Top 15 Funniest Video Game-Themed Adult Films

If you're on this site, we're willing to bet you're familiar with a magical little meme known as "Rule 34 of the Internet." For those who are unaware, it essentially states that "if it exists, there is an adult film of it - no exceptions." In other words, this is the idea that the vast labyrinth of internet adult content is so expansive that it quite literally encompasses everything on Earth.

This is an example of how wonderful the internet is, but also what a depraved cesspool of disturbing ideas and content it can be. Of course, it may or may not be entirely true, but if you search for something, no matter how outlandish, it has likely been done by someone. Few things are off limits: The SmurfsThe Flintstones, and more recently Inside Out have all been hilariously parodied by the world of adult entertainment. If you can't find a live action version, then there is almost always a hentai or cartoon version of anything, whether a movie, a TV show or of course, a video game.

Her are fifteen of the funniest adult video game parodies out there. We have stuck with only content that has been produced by actual professional studios with real performers, rather than hentai or cartoons, because a book would need to be written to address the phenomenon of cartoon video game adult content.  Enjoy, you animals.

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15 Womb Raider (2003)

via cinematerial.com

We had to start with this early 2000s Tomb Raider parody because it was actually the inspiration for the list. When you think about it, the franchise is as perfect for an after dark flick as it is for a real feature film (which it of course got, featuring Angelina Jolie, and sadly the movie was terrible). In the flick, Cara Loft is tasked by a Dr. Scrotus (these writers are geniuses) to find a series of sacred wombs. Of course, softcore erotic adventures ensue and a good time is had by most. It featured a cast of semi-stars from the period including Lauren Hays and Sirena Scott.   

14  Mirror's Edge: An Adult Parody

via neogaf.com

EA's late 2008 release Mirror's Edge and the more recent sequel Catalyst stand as examples of mesmerizing sights and brilliant first person free-running, but not as pinnacles of storytelling. Of course, because protagonist Faith Connors is a fit woman, this game is basically fodder for the dirty movie business.

Badoink, a company that is a relative newcomer (no pun intended) in adult entertainment, produced this film with Japanese starlet Marica Hase (pictured) as main character Faith back in early 2015.

13 Left 4 Head

via bodybuilding.com

You may think it would hard to make a dirty movie about a zombie themed video game, but in this case you are wrong (it's okay, everyone makes mistakes). Valve's 2008 zombie horror game Left 4 Dead boasted a great story mode along with a few multiplayer options, intriguing character development and, of course, gripping gameplay, made this a hit. Then, as if there was ever any shadow of a doubt, the adult film business made it dirty.

In 2009, the first of these videos came out, but like real zombies, the sequels just kept coming. There are a ton of these movies out there now (over ten), and yes, each one features performers playing zombies getting it on with sexy women.

12 Super Hornio Brothers

via uselessdaily.com

It is the highest selling video game series out there, you better believe that there is a Super Mario Brothers themed adult film. In fact there are two, both featuring Ron Jeremy as one of the main characters (Squeegie Hornio). The plots are what you would expect, with a princess needing a quick rescue and two skilled but wacky brothers trying to get the job done. Of course, these ones featured a lot of nudity for no reason.

The rights to the Super Hornio Brothers films were bought out completely by Nintendo in order to shut down production and distribution of the films. We can't imagine why...

11 Strokemon

via jarviscity.com

While some of us in North America may remember our first interaction with Pokemon as a television show, the first two games came out in Japan in early 1996, over a year before the show was produced. This is an example of nothing being sacred to the adult industry (we salute them for it, by the way), as there is quite simply nothing sexy about the Pokemon franchise. It is about young kids catching animals.

But then again, if fantasy-anime-bestiality is your thing, maybe this parody film, featuring Kassondra Raine as "Fisty," Tyler Nixon as "Gash," and tattooed Rizzo Ford as "Dikachu," will be right up your alley.

10 Geki Fit

via kotaku.com.au

You really have to hand it to the creative minds in the world of adult entertainment. They work hard (again, pun intended) and their results speak for themselves. But the Japanese equivalent is another beast altogether. They come up with some out-of-this-world stuff (which you can Google them because we have to keep our eyes on the metaphorical prize) and in this case, Gekidan Carnival, a Japanese erotic studio, came up with their own delightful twist on Wii Fit. Instead of cursors, Wiimotes and exercise, this film is nothing more than women stretching and in yoga positions. Admittedly, this may be the most boring of the vids on this list, if you're looking for one to skip over.

