The 10 Toughest Monsters In Monster Hunter World

The Monster Hunter series is one of the few video game franchises that can rival Dark Souls games in terms of difficulty. Monster Hunter: World continues this tradition. Both game franchises have similar control and combat schemes and both games also punish lack of preparedness, impatience, and arrogance. Apart from that, what makes both game franchises difficult are their rosters of mean bosses of which there is no shortage of in Monster Hunter: World.

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In fact, the whole gameplay scheme revolves around mere bosses and fights with them that can take around 20 minutes on average for new players. Hence, there are some monsters in Monster Hunter: World that can give even fully grown adults some embarrassing tantrums. Whether by poor mechanics design or intended difficulty spikes, these are the 10 most troublesome bosses in Monster Hunter: World.

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Monster Hunter games have this habit of reskinning some monster models and passing them off as other versions but they're mostly just blatant filler. Monster Hunter: World is no exception and it even brought back one of the most annoying copy-pasted monsters ever: Azure Rathalos.

It's essentially a Rathalos but more aggressive and hates the ground-- for most of the fight, it stays airborne. Even the Tempered versions of the Azure Rathalos can kill most players in one or two fireballs. Thankfully, you can deal with this annoying dragon-wannabe quite easily with Flash Pods.


Lavasioth is the least liked or least hunted monster in Monster Hunter: World and for good reason. The Tempered version of Lavasioth is quite broken and can also kill players with one or two well-timed fireball attacks. The problem is, you'll mostly be hunting the Tempered version since the regular version of Lavasioth is pretty useless.

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Even so, both Tempered and regular Lavasioth are mostly despised due to their annoying armor. It's essentially a large fish that is covered in lava. Once that lava cools on its skin, it becomes an impenetrable armor where any melee weapon regardless of sharpness levels will get deflected. This makes fights with Lavasioth more trouble than it's worth.


The female version of Diablos, therefore it's more temperamental and cranky, especially during their mating season. What makes Black Diablos a lot more intimidating than the regular male version is its relentless aggression towards hunters. It never stops spamming moves that will knockdown, incapacitate, or end your monster hunting career.

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Black Diablos also has a penchant for chaining attacks that take your control away from the character, leaving you vulnerable if you so much as miss that dodge by a few inches or fractions of a second. Some even find Black Diablos more difficult than Elder Dragons, for that matter.


Aptly called Pickle by the Monster Hunter community, and it's not hard to see why. Deviljho is just a regular monster but for some reason, the developers decided that he should be as powerful as an Elder Dragon. As a result, many players fear Deviljho and more so its Tempered version, Golden Deviljho.

Apart from the fact that Deviljho has tons of health and is huge as heck, one brush from his leg or snout can deal massive amounts of damage or even one-shot the unprepared. There's not much strategy in fighting it other than to man up and "git gud." Thankfully, you don't have to kill a Deviljho for every encounter, since its no Elder Dragon, you can capture it instead... assuming you survive an encounter.


Fun fact: Nergigante's design was inspired by a honey badger and he's every bit as ferocious and hostile. Nergigante is the poster boy of Monster Hunter: World and one of the newest Elder Dragons to be introduced. His prey mainly consists of other Elder Dragons and hapless low-rank hunters with poor weapon and armor combinations.

As a result, Nergigante is the first big hurdle that players will have to climb in-game. You shouldn't be surprised to fail around at least a dozen times before you defeat Nergigante solo for the first time. Nergigante's signature move? A dive bomb swoop that leaves you no place to hide and will always hit you no matter where you are unless you utilize a special maneuver which you'll die over and over again trying to time properly.


Another Elder Dragon like Nergigante, Kushala Daora would have been a manageable ordeal if not for the unending barrage of tornadoes he throws at you the entire fight. As such, Kushala's sole existence is dedicated to seeing your hunter on their butt or lying face down on the ground.

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Thankfully, Kushala's actual attacks are nowhere near as lethal as Nergigante's, nor is he/she aggressive enough. Like Azure Rathalos, however, Kushalas love to stay airborne for a better bird's eye view of your pain on the ground. Bring Flash Pods for this fight, but use them sparingly.


Teostra's, er, wife and also an Elder Dragon. Continuing the trend of female monsters being more powerful than their male counterparts, Lunastra is Teostra on steroids. Her flame is blue and more painful for hunters. Moreover, if her attacks don't one-shot you, then her flames will drain your health faster than you can heal.

This makes Lunastra a lot more difficult to defeat than Teostra. Not to mention, her weak points are also either hard to reach or too dangerous. You can also forget about stunning Lunastra with Flash Pods unless you want to die faster. She makes Teostra look like a walk in the park.


It's hard to fathom what was going on in the game developers' heads when they came up with the demon unicorn we call Kirin. It's also apparently an Elder Dragon, meaning one usually has to cry buckets of tears or maybe even blood before they can defeat Kirin.

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You can bring friends over to help you defeat this Elder Dragon, but then, it only has one weak spot, which is its single horn in the front-- good luck reaching it. Your best bet of survival is to run around hoping that Kirin's random lightning storms don't vaporize you to oblivion.


One of the biggest Elder Dragons ever in the Monster Hunter franchise, Kulve Taroth is considered as a raid boss in Monster Hunter: World. Often, it will take a team several encounters and attempts before Kulve Taroth can be defeated; she has one of the biggest health pools in the game.

By the way, soloing this monster is folly and is only usually reserved for those who want to do it for bragging rights. Kulve Taroth was made for at least two players but there are still some brave and patient souls who have taken her down solo. After all, the rewards are worth it; she drops some of the best and most stylish weapons in Monster Hunter: World.


Behemoth is an anomaly in Monster Hunter: World and one that was originally from the Final Fantasy franchise. It got introduced as a crossover event boss and since then, it has been responsible for millions of shattered hopes and dreams of hunters all over the world.

That's because killing the Behemoth is a requirement for obtaining the statistically best armor set in the game. The problem is, even expert teams of four players will have to cry their souls out in agony before defeating Behemoth, let alone his Extreme version. As for hunting Behemoth solo... why? Why subject yourself to hell, my sweet summer child?

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