Top 15 Most Annoying Fighting Game Characters

We’ve all been there... you’re having fun playing your favorite fighting game and winning non-stop, then your friend decides to pick the one character that you guys have unanimously decided was off limits for being excessively annoying.

There are many different fighting game series and they all have at least one character that fits the mold. There's that one character you hate more than anything and who always manages to turn up right when you need them to the least. It's amazing there hasn’t been more broken controllers or game discs whenever these fighters find their way into a match.

From the frustratingly difficult to the annoyingly fast to all the ranged characters ever; let's just take a nice hard look at those characters who have been the bane of our existence since the dawn of fighting games. There are also those who have burst onto the scene and have taken no time in bringing us stress and frustration.

Some franchises are represented more than others obviously. This can be due to a longer history, higher popularity, or maybe they just have more annoying characters. One thing is for sure though; every fighter on this list has caused thousands of gamers everywhere an unholy amount of frustration and anger whenever they are forced to face them.

From Mortal Kombat to Injustice, Marvel Vs. Capcom to Street Fighter. Many games, many fighters, many stresses and many triumphs. Fighting game history is lush with vibrant worlds and faces, but which contain the most annoying fighters within them.

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15 The Hulk - Marvel Vs. Capcom

via thefightersgeneration.com

Of the incredibly large and illustrious cast of Marvel Vs. Capcom, few present the challenge that The Incredible Hulk himself presents to the player. Not only is The Hulk one of the strongest fighters in this clash of two worlds, but also his attacks often grant him super armor, making it impossible to interrupt his attacks and get some of your own in.

He is almost a force of nature that can drastically change the tide of a match, often winning a match despite being down the other two characters. It always sucks to face him and it’s always fun to play as him. But no matter which side of the battle this mean green gamma machine is on, the battle is sure to be tense and may likely end in some serious arguing.

14 Orchid - Killer Instinct

via usgamer.com

Killer Instinct features some of the most fast-paced attacks in fighting games. While some of the fighters deliver brutally painful blows such as Aganos, whose punches can decimate your health bar before you even realize what happened, there are those who are the opposite. Whose strikes aren’t very powerful, but can be unloaded with such a fast rate you are driven insane by them.

Orchid is an example of this with a very small damage output. She isn’t seen as that much of an immediate threat. Orchid is able to continually unleash a barrage of kicks, punches, and baton strikes. She doesn’t really inflict a ton of damage, but she will just keep laying into you with a ton of light strikes that leave you with no opening to get in and throw a few punches of your own.

13 Dan Hibiki - Street Fighter

via streetfighterwiki.com

While many of the fighters on this list are featured due to their unfair and sometimes broken move sets, it’s the one and only Dan Hibiki from the Street Fighter series that finds himself on here for a different reason.

Dan has garnered quite a bit of fame in the fighting game community for being one of the worst and most embarrassing fighters in history. But it’s not just his abysmal moves that set him apart from the rest. It’s also his Johnny Cage-like ego that accompanies his incredible lack of ability. This pink gi-clad “martial artist” brags about his Hadouken, except all he can produce is a shiny floating marble that barely travels two feet.

Dan is certainly a special kind of annoying, but it’s not the kind that has us quaking in our boots or preparing to strike our friend just for picking him. No, he is annoying because of who he is as a person.

12  Zangief - Street Fighter

via youtube.com

Street Fighter’s resident red cyclone is about as iconic as they come without being the main character for his franchise. His red briefs and seemingly unending muscle set him apart from the rest of the cast of characters. His move set is also unique to him as well with the inclusion of his trademark lariat and an insane amount of grappling moves.

Zangief’s muscles are far from just for show. He packs a mean punch and combining that with his grapple-heavy move set, he can take down any opponent with ease. His large amount of grapple moves make it very difficult to break into his combos and land some attacks of your own. While this human Russian tank is a well-loved character, it’s hard for one to deny the frustration he causes.

11 Voldo - Soul Calibur

via gamefaqs.com

Soul Calibur is a series with a ton of lore as well as no shortage of perplexing characters. Perhaps the most intriguing of which is the creepy and unnerving Voldo. This frighteningly flexible fighter is the most unique character in the series and is characterized by his odd movements and erratic and unpredictable attack patterns.

Voldo wields a pair of Katars and he will swing and jab them at you while performing very non-human movements such as slithering on the ground, rolling into a wheel, and even attacking you while facing backwards and moon-walking. His strangeness paired with the unbelievable unpredictability of his attacks constantly leaves you guessing where his next attack will come from. Everything about him becomes even more strange when you realize he is 67 years old.

10 Samus Aran - Super Smash Bros.

via serebii.com

Super Smash Bros. has a long history with many characters coming and going. Then there are the original 12 characters that have made their way into every installment in the franchise. One of these is the space bounty hunter, Samus Aran.

Samus is known for her powerful Charge Shot and missiles, perhaps a little too well known. This is really more about the players then the character herself, as she has plenty of other options to defeat enemies. However, players only ever seem to acknowledge one of them. You will often see Samus on the side of the stage charging up her cannon and then firing it over and over again.

Samus’ move set is incredibly projectile heavy and that lends to annoying matches spent dodging her many ranged attacks.

9 Christie Monteiro - Tekken

via youtube.com

Tekken’s Christie Monteiro is well known for her unique combat style of capoeira. This fighting style is a blend of combat techniques with dancing. At first it’s cool to see her chain together her attacks in such a stylish fashion, but it will quickly run out its welcome as you realize how annoying she is to fight against.

