Topanga: 24 Secrets About Danielle Fishel From Boy Meets World

Ah, the ‘90s, a time when all we wanted was to watch the newest episode of Boy Meets World. There isn’t a boy (and hardly a girl) who grew up with Topanga from Boy Meets World that didn’t have at least a semblance of a crush on her. She was everything! Smart, beautiful, funny, kind, and strong. She was like DJ from Full House only not as annoying to her family. But the truth is, Topanga has a lot more to deal with in real life than DJ Tanner does. After all, DJ became a Christian, cleaned up, and has little to no dirt surrounding her past. But Topanga is a little more of a hippie than DJ is. She was never one to badmouth or go too mature when it comes to wardrobe choices. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any dark secrets in her past.

I mean, every family sitcom has its own set of secrets. Bob Saget of Full House has more than anyone! Turns out, he is a potential Harvey Weinstein with his dirty jokes and harsh attitude towards women. To think he was a father figure to those three little girls. In fact, he and Danielle Fishel have quite the past. To find out what it’s all about, read on as we reveal that beef along with twenty-four other secrets about the steamiest 90s girl in history: Danielle Fisher.

And don’t forget to follow her on social media and try to find future secrets that are well-hidden from the untrained eye. Keep your eyes peeled, because Topanga is no Candace Cameron-Bure.

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24 She Didn’t Know You Were In Love With Her

Via: instyle.com

Although every boy had a crush on her and hid pictures in their room of her, that doesn’t mean that she was aware of that. Danielle Fishel is humble and doesn’t tend to think that much of herself.

“When you’re 12 to 19, which was how old I was when I was on the show, you are kind of in a little bit of a bubble,” she says. “You know that the show is popular and that people are enjoying watching it, but I don’t think you ever really spend a lot of time thinking,

‘I have a lot of boys who have crushes on me.’

Any attention that I got from people was always really nice and I appreciated it, but it wasn’t until I was more of an adult that I realized so many young boys had their first crush on Topanga!”

23 Feud With Bob Saget

You won’t hear of many people having a beef with Danielle Fishel. But it seems the controversial Full House star Bob Saget does. She once said that while on a private jet to Disney World that, "We were trying to take a nap, and all of a sudden Bob Saget walks down the aisle, rips open our curtain, and shouts, 'Do you guys have any coke?!' Then he looks my dad in the eye, laughs, and closes the curtain.”

It turns out this angered him, causing him to lash out with,

"What show was she on? 'Big Chest, Small Wonder'?

That's the real size of her, by the way. She's kind of like Bilbo Baggins, very tiny."

He claims the whole thing was a blown-up lie. He even threw out a shrew, "How old is that girl now anyway? Isn't she like 60? I don't know how old she was when she did the show, but I'll always tell the judge she was 18."

22 The Batman Rescued Her

via comicbookmovie.com

Long before he was the Batman half of Batman vs. Superman, Ben Affleck rescued Boy Meets World's Danielle Fishel when she was found in pain, down on the ground with a bloody lip after a fall. She was attending a Halloween party when she tripped on an uneven walkway and fell to the ground hard, leaving her with blood dripping from her mouth.

While she cowered in humiliation, a dashing young man scooped her up in his arms and carried her away to safety. It didn’t take her long to recognize that face. It was Ben Affleck, nearly a decade older than the young woman.

21 Gia Almost Stole The Show

Via: fandago.com/buzzfeed.com

There were a lot of almosts on the Boy Meets World scene. For example, Topanga says that she was almost named Canoga as the producer got the name when he drove by Topanga Canyon while searching for a unique name. But what’s even more shocking is that Marla Sokoloff, who played Gia in Full House, got the role before Danielle Fishel did!

Danielle Fishel wasn't the original Topanga.

But it didn’t work out and so Fishel was a callback that gave producers what they were looking for. Though Marla did get to guest star later on.

After Fishel's first audition failed, she cried in the car. But during her second, she held it together and decided on a calmer demeanor rather than the bubbly one that had been in the original script. That’s good too, because can you imagine literal smokin’ Gia playing Cory’s girl?

20 Momma Fishel Can Spot Them

Via: huffpost.com

In 1996, Danielle and Lance Bass of NSYNC began dating. He even took her to her prom! But after six months, he broke up with her over the phone. To console her, her mother admitted her suspicions.

