24 ToonDisney Characters Reimagined As Parents

Few production companies have influenced people's childhoods as much as Disney has. Whether it’s their timeless, classic films, or shows from the Disney Channel. Ones we watched as children and still entertain us. Or perhaps the newer shows, with new characters that might one day be considered timeless.

In recent years, Disney has started reviving their old classics, with live-action versions of their cartoons or sequels such as Raven’s Home, where classic character Raven now has adult problems to deal with. She’s grown up, divorced, and a mom.

Such sequels are rarely considered for cartoons, as cartoon characters don’t age. Even if they have a birthday, they don’t always gain a year and the art rarely changes. But what if Disney’s cartoon characters aged in the same way that their live-action characters do. Would they be in similar boats as Raven? What would their adult lives be like?

Not everyone chooses to have kids, but for a lot of people having children of their own is a milestone in their lives. Given how family-orientated Disney Channel shows often are, it’s likely that many of their classic characters would go on to have families of their own. But what kind of parents would they be? Would they pass on their adventures to their children? Some fans have thought hard about this and presented their own interpretations of these characters, all grown up with children of their own. This could well be the future of these characters, or where they would be now.

24 Mother Possible

via deviantart.com/shadowgirl416

I’ve never been a big fan of the “friends become more” storylines in tv shows. Often it goes too smoothly and isn’t realistic of actual friendships. But I suppose Ron and Kim were still young when they got together, as well as having the closeness that comes with sharing a secret.

But when this kid grows up and asks how their parents met, these two might struggle to come up with a satisfying answer.

It’s interesting that the characters haven’t aged here. I can’t help but wonder how old they are supposed to be.

Artwork by Shadowgirl416.

23 Miraculous Family

via deviantart.com/walloruss

This is one of those shows that just looks so unbelievably beautiful! Just the way the characters move and the details in them looks so perfect.

I really love this other style for these characters. They remind me a little bit of the art style from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. It’s something in the cheeky look in Adrien’s face, combined with the curious look on his daughter’s face. It’s so adorable! The ladybug jewelry is really adorable too! Perhaps they have some cat accessories that they wear on for different occasions.

Artwork by WallOruss.

22 After The Madness

via deviantart.com/kylorensmom

This shows Dipper and Wendy, characters from the Disney Channel show Gravity Falls, as new parents. I really like that this is done in a completely new art style. Okay, so you wouldn’t really know who they were if you weren’t told, but it shows how much people change over time. We’re not the same people in our twenties as we were when we were teenagers, even if we are with the same person. The change in the art style shows how much they’ve changed and how much their lives have changed since they were in Gravity Falls.

Artwork by KyloRensMom.

21 A New Summer

via deviantart.com/florafionpetals

This one is just so unbelievably adorable! Given how bizarrely designed the characters on this show were, with them having triangular heads and tubular heads, I didn’t think there could be a character that was actually this precious.

But apparently it can be done, given the clear family resemblance between this kid and his father!

This one may be simple, but it has a lot of impact. I’ve also wondered before if Phineas’ head was due to some bad accident since no other character has a head like it. I’m happy to know that wasn’t the case.

Artwork by Florafionpetals.

20 Ladybug's Day Out

via deviantart.com/cookiesnet

What I’m loving about this fan art is how different all the styles are. As I’ve said before, this cartoon is a gorgeous cartoon. But so are these fan arts, even if they are drawn in a different way. It shows the changes in the characters and how characters can be portrayed in different styles. I feel like this one could just be sold as a piece of art. If Miraculous Ladybug wasn’t a thing, this could be an ordinary piece about family life. It’s gorgeous and calming in its own right.

Artwork by Cookiesnet.

19 Starry Royals

via pinterest.com

What I love about modern Disney Channel is that they’ve moved beyond their typical “Princess” formula. (Princess encounters misfortune. Princess meets Prince. Prince solves everything, and they are happy forever.)

Star vs the Forces of Evil is a perfect example of how they have changed.

It’s an exciting, original program with a strong female character, but still doesn’t fall back on traditional masculine ideas. I don’t often think about these kinds of endings for Star. But I know she’d be a great mom since she’s excitable, brave, and funny!

18 Another Adventure

via deviantart.com/kaiokken

It’s interesting that so many portrayals of parenthood take place in this kind of setting. With this peaceful background, in a calming manner filled with love. When in reality, raising children involves a lot of mess and a lot of noise! Far from this image. But what I love about it is that the baby looks like they’re about to start screaming! You think this is what parenthood is, but the reality will be there soon! Ron’s face is really well done here. In the cartoon, he looks very adolescent, so it's cool seeing some effort to age him up.

