20 Totally Impossible DC Cosplays (That Fans Still Pulled Off)

Cosplay's popularity has grown considerably in the last few years, bringing many of our favourite characters to life thanks to the creativity and talent of some very dedicated fans. Cosplaying has spread all over the world, bringing people together around a new form of art. All the costumes on this list look downright identical to the costumes you see actors wear in movies. And when the characters cosplayed are not from movies, the costumes look exactly like what you would imagine them to be.

Thanks to cosplay's growing fame, putting on a costume was taken to a whole new level. These opportunities blessed our fandom-loving hearts and eyes with many talented artists who go above and beyond to create impossible costumes. They transform themselves into their favourite characters, looking so similar to the ones we know that we can sometimes wonder if they just didn't manage to get their hands on the actual costumes, somehow.

The DC universe is full of extravagant characters, all with their own clothing style and weapons of choice. Of course, none of these characters look mundane, by any means. On the contrary, they are one of the kind! They are just like these 20 cosplayers who somehow pulled off DC costumes that should be impossible to recreate. From a cute-looking Harley Quinn to a cool Scarecrow, come along with me and let yourself be blown away by the amount of raw talent emanating from these amazing cosplayers.

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20 What A Wonder

via facebook.com

I have fallen in love with this cosplayer. Everything about this costume is absolutely, completely and undeniably perfect. A female superhero wearing pants? YES! But again, the details are incredible. The cuffs and breastplate look like they were taken straight from the set of the Wonder Woman movie.

Modern takes on superhero costumes is one of my favourite things and I can never get enough of them.

This cosplay makes me think of a biker version of Wonder Woman. And by the look of it, you wouldn't want to cross her, because she would take out the whip faster than you could even think. It's actually kind of nice to see a cosplay that manages to stay faithful to the original outfit without revealing unnecessary amounts of skin. I love it!

Photographer WeNeals, Cosplayer V330Creations

19 Golden Wings

via flickr.com

I'm gonna give you a couple of minutes to admire this wildly amazing Hawkgirl costume. Need a little longer, maybe? There, now that we've all cried over the fact that we'll never have that costume, let's talk about just how awesome it is! I was telling you that it's the attention to detail that makes a a cosplay great, and this one is simply magnificent. I mean, just look at the details on the cuffs, and the breast plate and the wings. Guys, the wings!

I wonder how impractical it must be to walk around with giant wings attached to one's back. Everything in this cosplay has been thought about, from the details on the wings to the scratches on the breast plate from all the fighting. I can't even imagine how long of a process it must have been to create each individual pieces, paint them, and assemble them.

Photographer Shotwore

18 A Different Shade

via cosplayquest.fr

This Iron Man/Green Lantern cosplay is yet another example of how incredibly imaginative cosplayers can be. This kind of unique cosplay is what happens when someone is both a talented, crafty person and has a lot of imagination. Jonathan Quest is clearly both!

So, is it an Iron Green Lantern, or a Green Iron Man?

Once again, the attention to detail is breathtaking and we can only imagine the amount of time it must have taken to assemble all the pieces together to form the armor. Jonathan Quest really did an incredible job merging both characters together. Maybe one day, in an alternate crossover universe, we'll get to see this "Iron Lantern" superhero in action! Let's hope so!

Cosplayer Jonathan Quest

17 Cracking Jokes

via pinterest.com

Anthony Masiano is no doubt one of the most popular cosplayers out there. He is mostly known for his better than original Joker cosplay. I think we can all agree it's for good reason. Look at that intense Joker face!

His make up talents are undeniable. He made such a great job turning himself in the most popular villain in the DC universe that I'm wondering if he's just not the real Joker. I've read that other people mistook him for the real actor more than once, which I totally understand. His make up is brilliant, but his costumes and attitude while cosplaying the Joker are also great and so close to the characters that it's easy to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he might not be the real Joker.

Photographer JRod, Cosplayer Anthony Masiano

16 Doing A Double Take

via facebook.com

Another great cosplay of a female version of a popular male character: Lady Two-Face. I've said it before, but I will say it again, I love it when women transform a male character into a female character.

Meagan Marie is famous in the cosplay world, but she is well known for her version of one of Batman's most enduring enemy: Harvey Dent, AKA Two-Face. I particularly love the Meagan chose to recreate the cartoon version of Two-Face which prevents the Cosplay from being too intense, and yet is still awesome!

The make up is just incredible, she really went all out with the contact lenses and the the teeth. Can we also appreciate the double suit, that must have taken so long to make. I applaud the effort!

Cosplayer Meagan Marie

15 Where Not To Look

via flickr.com

I give this to you: the costume itself isn't too intense-looking, but the mask is pretty darn cool. Sometimes the hardest thing to do when cosplaying a character is to actually look like the character. In this case, the big part of the work was to create the face of Atrocitus.

The next part of the challenge is wearing that face the whole day, but that's a whole different thing. This cosplayer nailed the demonic side of Atrocitus! Really, that mask looks so good I wouldn't even be surprised if the mouth started moving too! You would think that cosplaying a character like this is impossible, but think again, because there are a lot of people out there who can turn themselves into pretty much anything.