“Danielle, I think Lance was a wonderful boyfriend, and he was always good to you, but I think he might be gay.”

Fishel didn’t agree then and thought her mother was trying to make her feel better. But looking back, she saw the signs, for one, that their first date was a Celine Dion concert. “Now, I love me some Celine Dion, but perhaps that should have been my first sign that he was gay?” Turns out, he came out in 2006 and remains a close friend to her! Even though he broke her heart, she names him as one of her best friends.

19 Here She Comes

Via: damncoolpictures.com

Addiction is nothing to be ashamed of, just something that you can’t overcome alone. But driving while under the influence is forever a big no-no. In 2007, seven years after Boy Meets World ended, Danielle Fishel was arrested for intoxicated driving. She was arrested in December after a tipsy driving-related warrant was issued in her name because she missed a court date for a previous DUI arrest. The whole thing was soon brushed under the rug, so we wonder if she got help or if there was never a big problem, to begin with.

With Lindsay Lohan, we heard about her mishaps for months, but with Fishel, it’s like it never even happened. But obviously, it did! She was 26 at the time, so being a minor wasn’t an issue, but that doesn’t make it okay.

18 How Long Was That There?

Via: wikia.com

Halfway through the final scene, a writer asked Michael Jacobs, “What’s on [Danielle’s] neck?” when he first noticed the young woman had a tattoo. Jacobs knew and responded, “Chinese letters.” The writer asked, “Did you ever know they were there before?” to which Michael responded, “Hair has never given her pigtails before.”

If you, as a viewer, look closely, you’ll see that she has a small tattoo on the back of her neck that was never shown before. We don’t know when she got it, but it could have been years. And there’s one thing that’s for sure. Unless she went through child harm, she got it while on the show because she was 12 when they started shooting.

17 Not Cool Job Options

Via: fullecirclemagazine.com

Right after getting off of the show, she was thrown into the grown-up world. Of course, she was offered tons of dirty jobs that would make anyone blush. But she just couldn’t do that. Many will forever regret her decision because she refuses to even take her clothing off 99.999% of the time. The best we got is a bikini, and even that isn’t as skimpy as most stars.

“I have always stood by not wanting to do [bare scenes] in a movie. Right after Boy Meets World ended, a lot of the parts I was being offered were exactly that. Like, ‘and then you have this heavy [love] scene,’ and I was like, ‘No, no, no. I don’t need to change my image that much.'”

16 Obsession With A Diner

Anyone who follows Danielle on any social media site has learned her obsession with a place called Ruby’s Diner by now. There’s this little diner where Danielle Fishel pretty much wishes she lived, “I pretty much eat at Ruby’s—I’m not kidding—like four or five times a week.”

She even dressed up as a Ruby’s waitress for Halloween.

She’s that much of a fangirl. Take a look at her IG or Twitter and find out for yourself how obsessed she is. She even received a drawing from her boyfriend for Christmas that showed her sitting on a grilled cheese sandwich from the diner! The grilled cheese is her biggest obsession. This girl is downright obsessed! She lives, sleeps, breathes, and definitely eats, this diner. We gotta try it now! But we have one question, how in the world does she stay 107lbs when she eats here so often?

15 Dine And Dashing Topanga

Via: popsugar.com

Danielle Fisher was not one to break the law, and still isn’t to this day. But once upon a time, as a teen, she almost skipped on paying her meal. To be fair, it wasn’t by choice. While Danielle and Ben Savage (Cory) never got together in real life, he did take her to a school dance. Afterwards, they stopped at Denny’s to celebrate. Turns out, they both forgot their wallets! Thankfully, the manager let Ben run home to get his but you gotta know she got nervous sitting there, wondering if he’d make it back in time. So what if she skipped out on paying? They were some of the richest kids in the world at the time!

“It’s a good thing that TMZ didn’t exist in the 90s,” Danielle Fishel stated. We agree, because that would have been all over the tabloids!

14 Banned From Disney

Via: gurl.com

Boy Meets World was considered one of the most wholesome shows on television. Disney would do anything to make sure it stayed that way. Because of this, three episodes of the series were banned from the Disney Channel for talking about premarital affairs, teen drinking,

and a scene where Topanga jokingly moons Shawn, exposing her bare bottom.

