25 Toys From The 90s You Used To Own That Are Worth A Fortune Today

As someone who still finds herself at a prime time in her life, it’s difficult for me to imagine toys that I grew up with as a child being valuable. Playthings that I was fascinated by because of what they allowed me to do are now worth a lot of money. And the numbers that I’ve learned regarding some of these toys would be really nice money to have right now in order to help me pay off loans. But here I am, finding myself without those old toys and wishing I would have kept some of those things to help me get out of debt.

However, I’ll look at this story as a means to help my fellow 90s babies out. If you think that there are still some old toys in your basement collecting dust, this might be a great opportunity to go dust them off and check their value. For this piece, I referenced eBay bids to find the average price each of these items typically sells for. And believe me, it’s a lot more than what your family members probably paid for it over twenty years ago.

Doing the research for this story really made me regretful, in the sense of not keeping these toys and also making me reflect on the childhood I lived that I now can no longer go back to. I hope I can save you from the same mistakes by helping you realize that your childhood toys have worth, and maybe help you get out of loan debt. Maybe. Just maybe.

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25 Tiny In Size, Not Price

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As far as I’m aware, Polly Pockets can still be bought in stores today. However, in the 90s, Mattel released Polly and Lucy’s Dream Home, a collapsible house kit that you could put your doll in. The kit also came with several accessories, such as furniture, landscapes, and even pets. 

It was an adorable gift for any little girl who liked to play house.

Currently, you can buy the item on eBay for about $400. The reason this and other sets from the 90s could have increased in size is due to the change in dolls. Originally, Polly was a tiny little girl that looked very similar to Barbie. Now Polly is basically a teenager, which is an interesting change since Polly Pockets are usually geared toward girls in elementary school.

24 The Most Expensive Cardboard

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I do mention card games in this often, so I’m sure you card game fanatics are fully aware just how valuable some cards can be. When Pokémon first released in the 90s, there were quite a few cards that kids could collect. It was a game you played during lunch and depending on your favorites, you may have traded some cards.

However, I really hope you didn’t trade any valuable ones. Holo cards, such as Charizard, Mewtwo, Moltres, and Alakazam, are currently marked together on eBay for $2,500. Depending on the card’s condition, it can be worth even more than that. If you have old Pokémon card binders laying around, now might be a good time to go look at those.

23 Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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Now I understand that video games are on a whole other level in comparison to other toys. However, I found this was worth mentioning, especially if you still own the console. Nintendo GameBoys were not a rarity in my area, so I was used to seeing kids sneak them out during classes in the hopes of catching some Pokémon.

But if for some reason you happened to keep any of the games sealed in their original packaging, you could be looking at some really good money.

Currently, sealed versions of Pokémon Red are selling from anywhere between $400 and $700. I’m sure if you opened the game though, that value goes out the window, so don’t do that. Unless, of course, you finally want to play the game after all these years.

22 Creepy But Valuable

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Okay, but Furby toys scared the heck out of me as a kid. I mean, honestly, what are they even supposed to be? Are they birds? Gremlins? Who knows. There was a wide range of Furby toys released, though, if you enjoyed having one as your own. But, if you kept yours in the box, then you might be looking at some good money.

As of the writing date, I’m currently looking at a 1998 Furby that’s marked at about $120. If you’re willing to pay that much to relive some nostalgia and/or nightmares, do some eBay shopping. And if you’ve been meaning to get rid of the Furby toys that keep staring at you, now is the perfect opportunity.

21 Everyone Wants The Originals

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I had never heard of Super Soakers until I was doing research on vintage toys. Super Soakers are apparently very powerful and, depending on the one you bought, extremely large water guns. I’m really trying to scratch my brain here, but I can’t even remember seeing commercials for these toys.

Either way, there’s one currently being sold right now for about $60.

If the Super Soaker itself is still in its original packaging, then it can sometimes be worth about three times that. The value of the gun itself really depends on several factors, like size, year it was released, and power. Apparently, these were the water guns to have in the summertime, so I was really missing out, I guess.

20 Knowing The Price Is Half The Battle

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Now I’m not as familiar with G.I. Joe figures since back in the 90s, these were viewed as “boy toys” that girls shouldn’t play with. Look at me fifteen years down the road. I have all sorts of action figures, and I have no regrets whatsoever. Anyway, from my understanding, G.I. Joe figures are pretty valuable.