Artwork by Kaiokken.

17 Where Catbugs Come From

via deviantart.com/keah

So far, we’ve only seen beautiful fan art from this beautiful cartoon; so let’s look at a funny one! In this bizarre yet wonderful world of ours, many wonderful and bizarre creations are made every day. Catbug is one of those. For a while, it seemed like one of those things that were too random to really be funny, but this made me laugh a lot! Catbug lives in a future world, so maybe this is where he came from! They also have some superpowers. They must have gotten them somewhere.

Artwork by Keah.

16 Sofia The Next

via: jessdeaton.deviantart.com

Sofia the First is another one of those cartoons that shows how much Disney has evolved. It’s still got all the trademarks of something typically aimed at girls, but at least it tries to mend some of the poor lessons Disney have given to children in the past. (Step parents are evil, girls only love pretty things etc.)

As Sofia isn’t next in line, if she grows up to be a mom, I’m sure she’d spend time with her kids and raise them in a world of adventure and fun. I don’t know much about this show, but this picture seems accurate.

15 A Break From The World

via deviantart.com/cloudmonet

One of the coolest things about Kim Possible was that, even though Kim and Ron had to save the world and fight supervillains, they still had time to do teenage things. Sure, this was often a story point on the show; balancing their secret lives and teenage lives. But they did it pretty well!

When I was a student I found it hard balancing clubs and studies. But these guys balanced clubs, studies, and saving the world!

This is what’ll make them good parents. They can work, have hobbies, maybe still save the world and spend time like this with their babies.

Artwork by Cloudmonet.

14 Fletcher And Flynn-Garcia-Shapiro Family

via deviantart.com/darkprincess116

One of the best things about Phineas and Ferb is that it showed a real, blended family. Behind the adventures and bizarre exploits, these kids got into, was a healthy family. Respectful, caring step-parents like the ones on this show do exist and it’s healthy for children to see this on TV.

Because of this, these kids will probably grow up to be in healthy families. Like this. Obviously, Phineas and Ferb will still be best friends, even if they are grown-ups and Ferb has his own kids. Uncle Ferb would be pretty fun to hang out with, even if he’s quiet.

Artwork by DarkPrincess116.

13 Another Pride

via deviantart.com/darthmaul1999

I didn’t see The Lion King movies until I was in college, but after I did, I loved them and wished I’d seen them as kids. They’re fun, cute and have powerful messages. While The Lion Guard doesn’t live up to the films, it’s still a really fun program with the spirit of the original characters.

I’ve also read a lot of fan theories about why Kion isn’t in The Lion King II.

Okay, so it’s weird that he isn’t there at all, but I’m sure he was just on holiday or something. This is the future that he’ll have, as a fun, kind uncle.

Artwork by Darthmaul1999.

12 The Possible Mother

via deviantart.com/lionkyu

There is so much in this one, simple artwork. I love how much more mature Kim looks here than when she was a teenager. There are no age-lines, nothing to show she’s visibly older, but there’s a maturity in her smile, the way she dresses, and her smile.

There is love in this embrace and comfort. After everything Kim had to go through as a teenager, she deserves peaceful, loving moments like this. Whether this hug is for a trying day or a happy day, they’re both happy now.

Artwork by Lionkyu.

11 After The Forces Of Bad

via deviantart.com/turquoisegirl35

While Star can be bizarre at times, I’m sure that she’ll be the best ruler the Butterfly Kingdom ever had. I’ve heard that originally Star was supposed to be younger, but was aged up to fourteen before production began. I like this decision as she has a lot of teenage problems that pre-teens tend to glamorize. Even when she’s in this position, as a ruler and a mother, you know she’ll still be the same fighter as she was in the show. But I hope her show doesn’t end with this typical happily ever after.

Artwork by TurquoiseGirl35.

10 Return To Gravity Falls

via deviantart.com/wild-cobragirl

I have to be honest here and say that I don’t think Mable would be a very good mom. She’d be an amazing aunt, with her great energy and with all her fun ideas. I just think she’d be happier without kids, as she can live free without responsibility. I know she won’t always be who she was when she was thirteen, but I want her to be. Just because she’s grown up doesn’t mean she has to grow up! As an artwork, I like the small details of this. Like Mable expecting twins, since twins are more likely to have twins themselves.

Artwork by Wild-cobragirl.