The three banned episodes are, "Prom-ises, Prom-ises." "Can't Be with the One You Love," and "The Truth About Honesty," and they can all be found online. As for on TV, good luck with that, producers are trying to pretend they don’t exist because they are “too graphic” for modern viewers. How can a family show be too graphic for kids these days? They watch Game of Thrones and play Grand Theft Auto.

13 107lbs Is Fat?

Via: liverampup.com

Danielle Fishel received the short end of the stick when internet trolls started calling her "fat" on her wedding day.

"Ppl saying I was FAT @ my wedding: u r the worst kind of ppl on the PLANET. I weigh 107 pounds & am 5'1". YOU are the reason anorexia exists," she wrote, trying to teach young girls a lesson on how mean and untruthful people can be. "I hope you'll look at your own miserable lives and learn to stop judging others on their weight and looks.

Love and happiness wins again.

You know what makes dealing with the rude comments easy? Love & happiness," she explained. "I'll just keep being the happiest me & you keep being the rudest you."

More on that marriage later though.

12 Never Backed Down From A Fight

Via: fanpop.com

When filming Boy Meets World, the teens were often given free time while producers planned the day. During this time, one of Danielle Fishel’s favorite things to do was to arm wrestle anyone she could get her hands on. But it wasn’t about the fun, it was about winning. She always won! Whether it was Savage, Strong, or some other cast member, she would always be the reigning champion in their arm wrestling matches. She attributes this to her competitive nature that she could never let go of. She admits that she started out trying to outdo her dad: outrun him, outdo him in any way. This made young boys a piece of cake! You can see how her mother would want her to be more feminine than she was on set.

11 Bloomingdales Or Homeless

Via: pinterest.com

When Boy Meets World ended in 2006, Danielle Fishel struggled to find work. As you have heard, all of the jobs she was offered wished to objectify her, take her away from her morals, and turn her into an awful role model. Her dream is to be the perfect role model! Eventually, she chose to attend college at California State University, Fullerton when she was 31. But that did not happen before she spent years unemployed and uneducated. She was unqualified to do anything besides act. She was eventually forced to become a customer service representative for Bloomingdales in order to eat!

She admitted that the customers were so rude to her there. Which is odd cause you’d assume that everyone would go visit her there with utmost respect. Imagine Danielle Fisher helping you pick out a necklace!

10 The Most Model

via maxim.com

At 36-years-old, Danielle Fishel is looking just as good (if not better) as she did on Boy Meets World when she was a teen. She did a full photo shoot for the steamy Maxim magazine where she posed for the popular magazine. She once said she wouldn’t take her top off and will likely never pose for a more scandalous magazine, so this is as close as it'll get.

She had a punch of different shots in different attires and it showed a whole new side to the former child star. The whole shoot is the steamiest thing that she’s ever done in her life!

9 Shawn Stole Her Wedding Day

Via: wikia.com

In October of 2013, Danielle Fisher married her then sweetheart Tim Belusko. The day before her wedding, Rider Strong (Shawn) stole her spotlight and her guests by getting married.

He admits that he missed her at his wedding but knows it was his fault.

After all, she had announced her date first, he was the one to copy her. “Obviously, I love Rider like family,” she says,” But selfishly, I was angry.”

It seems that the heat has simmered because they are as close as ever now. They wish each other the best of luck, but for a moment there, we were sure it was over. I mean, what kind of friend makes all of your mutual friends choose between the two of you? They should have had a double wedding.

8 She Didn’t Work With Cory

Via: twitter.com

Back in the 90s, there was this huge rumor that Topanga and Cory were dating in real life. In her own words, “That rumor was entirely my fault because I once said, on The Tyra Banks Show, that Ben and I went on a date, and that turned into ‘Danielle and Ben dated.’ We went on one date, when I was about 15, and by the time the dinner was over we realized mutually that we were more like family than lovers.”

As it turns out, they actually wanted to try to see if they were good together. After that one date, they did grow closer…as friends. She says she has always seen him as a brother, and always will. That must have made those million onscreen kisses awkward.

7 She Was A Cougar

Via: etonline.com

Whenever Fishel met Tim, sparks flew. She was in her thirties, and he was a college student at the time, attending the same college as her. Nevertheless, they got engaged and married! But her first note about him should have given away their future. “What I noticed first about my fiancé was a Mortal Kombat tattoo on his calf. I’m not a huge tattoo person, but I loved it. I actually have two of my own, which I would get laser-removed but I’m afraid that they’ll look weird. [...]