Photographer Sean Doorly

14 Tell Those Crows To Watch Out

via flickr.com

If there's one villain in Gotham City who knows how to inspire fear, it's Scarecrow. He even went as far as self proclaiming himself "The Master of Fear". With a face like that, I'm ready to let him take the title, if it means he'll leave me alone.

Wait, are we sure that's a cosplay and not the actual Scarecrow who somehow escaped the comics?

This is an incredible, and frankly intense-looking Scarecrow cosplay. Joey Macdonald did such a great job at bringing to life this iconic villain. I don't know about you, but I feel uncomfortable even looking at the screen right now.

That's how realistic this cosplay is! What makes it so great is the attention to detail, the weapon, the gas mask, the empty eye sockets... It's what makes it look authentic and realistic, rather than just a plain old Halloween costume.

Photographer Andreas Schneider, Cosplayer Joey Macdonald

13 I Am The Night

via facebook.com

I am not the biggest fan of Batman (I know, blasphemy! Sorry!) but I have to admit, I kinda fell in love with the costume, a little bit. Because Batman's mask covers half his face, one could easily think that this cosplay is the real costume, and that the person underneath the mask is Christian Bale! Or is it Ben Affleck?

All that's missing is his Batmobile! It must somewhere close, since this is clearly the real Batman. That's how amazingly detailed this costume is. The Cosplayer did such a great job at making each part of the costume. The mask in particular is just perfect, and I'm loving the belt. The cosplayer even nailed Batman's ever angry face! Bravo to you, good sir!

Photographer YorkInABox, Cosplayer SmileXVillain

12 Green With Envy

via instagram.com (@itsrainingne0n)

I love Green Arrow, I really do. He's all kinds of cool, he's strong, and brave and I wish I knew how to fire a bow like he does. But I love this female version of Green Arrow even better! Also, can someone get me the same bow please? I need it in my life.

I'm all for women turning male superheros into female ones and rocking it, on top of that!

I've seen a lot of cosplayers do that, turning a male character into a female version of it, and I must say, I'm loving it. It's great to see that women finally get to be awesome superheroes and that they don't need to wear weirdly short and impractical skirts to save the day.

Cosplayer DeAnna Davis

11 From The Depths

via facebook.com

What's actually funny about Etrigan is that he looks like a villain, and he should probably be a villain due to the fact that he's a demon and is subject to outbursts. However, he's actually on the side of good and often helps superheroes. I know you wouldn't think that looking at those horns and angry face, but it's true!

Just looking at him makes me want to double check the locks in my house. 

The make up is one of the best I've seen. Walking around in a big, heavy armor and carrying props around all day is one thing, but wearing something on your face for a whole day is another level of dedication. I'm not talking about a helmet or a mask, I'm talking full on fake scalp with horns, and probably 2 inches of glue. And let's not forget the paper and make up on top of it, to make your head look like a proper demon's head.

Photographer Glorya, Cosplayer Jonathan Duran

10 Hammer-Happy

via enjinight.deviantart.com

Another great villain in the DC universe is Harley Quinn. Although we now tend to see her with her pink and blue pigtails, I grew up with the more harlequin-style side of Harley Quinn so, naturally, I had to include this cosplay in the list.

She looks so innocent and cute, until she pulls out that giant hammer. This cosplay is much more simple-looking than some of the intensely armoured ones we've seen, but everything is on point. Hair, makeup, costume? Everything is absolutely perfect. I hope it was cold this day because this looks super warm. The only thing that's missing is the original hat, but the pigtails are just fine. Also, giant hammer?

At the ready!

Photographer Balázs Sármai, Cosplayer Enji Night

9 A Giant Fork

via facebook.com

What never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the cosplay universe is how much imagination people have. I'm not even talking about creativity and how they can imagine what the final costume will look, or even how they're gonna make it. No, I'm talking about taking something that already exists, and is already awesome as it is, and turning it into something completely new and even more awesome.

I've seen a number of Aquaman cosplays, and they were great, but nothing compared to this Medieval version of Aquaman. It makes so much sense to give him a Medieval-like armor too, after all, Aquaman is the King of Atlantis and I somehow doubt they have the same concept of fashion down there. Also, any character with a medieval armor is 10 times more amazing than they were before, it's just a fact.

Photographer Atlas Photography, Cosplayer Rick Stafford

8 From Outer Space

via aigue-marine.deviantart.com

This Martian Girl cosplay shows another kind of commitment in the cosplay world. The costume isn't super intricate or complicated to make —if you have any skills in sewing, that is— but the final look requires you paint all the visible part of your body green and go about your day with make up all over you body and that, my friend, is all kinds of uncomfortable.

If you can manage to be this elegant while being covered in green body paint, more power to you!

Honestly, the idea of having all that paint on my skin just makes me want to rub my face so bad, I don't know how this cosplayer survived a whole day with removing it. But I have to admit, it looks amazing and I am so glad some people are committed enough to do this. This is yet another fantastic cosplay in a long line of great, dedicated artists.

