Top Counter-Strike Player Banned From Twitch For Using Hate Speech

After many instances of questionable behavior by Counter Strike: Global Offensive phenom S1mple, Twitch finally reached the breaking point and banned his channel for one week following the recent use of a homophobic slur.

Oleksandr Kostyliev, better known as S1mple, began his professional CS Go career in 2014 at the age of 17 playing for Hellraisers and quickly made a name for himself. He would go on to become an icon during his time with Team Liquid in 2016 where he would help the North American org reach new heights as they went on to secure a fourth-place finish at MLG Columbus and follow it up with a 2nd place finish at ESL One Cologne. His exploits would be immortalized in CS:GO history and, in the case of his double noscope from heaven during ESL One Cologne on Cache, forever plastered onto the wall. Despite his success, S1mple has been seen as a bit of a problem player in the CS:GO community due to his attitude and comments.

It's hard to know if S1mple's popularity and position within CS:GO had helped him to remain untouched for this long, but the ban isn't all that surprising given the many instances that have occurred over the years. The fact that Twitch has been under a lot of pressure recently due to its lack of action related to popular streamer like Alinity could also be the driving force behind the ban. The company's decision to ban S1mple could be a sign that it's working hard to adjust its policies in the wake of public outcry.

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S1mple first reported the Twitch ban through his Twitter account saying, "Twitch is a joke, sorry for such a hatred @Boombl4CS." The ban itself was a result of his use of a homophobic slur towards his Natus Vincere teammate Bloombl4 during an FPL match on July 29th. S1mple and others insist that it was a joke between teammates, but Bloombl4 has yet to comment directly on the issue. Given S1mple's comment about Twitch directed toward Bloombl4 it seems that they both may agree that it was only a joke. Regardless of the connotation, the one-week Twitch ban is justified given that it does break Twitch's TOS.

While the ban is certainly justified, Twitch has put itself in a worse position than before due to its inaction as it relates to Alinity and her continued violations of Twitch's TOS while on stream. Though Twitch is showing that it will ban uses regardless of their position on the platform, it will need to do more to ensure that the bans are carried out across the board.

Though Twitch made the right decision in banning S1mple, it must take action against repeat offenders of its TOS and do so across the platform, regardless of a streamers size and influence. The company has been known to ban smaller streamers for minor offenses and let major streamers skate by on major offenses and until it cracks down bigger streamers it will continue to lose viewership.

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