intriguing. It would’ve been very easy for him to hate humans after what they did to his kind, but his level-headedness and strong sense of morality kept him from becoming a vengeful person (er, gargoyle).

But Goliath is a huge pain to cosplay since he’s a big guy with wings, claws, and grey skin. This cosplay is not for the faint of heart, but the cosplayer Knightmage came up with a seriously impressive cosplay of this powerful gargoyle. He’s definitely captured Goliath in one of his more frightening moments. I definitely wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this guy. Well done, Knightmage!

19 These Guys Are All About Hakuna Matata

Via: lauzlanille.deviantart.com

Did you know that Timon and Pumbaa had their own TV series on Toon Disney? It showed the adventures of these two lovable characters in between the time they take in Simba and when Simba goes back to Pride Rock. The series was definitely silly, but it was also pretty entertaining.

Cosplaying animal characters can always be a challenge, and Timon and Pumbaa are no exception. It would be hard to cosplay a meerkat and a warthog. So, these cosplayers decided to go the human version route, and they look fantastic! You can totally tell who is who, and I love human Pumbaa’s mustache. You know he would have a mustache.

Cosplay by Lauzlanille.

18 Time To Dragon Up!

Via: furaffinity.net (1337freak)

The idea that a teenager who can turn into a dragon has to protect all of the magical creatures in New York is both hilarious and terrifying. And while Jake doesn’t take his duties super seriously at first, you see him growing into a capable fighter and protector, which is pretty awesome.

While cosplaying Jake in his human form wouldn’t be that bad, cosplaying his dragon form is another matter. Making a cosplay of a dragon is always seriously hard since they don’t look very human and you’re dealing with different skin tones, scales, wings, and claws. And let’s not even go into the faces. But this cosplayer did a pretty awesome full body suit of dragon Jake, and they look great!

17 You Do Not Want To Cross This Guy

Via: srmthfg-villains.deviantart.com

If you told me I would enjoy a show about robot monkeys fighting against a man that’s half skeleton, half machine, I’d think you were crazy. But Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! was surprisingly good, given its crazy premise. And the Skeleton King made a pretty awesome villain that was both interesting and terrifying.

The Skeleton King is both interesting and completely terrifying. 

But cosplaying this guy would not be easy. You’re dealing with a guy who’s a combination of bones and machine parts, which are both hard to recreate. But that didn’t stop this cosplayer who made a seriously amazing cosplay of this crazy villain. I like that they made the staff too, which just adds to the cosplay. Nicely done!

Cosplay by Srmthfg-villains.

16 Life Is Like A Hurricane For These Guys

Via: flickr.com (V Threepio)

Who doesn’t love DuckTales? Whether you grew up watching the series in the 80s and 90s, or you got introduced through the new reboot, the characters in these series are always a treat to watch. (And I have to say that David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck is the best thing to happen in voice acting history.)

But cosplaying anyone from DuckTales would be a major pain to do since they’re all anthropomorphized animals. You’re dealing with feathers, bills, and duck feet. And doing human versions can be tricky to make the cosplay recognizable. But this group cosplay looks just fantastic! Using yellow tights for the legs is a clever idea and the fact that everyone has white wigs is awesome!

15 He's Going To Infinity And Beyond

Via: rawrbomb.com (Thomas Sergneri)

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was a pretty entertaining series, full of funny moments, great action, and some pretty fun characters. And Buzz is still your very honorable space ranger who’s sworn to protect the galaxy from those that would do harm.

But cosplaying Buzz would be seriously hard. His space suit has a lot of intricate parts and elements. And if you get one thing wrong, the whole cosplay is going to look weird. It’s understandable that not a ton of fans attempt it. But this cosplayer totally nailed it, and he looks awesome. His face even looks a little like Buzz.

14 He's The Danger That Flaps In The Night

Via: flickrhivemind.net

What I loved about Darkwing Duck was while he was a bit of an egomaniac, he was still this superhero that really cared about protecting his city. He could get into some pretty crazy situations, but with luck and his own ingenuity, he always came out on top.

The boots are a great way to create the illusion of orange duck feet. 

But cosplaying Darkwing Duck would be tricky. Besides the fact that he’s a duck, he’s also got a pretty distinct outfit and style. But that hasn’t stopped cosplayers from trying, and this particular cosplayer looks pretty amazing as our favorite hero. I think the boots are my favorite part; they look so good, and they’re a great way to create the illusion of orange duck feet.