Photographer Lie, Cosplayer Sina

7 On A Hot Day...

via pinterest.com

Mr Freeze is a great villain in the DC universe, although very underrated in my opinion. And his supervillain costume is awesome! Really, villain's costumes are always so much cooler-looking than superheroes. They have amazing weapons, and intense-looking accessories. I wonder why their costumes are so much better than superhero ones! Honestly, how do people recreate such cool costumes themselves?

Josh M. did an amazing job bringing Mr Freeze to life. Everything looks super legit, from the actual costume to the make up. Fun fact, Josh M. used a garden cloche to create his helmet. How cool is that? I wonder if wearing a bubble helmet isn't a bit too warm and suffocating though...

Photographer Bryan Humphrey, Cosplayer Josh M

6 Aim, Ready, Fire!

via kamiko-zero.deviantart.com

The Huntress's backstory is complicated and has changed a lot over the years. Is she a villain or a superhero? Is she Batman and Catwoman's daughter, or the daughter of a crime lord? You get to pick which version you like best. One thing that doesn't change is her costume, though.

Thank goodness for that, because it's a great costume and I don't want it to be replaced. You know what I love about cosplayers? They not only go above and beyond to look like the characters they cosplay, but they become those characters. This cosplayer portrayed the Huntress's attitude perfectly, with that smug smile and look. Just like how I imagine the Huntress would look, if she were real.

Cosplayer Kseniya Beknazarova

5 Fy By Night

via pinterest.com

I might have to take back my comment about villains always having the best costumes because this one is ah-mazing! I'm all for intense, fierce-looking costumes and this Nightwing fits my idea of a modern, memorable and strong superhero costume.

Some parts of this costumes, namely the gauntlets, the emblem and the mask were made these two amazing people over at TigerStoneFX. They make super cool masks and accessories you can buy to complete your costumes. That's how nice the cosplay community is!

Even if you're not quite the crafter and you feel like you won't manage to make the costume you really want, you'll always find other passionate people who create amazing pieces you can buy to complete your cosplay. So many talented people out there, I'm telling you!

Photographer Michael Howard, Cosplayer DynamiteWebber

4 Not Quite Ripe Yet

via vavalika.deviantart.com

I keep repeating myself, I know.

Wow, this cosplay is beautiful! Once again, it took a certain commitment on the cosplayer's part to paint her whole body green in order to make this cosplay look more authentic. I’ve found a number of people cosplaying Poison Ivy, but very few actually go as far as painting their entire body to look the part. All the more credit to the few who go all the way to make their cosplay the best possible.

I wish I could see exactly how the dress was made, but I assume the leaves were attached together one by one to make it look so polished. We're not even talking about the photo editing skills here! Some people really know how to do everything.

Photographer Haji, Cosplayer Vavalika

3 Sidekicks Fight Too!

via pinterest.com

This cosplay is simply brilliant! I cannot believe I am actually saying this, but Robin actually looks cool! There, I said it, and I can't take it back.

The idea of cosplaying a defeated superhero is pure genius. It's not everyday you see someone purposely wear a dirty costume, with a ripped cape and interesting makeup. That is, unless they're cosplaying some sort of monster, or if it's halloween.

Come to think of it, it makes a lot of sense to show defeated superheroes.

They do fight crime and aliens and other creatures on a daily basis, after all. It makes sense that they wouldn't look clean and polished at all times. To me, Micheal Hamm's cosplay of Robin "after a fight" just makes the whole costume a lot more realistic. It's also a lot less stressful to eat wearing it, since it's already dirty.

It's a win-win.

Cosplayer Micheal Hamm

2 Unbreakable

via thefanofsteel.com

Another cosplay with body painting! Cosplayers are some of the most dedicated people in this planet. No really, they are! They will stop at nothing to become their chosen characters, and I do mean, nothing! Not even painting their body a metallic silver to become Steel.

I'm loving the metallic costume, which appears to be one of those very super cool materials. Yet more proof that cosplayers are extremely committed people: they will wear very uncomfortable clothing for an entire day, if it so happens that this piece of clothing is just what they need to complete their costume. The make up is also very impressive here, I didn't know it was possible to make skin look properly metallic. Cosplayers never cease to impress me.

Cosplayer unknown, Photo from Comic Con 2017.

1 A Man Of Steel

via instagram.com (@matt_aucoin)

Ah, here’s my second favourite superhero! I grew up watching Lois and Clark and the old Superman movies with my family and later on, I also watched Smallville. Seeing this costume always makes me a little nostalgic.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman!

All superheroes update their costume at one point of another, so of course, Superman had to move on from the red underwear he used to wear on top of his blue tights. It was about time he moved on from this.

The old costume was fairly easy to put together. The fabric was nothing too difficult, nor was the cape, but the fancy new costume in Man of Steel actually has a more detailed fabric that must have been hard to find a dupe for, and this cosplay managed to do it! This costume looks just like the real deal, and the cosplayer pulls it off perfectly!

Photographer PrideOfAmazons, Cosplayer Matt Aucoin

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