Ranked: The Top 10 Suits In Marvel's Spider-Man PS4

Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 remains one of the best comic book video games ever. With the new Far From Home DLC suits, let's rank the top 10 costumes

Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 launched in Fall of 2018 and has received praise and great critical reception ever since. With the recent release of Spider-Man: Far From Home there's a new resurgence for the hit video game based on everyone's favorite web-crawler developed by Insomniac Games.

The studio recently tweeted out that the two new suits from Far From Home were added to the game on July 2nd, 2019. With the new additions let's rank the Top 10 suits in Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4.

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10 Upgraded Suit

The black and red suit which recently made its reveal in Spider-Man: Far From Home made its way into the game the day the movie hit theaters. This was an unexpected move that the developer, Insomniac Games, dropped on fans the same day. It was a great surprise for those currently playing the game or wanting to go back.

Also, with renewed interest in the character reaching a peak once again, it was another incentive for new fans to go out and pick up the award-winning game that was released in 2018.

9 Vintage Comic Book

Many of the suits in the game change colors or materials, but there is only a handful that change the entire art style of the character model. The vintage comic book suit is a blast from the past that makes the player feel as if they're swinging through the panels of an old comic book.

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It pairs well with some of the filters in the photo mode of the game and allows talented and eager individuals to layout iconic poses to display in various photographs. It's a suit that will impress the person sitting on the couch next to you.

8 Noir Suit

This version of Spider-Man was pretty niche outside the world of comics, and even for avid-readers could have been missed along the way. The Noir suit blew up culturally when Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse featured Spider-Man Noir, who was voiced by Nicolas Cage.

It takes a character who's evolved over the years to still feel fresh and modern and transports him back to an era people yearn over these days. Dropping the right filter into photo mode makes it feel like a Spider-Man photo shoot is taking place in the world of Casablanca.

7 Homemade Suit

In just a short time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided the world of Spider-Man with numerous new suits that are pretty incredible. Canonically, the first suit Tom Holland's Peter Parker wheres is a makeshift homemade suit that Tony Stark quickly upgrades for him likely due to secondhand embarrassment.

The suit was primarily made with a red hoodie and some goggles and quickly became a fan-favorite and a go-to cosplay. Wearing the suit in-game allows fans to live out the early days for Peter before he showed up in Captain America: Civil War.

6 Spider-Man 2099

Earlier a suit of a character featured in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was mentioned. Well, Spider-Man 2099 wasn't necessarily featured in that film but he was teased during the post-credits scene.

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Spider-Man 2099 is a comic that takes place in a dystopian corporate future where a geneticist named Miguel O'Hara becomes Spider-Man due to an accident in his lab. O'Hara's suit is super cool and features a sleek futuristic design that still focuses on the red and blue of Peter Parker's iconic suit.

5 Sam Raimi Suit

The moment Marvel's Spider-Man was announced for the PlayStation 4 the internet immediately started requesting that the Sam Raimi suit should be in the game. As Insomniac Games worked on the suit in quiet hoping to surprise and delight players in a downloadable-content release, the requests morphed into mob-like demands.

The whole situation played out poorly and made the vocal part of the community sound entitled. Thankfully the suit still made it into the game and it looks amazing so everyone could live out their Spider-Man 4 fan fiction.

4 Stealth Suit

Spider-Man: Far From Home introduced the red and black suit that made the list earlier, but it also introduced a new take on an all-black stealth suit for Peter Parker. The costume seems to be heavily inspired by Nick Fury's S.H.I.E.L.D., which no longer exists as it once did in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Like the Upgraded Suit, it also released on July 2nd, 2019 and owners of the game were able to hop in right after their showing of Far From Home ended and play with the new MCU suits.

3 Iron Spider

This is technically two different suits, with one paying homage to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version and the other presenting the comic-accurate design. Both of the Iron Spider suits are sleek and look expensive due to the large amounts of gold featured throughout.

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It mostly comes down to personal preference when deciding which one is better, but with Avengers: Endgame recently releasing it's hard not to go with the MCU version. The comic design was featured in Marvel's Civil War comic event which was much different than the MCU's take.

2 Stark Suit

Spider-Man: Homecoming felt like a childhood Christmas gift that you received 10 years too late. Marvel fans wanted Spider-Man to make his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and up until Captain America: Civil War it was largely though of as a pipe-dream.

Homecoming not only gave fans a true to comics young Peter Parker and Spider-Man, but it also gave the world an incredible extended look at the suit Tony Stark designed for him. Getting to use it in the game makes you feel like your playing an officially licensed MCU Spider-Man game.

1 Advanced Suit

When the game first released this suit ending up being a big point of contention due to the large use of white in the design. Spider-Man fans across the globe either praised the original take or bashed it for not feeling like their Spider-Man.

At the end of the day, Marvel Games allowed Insomniac Games the creative freedom to create their take on one of the comic's most iconic costumes. The best part is that the suit's design directly relates to the narrative and makes sense in the context of the story.

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