15"That One Love Scene" - Ride To Hell Retribution

via: neogaf.com

Ride to Hell Retribution is one of the most infamous games in recent memory. With low scores from nearly all gaming publications, it’s widely regarded as “the worst game of the seventh generation.” With over the top migraine-inducing antics, an impossible to follow story line and hilariously cliched dialogue, Ride to

Hell Retribution could arguably be deemed as setting the bench mark for everything NOT to do in a video game.

Though the game as a whole falls short of lasting impressions, one cut-scene in particular has made its mark on the culture... and not in a good way. In a moment that screams “what am I watching?,” we see our hero Jake Conway partake in one of the most cringeworthy sex scenes ever played out in a video game. Showing awkward animations with fully clothed characters, who are providing hard to stomach grunts and moans, it’s a mixed bag of regretful decisions.

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