Nostalgia Time: The 20 Worst 90s Toys Of All Time (And The 10 Best)

Let us take a walk down memory lane as we revisit the wonderful time that was the 90s. Ah yes, the good old days where Saturday morning cartoons were the go to and children actually had to venture outside to talk to their friends. This was a time where kids spent their days playing with their favorite toys, wandering around the neighborhood with their friends until sun down, and not having a care in the world. It was a good time to be a kid, there is no doubt about that. Today’s technology has taken over just about everything, and kids toys just aren't the same. Just how many kids watch YouTube videos of toys rather than playing with them themselves?

Speaking of toys, there were a lot of awesome ones that came out of the 90s, there is no denying that. There were even some toys produced back then that some people still have and use to this very day. There also some toys from the 90s that are worth a pretty penny if you still have them stored away somewhere. With all of that being said though, there was also a pretty big handful of toys produced in that time period that left a lot of people wondering, what on earth were they thinking?! So in this article, we are going to revisit the toys of our childhood as we discuss the 20 worst toys to have ever come out of the 90s and 10 of the best toys.

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30 Worst: Furby

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Back in the 90s, the Furby was on children's Christmas lists everywhere. It was, in fact, the most demanded toy, but we can’t exactly seem to figure out why. The first Furby made its debut in 1998 and was brought back just a few years ago. This toy was a talking little creature with glowing eyes, and we say "creature" because no animal looks like that. During the daytime, this thing might appear cute and innocent, but try waking up in the middle of the night with those big glowing eyes staring at you. Talk about spooky.

29 Worst: Gak

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Gak, the 90s toy from just about every parent’s nightmares. If it wasn’t getting stuck in someone’s hair then odds are it was getting permanently squished into the carpeting of your home. This “toy” was all the rage back in the 90s as Nickelodeon's trademark was on this slimy substance. However, didn’t last long. This is because it became known to parents everywhere that gak was actually the street name for a very hard street item, not something they wanted their precious little ones talking about, of course, they didn’t mind not having to clean it up anymore either.

28 Best: Bop It

If you are a child from the 90s then you probably how completely awesome this next toy was to have. The game was simple, press the center button and then do as it tells you, bop it, twist it, turn it, even flick it on some models. This toy was a great time killer back in the day, it seems like it was simple things that kept us busy before the days of wifi hotspots and Ipads. Feeling all nostalgic yet?

27 Worst: Wild West Ninja Turtle Action Figure

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There probably wasn’t a single boy back in the 90s who didn’t love the Ninja Turtles, they were the coolest thing to watch and everyone wanted The Ninja Turtles toys. However, when a toy company came out with the Wild West Ninja Turtles action figures, sales declined. We think it is safe to say that you should not mess with the look of these awesome mutant turtles, but if you do, just try not to make them look so ridiculous.

26 Worst: Beanie Babies

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Everyone who's anyone is going to remember the beanie baby phase. There was a point where everyone wanted to get their hands on these tiny bears stuffed with both stuffing and beans. This toy could be given to either boys or girls, but they were pretty pointless, and definitely not worth the money that they cost. Although this was originally made for children, adults everywhere ended up collecting them at some point in time because they caught wind that they could be worth a pretty penny.

25 Best: Hit Clip

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This next one is sure to bring up some memories to a lot of people. Hit Clips were all the rage when they first came in the year 1999. That’s right, we're going back to the days before MP3 players were the thing to have and kids everywhere were listening to samples of their favorite songs like Hit Me Baby One More Time and Bye Bye Bye on their tiny little hit clips. It is no wonder why this popular 90s to early 2000s toy is making its way onto our best toys from the 90s list.

24 Worst: Mr.Bucket

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Mr.Bucket was a tabletop game from the 90s that made a comeback in the year 2017. The objective of the game was to toss colored balls into Mr.Bucket while he spins around in circles. This game was however discontinued shortly after its first release due to the inappropriateness that a few adults pointed out when they noticed that where the balls popped out of seemed a little too filthy for their liking. Regardless of whether or not it was appropriate for children, it was probably the least exciting game out at the time.

23 Worst: Tickle Me Elmo

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Elmo is a popular character from the TV show Sesame Street and most toddlers love him! Which is why the tickle me Elmo toy was as popular as it was when it came out. However it seems that a lot of parents ended up taking out the batteries and claiming they didn’t know what happened to their little one's favorite toy, because let’s be honest, there was nothing cute about this creepy little thing. If you like toys that go off on their own in the middle of the night creepily giggling, then Elmo was a wonderful choice, but most of us looked at it as a giant fail.