9 Grand Theft An** (Series)

The original Grand Theft Auto, way before the 1997 video game, was a comedy film directed by and starring Ron Howard. The video game, and subsequent sequels, are far more entertaining than that old movie of the same name; and while fans of the series have been asking and contemplating a potential movie version, nothing has materialized yet. Not to fear however, the good people at Zero Tolerance Entertainment came out with eleven videos in their Grand Theft A*** series between 2003 and 2008. Of course, there isn't much of a resemblance to the games, but they definitely used the title to turn some heads.

8 Tomb Raider XXX

via craveonline.com

One of two video game series that will be mentioned twice on this list, Tomb Raider XXX brings to the table a brilliant cast including Chanel Preston, Kagney Linn Karter, Gracie Glam, Nicole Aniston and Dani Daniels. If you're not a connoisseur (good for you, by the way), these are all big names and solid performers.

If you know this series, you know what this piece of "art" is all about: Lara (Preston) has to find some stuff and is hampered in her efforts by a few dudes and some other hot women. The acting is comically bad, but ultimately, whether you're watching this to laugh or for other reasons we dare not mention in pleasant company, it'll get the job done.

7 D*** Drilling Adult's Lewd Word Self Training (Brain Age)

via looki.de

While it is hard to imagine most games helping people intellectually (let's be honest, there are perks to gaming, including stress relief and the social aspect, but few games are intended purely to educate), the Brain Age games are comprised of math problems and other puzzles and exercised designed to improve brain function and keep you thinking, while playing a fun game.

One of Japan's leading adult content companies decided this game deserved a sexy twist, so that's what they did, when they created D*ck Drilling Adult's Lewd Word Self Training. This may be a colossal understatement but Japan is an interesting place with a culture all its own.

6 Full Service Station (FF XV)

via grammio.com

Final Fantasy XV only came out in November 2016, but less than a month later there was  a dirty parody of the game. While it certainly is based on the game, there are very few similarities, and almost nothing that even resembles a plot. Nikki Benz is the female talent and looks similar to FFXV's mechanic Cindy, and in the movie she pretends to know how to fix a van for the unnamed male character (Shawn Lawless).

It barely seems like the production company Brazzers was even trying on this one. It may have been just for the laughs.

5 Grand Theft Auto XXX Parody (2010)

via gamelink.com

We already mentioned the Grand Theft An** series, but we thought that this title deserves some love as well. This production, courtesy of Daring Media Group in The Netherlands, tries to do more of an actual parody of the gaming experience of GTA whereas the series we discussed earlier was just sex with an occasionally vehicular theme.

Of course the plot was nothing special, and the acting was about as terrible as you can imagine, but the cast included Breanne Benson, Kagney Lynn Karter and Monique Alexander, three top-tier starlets at the time.

4 Wh*recraft/Wh*relore

via bodybuilding.com

While most of this list is comprised of single titles, a series or a pair of feature films, this was a web series consisting of half-hour episodes that were released periodically from 2006 until 2010. The series didn't officially end, but a new episode has not been released since 2010. Mia and Ava Rose, both adult performers who were also enthusiastic WoW players, were regulars in this series, along with a few other large names such as Taylor Rain, and Evan Stone.

Originally called Wh*recraft, the series creators were forced by legal action from Blizzard Entertainment to change the name to Wh*relore. The production values were generally fairly good and the writing and stories were not terrible either considering the industry for which the series was created.

3 Princess of Persia

via destructoid.com

That's right, there is a Prince of Persia-themed adult flick, but it isn't based on the series as most people are familiar with today, but on the original game which was released in the late 1980s. Produced in the early 90s, this movie stars Tanya Summers, a "Persian-looking" Princess tasked with retreiving a sacred orb from some Americans who stole it...by sleeping with them. Not...the worst espionage idea we've ever heard, but logic is rarely a concern in this business...in case you haven't noticed yet.

2 Metal Rear Solid: The Phantom Peen

via foreveranastronaut.com

If you think it's hilarious that the main character of the Metal Gear Solid series is named "Solid Snake," this parody will likely get you laughing. Brazzers actually did a decent job with this one and opted for half decent production value, even coming up with a plot that almost resembles something from a video game. Of course, The Phantom Pain came out in 2015, but this parody was released just last month; and features Casey Calvert in a tight desert camouflage suit (that doesn't cover much) chasing a soldier around the desert.

Is there a "snake-eater" reference? You'll just have to find out.

Okay, there is one.

1 Call of Booty: Modern Wh*refare

via memecenter.com

There isn't anything remotely hot about the Call of Duty franchise. It's a gritty, grimy, war series with male characters and even little if any homo-eroticism of which to speak. But the adult film business can work wonders and produced this gem (word used sarcastically) back in 2010. There is very little in the way of actual plot, and next to no actual military action (but plenty of action, of course). As the name would imply however, there is a focus on the female performers' posteriors.

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