9 Another Dragon

via adjl.wikia.com

Although it was a little sad, I did like the ending of American Dragon where Rose doesn’t know all that happened. It showed strength in Jake’s character and how sometimes you have to give something up for someone you care about to be happy.

But perhaps this isn’t Rose.

Perhaps this is a different love interest Jake met when he wasn’t thirteen and able to form a mature, loving bond with someone. Jake will still have exciting tales to tell his children, even if he doesn’t share his exciting past with his wife.

Artwork by Srebak.

8 The Unstoppable Father

via deviantart.com/hotrod2001

Although I dislike the significance young peoples networks like Nickelodeon and Disney Channel put on teenage relationships (having the characters spend the rest of their lives together, even though they met when they were young), it is rather sweet seeing how many fans imagine Ron and Kim ending up together.

Still, they’re older than a lot of couples on these networks!

So maybe they have a slightly better chance. It’s bizarre to see the two of them in such a conventionally scenario as this. But the emotion there looks real!

Artwork by Hotrod2001.

7 The Next Hero

via deviantart.com/alylay

Although this is a different kind of fan art from the ones we’ve seen so far, I really liked this one, so wanted to include it on the list. It’s not an accurate depiction of how genes work, with their daughter having a mixture of their hair colorings and eye colors, but there is still a clear family resemblance there. The artwork contains a lot of the details of what makes this show great. There is a world of personality in their daughter's shy smile. There’s a playfulness there and a whole lot of her parents.

Artwork by Alylay.

6 The Troubled Days

via deviantart.com/kicsterash

I’ve seen a lot of artwork like this, where Isabella doesn’t always get along with her future daughters. I’m not entirely sure where this comes from; but then again, I haven’t seen every episode of Phineas and Ferb.

But I like this. Parents fight with their children.

Sometimes children do bad things. Sometimes parents can be unreasonable. Arguments and loud fights are just a part of growing up. I like that artists acknowledge these things happen. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other, it means that they are a family.

Artwork by KicsterAsh.

5 Possible-Stoppable

via deviantart.com/kprs4ever

There is a combination here of good and bad elements in the future. Kim and Ron look like they have aged up, but not in the subtle ways of earlier fan arts. There are additions like glasses and stubble, but not a lack of teenage facial features.

I’m guessing that their daughter is a teenager at this stage as Kim and Ron were during the TV series. One wonders what adventures she might be going through at this stage. I hope that her parents can listen to her issues and give her diplomatic advice.

Artwork by KPRS4ever.

4 Dipper Junior

via deviantart.com/kylorensmom

It would be really cool if Gravity Falls got another series. It was just a really cool original show and there are so many other places it can go. Perhaps a sequel could take place in their future, with Dipper sending his own children to Gravity Falls. It’s not the only place this series could go.

In fact, there are plenty of more exciting things it could go. But it’s a possibility.

I don’t buy that Dipper is wearing the same hat as an adult as when he was when he was thirteen. It’s a nice hat and all, but there are other hats out there.

Artwork by KyloRensMom.

3 The Next Project

via deviantart.com/pandalove93

This is another show I’d love to see a sequel to. Sure, Disney milked this franchise for all it was worth, but it would still be cute if we got one more series with these characters. (I’m not including that non-canonical anime.)

Stitch and Angel deciding to have a go at being parents might make an interesting plot line. I like that their child is growing as some kind of experiment, rather than anyone getting pregnant. Given that they are weapons developed in a lab, I’m pretty sure that makes them unable to have it another way.

Artwork by Pandalove93.

2 Their Mother’s Talent

via deviantart.com/hotrod2001

One would think that after all these years, Shego would finally give up. Generally, taking your baby into a fight such as this wouldn’t be recommended. All parenting styles are different but involving your small baby in a battle with lasers and bad people.

One would hope there are no social workers wondering around this jungle.

But if any parents know what they are doing in this situation, it’s Kim and Ron. After all, that baby might have inherited Kim’s talents at fighting Shego.

Artwork by Hotrod2001.

1 Happy Little Bugs

via toriitorii.tumblr.com

There is nothing but happiness in this sweet little picture. I imagine that this set around twenty years in the future. Maybe now, Hawk Moth is defeated and both heroes know who the other really is.

Sure, things won’t always be easy; life lessons and challenges and all that. But when you’ve had to defeat so many villains, I’m sure family problems will be easier to deal with. Leading to a lot of happiness! I’d like to clarify, that while this show wasn’t made by Disney, it airs on Disney Channel, which is why it’s included on this list.

Artwork by Toriitorii.

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