22 Best: Koosh

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When it comes to simplicity this next one sure does take the cake, Koosh balls were nothing more than what looked like a bunch of cut of rubber bands put into a frayed out ball. Yet, for some unknown reason, they were kind of awesome. Boys all over the place could be seen playing with these things as if they were hacky sacks and if you were lucky enough to find a piece that was still looped, you would try to use it like a yoyo.

21 Worst: Bull Alien Action Figure

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Action figures where a strong staple to most little boys childhood, if you weren't playing with action figures you weren't cool. However, there was one action figure in particular that we could have done without. The bull alien action figure was not only very creepy to look at, but the idea behind it was kind of absurd. It looked as though whoever created it had a little mishap while drawing up the design and couldn’t quite figure out what it is. So they ended up calling it a bull alien. How original!

20 Worst: Bumble Ball

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The bumble ball was something that was great for toddlers, it could have been a wonderful sensory toy, but beyond that, it did not keep the attention of kids for very long and usually got forgotten about within half an hour of playing with it. This thing was literally just a ball with “spikes” on it that vibrated, surely it had to get on parent's nerves. If ever there was a toy not worth wasting your money on, it was probably this one.

19 Best: POGS

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Going back to the idea that it was the simple things that kept kids happy and occupied back in the 90s, we are going to take a trip down memory lane as we remember the days of playing a game of POGS with your friends. POGS also known as milk caps were caps that each player would contribute an equal number of, stack them together, and then throw a slammer at the stack causing them to scatter. When no POGS remained, the person with the most would win.

18 Worst: Wrestling Buddies

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Wrestling buddies was one of those toys that was marketed so well that every boy from the 90s wound up asking their parents for one, but sadly, it was another one of those toys that was played with for maybe an hour and then tossed to the side. Sure, they did make noise, but they looked so awkward and didn't end up being nearly as much fun as they were made out to be in the commercials. It is no wonder why this one landed on our list of the worst toys from the 90s.

17 Worst: Crocodile Dentist

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Who remembers crocodile dentist? The game where you have to extract crocodile teeth from a crocodile’s mouth before its jaw snaps down on your hand. If you like to keep your kids on edge and instill a little bit of fear into them then this is definitely the game for you, although it does tend to get pretty boring after the first five minutes. Which is probably why no one plays it anymore, because it usually just ended up sitting in a closet collecting dust.

16 Best: Super Soaker

via: nerdmuch.com

When the first Super Soaker was released in the year 1996 every little boy just had to have one. The Super Soaker made hot summer days super fun as kids everywhere had water gun fights in their backyards, blasting people with what was considered the best summer toy ever. If you didn’t own, or at least play with at some point, a super soaker as a child then you probably had a pretty dull childhood because everyone loved these things.

15 Worst: Mouse Trap

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Who doesn’t remember the popular board game, Mouse Trap? If you remember it like we do, then you probably remember your parents always telling you “not today sweetie” because honestly, it took way too long to put together. Whose bright idea was it to make a board game contain so many pieces that had to go together? I think we would rather stick to the classic game of Monopoly where the only thing you really have to do it count out some money.

14 Worst: Monster In My Pocket

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This next toy from the 90s is probably one of the most pointless and biggest wastes of money ever invented. Monster in my pocket were tiny little plastic toys that actually looked like something you would get from one of those 25 cent machines. Surely they made their way into the cans of households everywhere after parents and older siblings alike stepped on them out of nowhere. This is one toy that we don’t miss, and certainly did not love.

13 Best: Tiger LCD Handheld Games

via: youtube.com

Imagine this: you’re a kid again, and you're in a car with your family on a road trip. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Well, it would have been, if you didn't have this next toy with you to keep you totally occupied for hours on end. Tiger LCD handheld games were awesome when they first came out, of course, they have nothing against today’s handheld gaming systems, but back then they were everything that a kid wanted and needed.

12 Worst: 2XL

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The 2XL was marketed as an educational robot with rudimentary intelligence, but aside from these beady red eyes that were sure to give you a scare in the dark of the night, there wasn’t much about this toy that was impressive. Especially not when you put it next to the educational toys that they have come out with for today’s children. Although, if you find yourself really wanting to buy one and relive your childhood, then you can easily find one on eBay.

11 Worst: Transforming Punisher Figure

via: lolwot.com

If you want to talk about horrible toys from the 90s, let’s take a look at this transforming punisher figure, because it doesn’t get much worse than this. This one was terrible for some pretty obvious reasons, but we are having trouble figuring out what exactly it was the creators were thinking when they drew up the plans for this toy. Surely they had to have realized how horrible their placement was, any adult with a brain would have noticed that this was not child appropriate.

