The Top 10 Final Smashes In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There’s a lot to consider when deciding what makes a strong Smash Bros. fighter.

Some have high attack stats, some have strong defenses, and some have super speed. But the Final Smash is the piece-de-resistance. Nothing is more thrilling than the rush of snagging the Smash Ball, waiting for the opportune moment to claim your victory.

But which Final Smash is the best? While personal preference is obviously important here, so are factors such as damage percentage, range, and knockback. YouTuber Alpharad made a great video discussing the strengths of each Final Smash, some of which are mentioned here.

Read on for the top 10 Final Smashes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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10 Triple Finish - Pokémon Trainer

Any Pokémon fan will get hyped watching this one. Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle use Fire Blast, Solar Beam, and Hydro Pump respectively–all at the same time–creating a super powerful and effective blast. The closer opponents are to the Pokémon, the more damage this move does, up to about 57%. Compared to other Final Smashes in the game, it’s got a significantly larger hitbox; it should hit every opponent across the width of the stage, providing they’re not in the air. Dealing out high damage and being reasonably difficult to avoid, Triple Finish is a solid move.

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9 Plasma Scream - Ridley

A much-requested fighter by the fans, Ridley finally joins us in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and he brings a solid Final Smash with him. In an awesome cinematic, the opponent is launched onto Samus’s Gunship, Ridley unleashes a Plasma Attack on the ship, and it explodes.

Standing proudly amongst the top five Final Smashes in terms of damage, Plasma Scream deals around 76% damage. This means that the Final Smash alone kills any opponent if they’re at 45%, which is nothing to sniff at. Plus, it looks great.

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8 Zero Laser - Zero Suit Samus

You might think that Samus is weaker without her armored suit, but she’s happy to prove us wrong. Her Final Smash is incredibly powerful, able to launch foes out of the arena from just 0% damage. Leaping atop her Gunship, the player controls a crosshair which when aimed, fires a punishing ray of energy, repeatedly dealing out damage. They are then flung into the air, and often completely out of the stage.

It’s also a very quick move, which helps when trapping as many players as possible, as they have very little time to escape. Zero suit? Zero problem.

7 Super Pac-Man - Pac-Man

There’s a reason this move is called "Super." Pac-Man transforms into his original 8-bit self and munches on the other players, dealing up to around 81% damage. That kind of damage places this move in the top three most damaging Final Smashes. The opponents who are successfully ‘eaten’ get blown offstage. A big advantage is that it covers a lot of the stage, giving it a good success rate of hitting multiple opponents at once. It’s also a nice throwback, with Pac-Man disappearing off one side of the screen and reappearing on the other, just like in the original arcade game.

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6 Grand Cross - Simon/Richter

For the first time ever, Castlevania characters have been added to the Smash Bros. roster, and they’re starting off their Smash career with a bang. Richter is an Echo Fighter of Simon, so they use the same Final Smash. Following a decent attack combo, this move is devastating. Use a trapping move such as Holy Fire to hold the enemy in place, then follow it up with Grand Cross to send them ‘Away!’ and finish them off for good. It’s able to KO at 25% damage, so you don’t have to wait long to make the best use of it.

5 Dark Pit Staff – Dark Pit

Pit’s rival clone proves he’s not living in Pit’s shadow with his Final Smash. His staff deals a horizontal beam of light, taking out players in its path. It’s got a mighty knockback, able to send players out of the arena with ease. It also has a vast range, covering the entire stage width.

It’s a quick move, which can cause a KO from 0% damage if you use it in a combo. Simply grabbing your opponent and throwing them—preferably offstage, but it’s not necessary—followed by the Dark Pit Staff, is a guaranteed kill.

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4 Critical Hit - Marth/ Lucina

Lucina and Marth share Critical Hit as their Final Smash. This move deals 62% damage and has huge knockback, able to KO an opponent in one hit. It’s so powerful, it can even be dangerous to use. It has a huge range, usually covering the entire width of the stage. The move ends with Marth/Lucina swinging their sword when they reach an opponent. However, if they don’t hit anything, they can fly off the stage, ending in a self-destruct. You can end the move early by pressing the attack button, triggering the sword slash, and saving them from certain doom.

3 Wario-Man – Wario

Wario still loves his garlic in Ultimate as much as ever, and after eating it he rushes forwards, slamming into enemies ahead of him. If he hits someone, he transforms into the powerful (and maybe a little bit gross) Wario-Man. Wario-Man then attacks his target, darting about, punching and kicking them, and ending the sequence with a giant, lethal fart. Nice.

If there are several enemies ahead of him, Wario-Man will attack them all. This move is also capable of knocking players out at less than 30% damage, making it easy to kick multiple butts at once.

2 Triforce Of Wisdom – Zelda

Zelda schools her rivals by trapping them in the Triforce of Wisdom and banishing them. If they’re at 100% damage, they’ll instantly be knocked out once they’re dragged into the Triforce; otherwise, it flings them away, likely making them get KO’d anyway.

The best part of this Final Smash is its awesome suction power. Your targets have to be very far away not to get sucked in; most stages don’t have enough space to escape. This move is virtually inescapable. No amount of dodging or shielding can save you if you get caught too close, making it a valuable Final Smash.

1 Peach/Daisy Blossom – Peach/Daisy

On the surface, this move seems empty and flowery, but it’s deadlier than you think. After Peach/Daisy complete their dance, nearby rivals are damaged up to 36%, three healing peaches/daisies fall from the sky, and anyone within a set distance falls asleep.

It’s impossible to escape from. If an opponent is in the air at the time, they’ll fall to their death. They also stay asleep for a long time, allowing you to not only eat the items and heal 60% damage, but to use a fully charged Smash Attack. All these advantages make Peach/ Daisy Blossom the strongest Final Smash in the game.

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