13 He's The Coolest Gargoyle

Via: picssr.com (Dtjaaaam)

Out of all the gargoyles, Brooklyn probably developed the most as a character. He went from a hot-headed, impulsive young gargoyle to a calmer and more level-headed leader. And part of that was just him maturing since he was pretty young at the start of the series. Brooklyn’s design is also pretty cool, since he looks a lot less human than Goliath.

And that’s what makes him rather difficult to cosplay. The fact that he has red skin combined with a much longer face than the other gargoyles makes things hard for cosplayers. But this cosplayer defied the odds and came up with a pretty cool Brooklyn. I love the addition of the leather jacket. That is totally Brooklyn.

12 You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Him

Via: instagram.com (Vince Vimmer)

You can’t help but love the Genie in Aladdin; he’s so entertaining and energetic. And you feel for him and his plight, so you’re happy that he finally becomes free in the end. And the fact that he shows up in the animated series is pretty awesome.

But Genie is a tricky guy to cosplay, mostly due to his body. The guy isn’t exactly small. Plus, he’s got some pretty distinct facial features, and of course there’s the blue skin. Giving yourself a completely different skin tone is always hard to do. But this cosplayer looks pretty awesome as Genie! It looks like he used a combination of morph suit fabric and body paint. Well done!

11 Brother And Sister Save The Day

Via: worldcosplay.net (Iaru Burgos)

Remember the series Yin Yang Yo? It’s not surprising if you don’t, since it only lasted for a couple of seasons. It was an interesting action comedy series that had a pretty odd sense of humor. And the concept of two siblings who were very different having to work together to fight evil is an oldie but a goodie.

This show had an odd sense of humor. 

While Yin and Yang’s outfits wouldn’t be hard to cosplay, their bodies would, since the two are rabbits. So, these two cosplayers decided to do a human version, and they look amazing! I like that they did blue and pink wigs, since that helps us recognize the characters better.

10 This Lady Space Ranger Will Take You Down

Via: thetass.deviantart.com

Mira Nova is a pretty awesome lady. She’s kind and compassionate, but she’s also very stubborn and sarcastic. She’s a sensible lady, but don’t make her angry because she will take you down. She’s a valuable member of Buzz’s team, and she proves to be an awesome space ranger.

But if you thought cosplaying Buzz would be hard, try cosplaying Mira. Not only are you dealing with recreating those space suits, but you’ve also got to make your skin blue like Mira’s. And this cosplayer went above and beyond. I like the mohawk look on her, though I don’t know if Mira actually would do that. But she looks pretty awesome!

Cosplay by TheTass.

9 The God Is Looking Pretty Good

Via: your-pain.deviantart.com

Hades may be the main villain in the Hercules movie and TV series, but he’s a very entertaining one. Instead of being all brooding and creepy, this god of the underworld is sarcastic and snarky, which I think is awesome. So even though you know Hades is likely working some sort of angle to mess with you, you’re still entertained by his antics.

What makes Hades difficult to cosplay is mostly his skin tone and his hair. After all, how do you make your hair look like blue flames? Well, this cosplayer’s hair may not be on fire, but he still looks incredible. I love that he got Hades’ facial features down too, since those aren’t easy to recreate. Nicely done!

8 The Rescue Rangers Are On T he Job!

Via: phoenixnewtimes.com (Gabrielle Abrams, Lucas Boyle, Cameron Heivilin, Malachi Quinones)

Even if you never watched Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers, you’ve probably heard the theme song. And who doesn’t love these two crazy chipmunk brothers? And the whole fact that they started up their agency so they could look out for the little guy is pretty awesome. This show was pretty fun and it had a lot of great characters.

None of these characters would be easy to cosplay since they’re all animals.

But none of these characters would be easy to cosplay since they’re all animals. But this group of cosplayers decided to do a human version of these characters, and they all look wonderful! I love Gadget’s giant crossbow. Doing a group cosplay is a smart idea, especially if you’re doing a human version of a character. You’re more likely to get recognized.

7 This Lady Gargoyle Will Destroy

Via: theravenandtherose.deviantart.com

While Goliath was willing to forgive humanity for its treachery against his people, Demona was not so forgiving. This lady is the embodiment of rage and vengeance, and she could be rather cruel in her anger. It’s even more heartbreaking since Goliath and Demona used to be lovers but have now drifted apart because of their different views on humanity.