10 Best: Gooey Louie

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Gooey Louie, though totally gross, has managed to land it’s way onto our list of the best toys from the 90s because it never failed to give us a good time as a kid. Gooey Louie was a game where you literally had to pick fake snot out of a plastic head and whoever made his brain pop out lost the game. Sounds pretty silly, but it was something that kids seemed to love. Maybe they loved it so much because they could essentially pick a nose without their parents yelling at them to stop, or maybe children just love things that are gross and make their parents cringe.

9 Worst: The Talking Steve Urkel Doll

via: runoftheweb.com

The show Family Matters is a show that aired from 1989 to 1998 and everyone’s favorite character seemed to be the dorky, yet funny, Steve Urkel. So much so in fact that they even made a talking Steve Urkel doll. At the time it probably sounded like a great idea, especially because it was loaded with all of Steve’s best catchphrases like “Did I do that?”, but it ended up failing miserably. This is mainly due to how creepy the doll ended up looking, it certainly was not something that we would want sitting in our rooms.

8 Worst: Moon Shoes

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If you owned a pair of moon shoes as a child you probably felt pretty cool, but trust us when we say that you certainly did not look cool by any means. Moon Shoes were shoes that were supposed to help you catch some air, but they usually just gave you a little bit of a bounce and to be honest, they looked pretty lame if you ask us. So unless they come out with an updated version that actually does something, this is one toy that can stay in the 90s.

7 Worst: Street Sharks

via: reddit.com

The Street Sharks action figures turned out to be just as much of a fail as the cartoon was. If you are wondering what cartoon we are talking about, that is probably because you never even heard of it, much of us have not because no one really watched it. The show lasted from 1994 to 1997 and it is no wonder why it was canceled. We are unaware of how many of these weird looking action figures sold, but we can assume that it was not very many.

6 Best: Talkboy

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The talkboy, as seen in the popular Home Alone 2 movie, was a little handheld device that played cassette tapes and recorded voices as well. This managed to make its way onto so many Christmas lists back in the day, probably because kids wanted something that was straight of a movie, but also because the idea of being able to record things yourself on a cassette tape back then was awesome for kids. The talkboy is easily bought today on eBay, but you might have a little trouble finding tapes for it.

5 Worst: Yo Yo Ball

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Back in the 90s, everyone seemed to have or at least want a yo-yo, so when the yo-yo ball came out kids everywhere just about lost their minds. However, this was one toy that was actually pretty overrated, if you ask us. Having to twirl the string back up every single time was a bit of a pain in the behind, and it really wasn't worth it seeing as how all it did was go up and down. We are going to go ahead and say that this toy was indeed a fail.

4 Worst: Nick Time Blaster Alarm Clock

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Who didn't watch Nickelodeon as a child? It was the ultimate network for kids of all ages, depending on the time of day, so when the Nickelodeon time blaster alarm clock came out every kid wanted to have one in their rooms. However this “toy” turned out to be very cheaply made, hardly ever worked, and just a big old waste of time and money. In terms of coolness, this toy failed to provide, making it one of the worst toys from the 90s.

3 Best: Nintendo 64

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We couldn’t make a list of the best toys from the 90s without first talking about the wonderful Nintendo 64, because this “toy” was and still is legendary. Who didn't want to own one of these awesome gaming consoles? With games like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and Star Fox 64, this was arguably the best thing to ever come out of the 90s. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who disagrees, and tons of people still play them today.

2 Worst: Yak Bak

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Little boys loved the Yak Bak, the little toy that took your voice and made it sound like an alien, parents, however, probably just wanted to chuck it out of a window for how annoying it really was. Not only was this toy very annoying, but you could also never understand what people were saying when they talked into it because of poor the quality of it was. This is another toy that we are glad got left in the 90s. Of course, there are other toys out there today that do the same thing as this, but they seemed to have gotten better over the years.

1 Best: Baby Sinclair

via: wikia.com

Who doesn’t remember Baby Sinclair? That adorable baby dinosaur from the show Dinosaurs, if the name is not ringing a bell, then maybe this will “Not the mamma!” That catchphrase was used by the cute little baby in the intro of the show as the baby hit his dad over the head with a pot. There is no denying the fact that this show was awesome, so when a talking baby Sinclair doll came out, everyone was ecstatic and eager to get their hands on one. If you really want to take a walk down memory lane, this show can now be viewed on none other than, Netflix.

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