I have one on the back of my neck, and I have a tramp stamp.”

Tattoos are great and noticing one that you like is great too. But it seems that’s all they had in common.

6 Mortal Kombat’s Not That Great After All

Via: pinterest.com

Three years after they married, Fishel and her husband split. She still says that he was a sweet and caring man, but it seems they just didn’t work out. Though not much is known about their 2016 divorce, it really isn’t that surprising. After all, not long after, she started dating Jensen Karp who she constantly gushes over!

She wrote him a book for his birthday on Instagram with lines like, “With certainty I can say there’s not a single person who knows you who wouldn’t say you’ve made his or her life better in some way,” and “You are my partner, the only man with whom I’d hold hands while he’s wearing socks and sandals, the brightest light in my life, the answer to a prayer, my biggest supporter, the power moons that fuel my ship, and the only proof I need to know I’m lucky.”

5 She Stole Ben’s First Kiss

Via: sportingz.com

To be fair, he stole hers too. She was 12 and he was 13 at the time and the whole world saw it! They were both a nervous wreck and ready to get it over with. Ben says, “On our show, we tape it in front of a live audience and there’s hundreds of people watching. So it’s a lot of pressure for a little kid…”

Of course it was. I’ve always thought that having your first kiss stolen by an actor in front of an audience would be the worst thing that could happen. Especially when you’re just 12-years-old!

Topanga’s first kiss was Danielle Fishel’s first kiss.

Now, imagine their kiss and imagine it’s yours. Only there are fifty people standing a few yards away and a million people sitting on their couches watching you.

4 That Belly Button Ring

via boymeetsworld.wikia.com

When Fishel dons her bikini, we all watch. But when she posed for Maxim, we also noticed another thing. She has a belly button ring!

Adding a gauge to a woman’s navel seems to draw attention to their finest features.

Features not made for the world to see. In our opinion, it looks amazing on her, and belly button piercings will forever be highly regarded. But the fact that Danielle Fishel has one is a little bit disconcerting. She just doesn’t seem like that type, if you understand the meaning. Not that we’d complain about it though.

3 Those Iconic Glasses

This one is a story for the history books. Back in the winter of 2017, Danielle Fishel announced that she was addicted to this pair of sunglasses. But she wouldn’t buy them, so she just made a weekly visit to see them every week. The Ray Bans had captured her heart, and so she shared them with the world on IG with the caption, “These are terrible mirrored glasses but I tried them on a month ago and haven’t stopped thinking about them.” She then said she’d visit them once a week!

She wasn’t kidding either. She did visit them once a week. That is, until costar Sabrina Carpenter (Girl Meets World) bought them for her for Christmas. Now her IG is littered with the glasses, much to our dismay.

2 Did She Invent The Selfie?

Back in the 90s, a selfie wasn’t a thing. The word wasn’t coined until 2005. But through the years, people have claimed that they invented it themselves, Paris Hilton being one of the biggest believers in herself. But Fishel’s friend and former costar Will Friedle (who played Eric Matthews) says that he and Topanga deserve the coveted spot of selfie-inventor. His claim on Twitter says, “Sorry @ParisHilton @britneyspears @PerezHilton...but here is a mid 90’s selfie with @daniellefishel. While neither of us invented the selfie...we still beat ya! #WeWin”

Turns out, the idea of taking pictures of yourself has been around since the 1800s, sorry guys! It was likely Abraham Lincoln’s wife that invented the selfie, not you guys. Honest Abe-1, Topanga-like we’ll give her half a point.

1 This Chair Isn’t Funny

Via: tumblr.com

Originally, Cory was supposed to have two best friends. But every time they’d bring someone in to audition, it just didn’t feel right. The producers would have this specific cafeteria chair where the new friend would sit. But every time they brought someone in, the cast knew that whoever would be placed there, would not make it.

Danielle admitted that they called it the “death chair.”

They made fun of anyone who got sit there. It was like a little game the producers didn’t know they were playing. Bring someone in just to crash their hopes and dreams of starring in a hit sitcom. The cycle was never-ending, and although Fishel felt bad, she couldn’t help but laugh. After all, they deemed it the cursed death chair on set, no one willing to sit in it.

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