The chain of attacks seems to never end with her. This also creates a ton of instances where one doesn’t know where the hits are going to come from. She is constantly moving and her moves revolve around of ton of groundwork making it difficult to hit her.

She is a standout and staple in the series, but that does not excuse her from being just as annoying as anyone else on this list.

8 Wolverine - Marvel Vs. Capcom

via youtube.com

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was perhaps the final MvC game to feature the popular heroes and villains of the X-Men universe. It did not disappoint however, featuring some of the most popular mutants in all of comic book history. The most famous of the mutants, and Canada’s bad boy, Wolverine also makes an appearance, carrying with him a skillset that causes rage in his opponent more than in himself.

Perhaps of all the MvC fighters, Wolverine lends the most to players who love to spam one move because it works. He has moves that strike multiple times very quickly. He is incredibly fast moving and can even use the same move over and over again as its direction can be adjusted towards to the opponent.

While we may miss the mutant in future installments of the series, if he should ever return, hopefully he comes with a revised move set.

7 Green Lantern - Injustice

via segmentnext.com

The popular Injustice series features the many famous faces of the DC comics universe and while some of them bring their A-game and others fall a little short, one in particular will annoy the hell out of you.

Green Lantern is a beloved member of the Justice League, but when it comes to fighting, he is the most annoying pest in universe. He is able to grab you and slam you on the grab over and over again, and can keep you far away with a slew of different projectiles. Be careful if you close in, as he also has a few knock back moves that will send you flying back. He also has a strong air game making it incredibly hard to take control of a match and leave Green Lantern vulnerable.

6 Stryker - Mortal Kombat

via wikipedia.com

Only a special kind of annoying jerk is going to bring a gun to a magical fistfight. While other fighters in the long standing Mortal Kombat franchise bring a bevy of magical abilities, razor-tipped hats, and sub-par acting skills, only the annoying Kurtis Stryker shows up with police gear.

While it is refreshing to see a fighter in Mortal Kombat who is actually mortal and just a regular guy without super powers, his fighting style will drive anybody crazy. He can keep his opponent at bay from across the screen with his pistols and grenades, without allowing you any room to breathe or even move.

It’s a safe bet that if one of the combatants in a match are playing Stryker, things are going to get pretty heated pretty fast,

5 Nightmare - Soul Calibur

via shoryuken.com

Nightmare is the marquee character of the Soul Calibur series. He is also the character that no one ever wants to fight. He is probably the most powerful character in the franchise delivering the most painful strikes with some of the longest range. The range at which he can strike you at makes it incredibly difficult to close the gap and land a hit before he lays you on the ground with the evil Soul Edge sword.

No matter which installment of the game, Nightmare shows up, bringing the pain without taking any prisoners. He is one of the hardest to face and requires patience and timing to take down, as you have to wait for the right opening to attack. His unmatched power WILL drive you crazy!

4 Noob Saibot - Mortal Kombat

via gamespot.com

There are many annoying faces in the Mortal Kombat universe, but few of them are as irritating and aggravating as Noob Saibot. In Mortal Kombat 9, Noob came complete with a projectile that disables the enemy’s ability to block attacks and a teleport grab that is so fast, it's almost unavoidable.

If that wasn’t enough to drive you insane, Noob can utilize his shadow to send out a barrage of attacks from across the map. Noob is incredibly adept at keeping you as far away from him as possible. Even if you can get in close or counter his projectiles with your own, his teleport can trump most other attacks, rendering most of your projectiles pointless.

He is undoubtedly the second most irritating Mortal Kombat character in the series history.

3 Duck Hunt - Super Smash Bros.

via gamespot.com

There are few games that get the party started like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. This installment features the franchise’s largest roster to date feature a collection of contemporary characters as well as retro characters. We get to see characters like Mr. Game & Watch and Pac-Man go up against characters such as Cloud Strife and the valiant Captain Falcon! However, every silver lining has its dark cloud.

The Duck Hunt Dog is notorious for driving the youth of the 80s crazy with his pointing and laughing at your failure to shoot down even one duck in the classic arcade shooter, Duck Hunt. He makes his fighting game debut in the most recent installment of the beloved brawler and immediately reminds us why he hate him. His moves feel like they are specifically designed to irritate other players and make sure nobody ever gets near him.

2 Yoda - Soul Calibur

via levelup.com

So let’s go back to the release of Soul Calibur 4 and all the excitement that came with having Star Wars guest characters in the game. While the PlayStation had the greatest Sith Lord of all time, Darth Vader, it was the Xbox versions of the game that had the wise little green Jedi himself, Yoda.

At first he seems like a cool character, but soon you realize that he's too short to be hit by most other characters horizontal attacks. While that may seem all well and good when you’re playing as him, just wait until your on the other side of the duel. He is almost impossible to actually hit, let alone combo on. However, all of Yoda’s attacks will make full contact with you every time. Even his grabs cause him to jump up and hit you in the face.

1 Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat

via youtube.com

Was there really any other option for the most annoying fighting game character? This jerk not only has a ton of health bar abusing attacks, but many of these same attacks will stun you, leaving you open for even more attacks.

It’s just an abusive cycle every time you get to the top of a tower and have to face this skull wearing abomination of a final boss. If the attacks and huge amount of damage output aren’t enough for this pain train to put you on edge, then perhaps his ill-timed taunting will get you there. One can only be called “pathetic” so many times before they start to feel the rage that this boss has become known for inducing in the Mortal Kombat franchise for decades.

I have a ton of respect for anyone who can face him and keep their cool throughout the whole match. You are a God amongst men.

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