Similar to Goliath, Demona would be tricky to cosplay since you’re dealing with gray skin, claws, and fangs. But this cosplayer took on the challenge and made a very beautiful Demona cosplay. While she didn’t go for fangs and claws, the cosplay is still recognizable, and her hair looks fantastic. I also like the inclusion of that huge gun. That’s very Demona.

Cosplay by TheRavenAndTheRose.

6 Think She Likes Honey?

Via: enjinight.deviantart.com

I feel like everyone has seen some form of Winnie the Pooh. And Toon Disney had a whole series called The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and it was so charming! You can’t help but love Pooh Bear. He does get himself into trouble sometimes with his love of honey, but he means well.

Cosplaying Pooh Bear would be hard since he is a stuffed bear. So, this cosplayer decided to go the human version route, and I have to say that she looks amazing! I never thought a female version of Winnie the Pooh would look so good, but here we are. The fingerless gloves are a nice touch too.

Cosplay by EnjiNight.

5 She’s A Rather Spooky Witch

Via: fatal-hobnob.tumblr.com

While Valeena may not be quite as intimidating as the Skeleton King, she can be just as dangerous since she’s a powerful witch. And let’s not forget that time she tried to summon the Skeleton King Worm by sacrificing Jinmay (that was a wild episode). Basically, you don’t want to mess with this lady; she will end you.

You don't want to mess with Valeena; she will end you. 

And cosplaying her would be a bit of a nightmare since her outfit has all sorts of things going on. And her body type and face have some pretty stylized features. And let’s not forget her skin is grey. But this cosplayer decided to give it a shot, and she makes a pretty awesome Valeena! The horns look great on her, and I love her hair.

Cosplay by Fatal-Hobnob.

4 She’s The Cutest Inventor

Via: garivel.deviantart.com

I always liked Gadget from Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers. She’s a very warm and kind character, and she’s also the biggest nerd I’ve seen in cartoons. She’s constantly thinking about inventions and machines and she’s built some pretty impressive stuff. But you also don’t want to make her mad, since she can get destructive.

Cosplaying Gadget can be tricky since she is an anthropomorphized mouse. So, this cosplayer decided to go for the human/mouse hybrid version and she made a rather fun Gadget cosplay. I love that she included the huge wrench, since that’s definitely one of the more iconic things about Gadget. And she looks so cute!

Cosplay by Garivel.

3 These Guys Are Having A Blast

Via: cosplay.com (Chibi_Gaara)

Remember how both Baloo and Shere Khan were on a TV show together and Baloo was a pilot and Shere Khan was a businessman (er, business... tiger)? Yeah, that’s pretty much TaleSpin in a nutshell. And it’s a pretty fun series full of adventure, humor and some awesome characters.

But any character in TaleSpin would be a pain to cosplay since they’re all animals, and we know the issues of cosplaying animal characters. But this group of cosplayers rose up to the challenge and they look fantastic! I like the use of face paint since it adds to the whole look. You did a great job, guys!

2 Look Out, Goliath

Via: hiveminer.com

David Xanatos starts out as a villain in Gargoyles, but we see him start to change over time. The birth of his son probably contributed to the most change, and eventually Xanatos does help the gargoyles. While I wouldn’t say they become friends, they’re no longer fighting, so that’s good.

Cosplaying Xanatos in his crazy armor would be a nightmare. 

Cosplaying Xanatos in his normal attire wouldn’t be hard at all. But cosplaying him when he has that crazy armor on is another thing entirely. Recreating armor in general can be a nightmare for cosplayers, and Xanatos’ armor is no exception. Which is why it’s super impressive that this cosplayer tried and created a seriously impressive Armored Xanatos cosplay. Well done!

1 You Just Want To Hug Them

Via: satsori.deviantart.com

Pretty much all of the characters from Winnie the Pooh are endearing in their own way. And we love Eeyore and Piglet for many reasons. They’re both the embodiments of depression and anxiety and they’re both lovable characters, and I think that’s awesome.

But these two would be a huge pain to cosplay since Eeyore is a donkey and Piglet is, well, a piglet. But these two cosplayers decided to try a human version, and they look adorable! I think it was smart to do pink hair for a human Piglet cosplay. It helps make the cosplay more recognizable. You guys did a fantastic job!

Cosplay by Satsori.

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