Depending on when they were released, as well as the style of the figures and quantity you might own, these can go anywhere from $20 to $200 per figure. In a way, you can compare these to anime figures nowadays that will destroy your wallet. But if you have some G.I. Joe guys laying around, I’d do some research to make sure they actually are valuable.

19 Go Go Power Rangers!

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Growing up without cable, Power Rangers was one of the few series that I could actually watch outside of PBS programming. I always admired the sole female Ranger because she, like me, was, well, a female. I thought in a very simplistic manner back then, especially since she was one of my very few role models at the time.

If you have some Power Rangers figures still laying around, I highly recommend putting them in a safe spot.

Depending on how many you have, these can sell for about $200 a set, which is actually pretty good for how small these figures actually are. I definitely suggest checking all your old toy chests for this one.

18 Magically Expensive

Via: gatherer.wizards.com

I’m not as familiar with Magic: The Gathering, but I’m aware of how valuable some of the cards can be. I feel like I’ve been mentioning cards often throughout this piece, so you probably should go dust off those old card binders and see if you have a $100 card. I’m currently looking at a listing right now for four cards priced at $400 total.

However, the condition of the cards really does matter. One little smear, crinkle or tear and you can kiss those triple digits good-bye. Invest in some card sleeves. Believe me. Your most valuable Magic cards will thank you. Keep them at your bedside in the event of an emergency.

17 It's Time To D-D-D-Duel!

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I promise that this should be the last time I mention cards or card games here for those who aren’t as interested as fanatics may be. Yu-Gi-Oh! has been around about as long as Pokémon has, but we nerds know that it is far different from the cute world Pikachu lives in. 

On the other hand, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a darker show, with scarier monsters and stressful card duels.

Currently, there’s a sealed Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition booster box being sold on eBay for $1,000. I kid you not. If you own this sealed, then I hope you’re racing to wherever it’s located and petting it, saying, “My precious.” Because that is a lot of money for some cards.

16 From Trading Cards To Trading Cars

via hotwheelssupertreasurehunts.blogspot.com

To this day, Hot Wheels are very popular toys for kids and grown-ups of all ages. It’s always fun to imagine yourself owning a lot of really cool-looking cars and driving them to beautiful locales. However, I’m sure even your five-year-old self didn’t realize that some Hot Wheels cars could help you make a nice car payment.

Right now, I’m looking at a Hot Wheels 1967 Camaro white car that was made in 1995. The Treasure Hunt cars are the most valuable, and this one currently stands at about $1,250. And that’s just for a little Hot Wheels car. There are also many others that sell in the triple digits, too. They are definitely worth more if they're still in the blister pack but it's worth checking all of these cars you may have tucked away.

15 Hobbyists Unite

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Believe it or not, RC cars from the 90s are actually pretty valuable. I can still remember having one as a kid and it was so much fun. However, my sister also had an RC car of a similar make. We more or less played Monster Trucks with them and destroyed the RC vehicles. 

Here’s to hoping they weren’t ones that would be worth a lot of money today.

It really depends on the vehicle and brand, but from what I’m seeing on eBay, some of the toys are selling from anywhere between $100 to $350. And that’s quite a bit of money for just an RC car. Of course, they’re more valuable if they’re still in original packaging, so here’s to hoping you still have one in a box.

14 Bricks Of Gold

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Look, Legos are very popular for a good reason. They allow kids to get very creative and explore many ways to make their visions come to life. And with Lego sets, some are rather small, while others are immensely huge, essentially giving children the power to build New York City if they really felt up to the challenge.

Most Lego sets from the 90s, if intact and with all pieces, are extremely valuable. Right now, I’m looking at a Spyrus Lunar Launch site kit that’s priced at about $200. Keep in mind, this Lego set isn’t even that old yet and it has this much value. Imagine how much it could possibly have twenty years down the road. This is one collectors item that shouldn't lose its value, considering Lego is still a massive part of the modern era.

13 Baby Toys, Grown-Up Prices

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Okay, so I might be starting to feel a bit remorseful because I recently started my spring cleaning and I may have donated the majority of my Beanie Babies collection to Goodwill. That was probably a huge mistake, but I’m going to try my best to forget about it. Anyway, Beanie Babies can still be bought in stores, but of course, it’s the ones from the 90s that can make you some money.

Depending on the rarity, some of the plushes can sell for over $500.

Heck, sometimes they’ll even sell for about $2000 based on their condition and rarity. Don’t make the mistake I did. Do some research on your things before you get rid of them. Many thought these toys would go out of style when the craze calmed down. According to eBay, they were wrong.

12 Happier Meals In The 90s

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So Happy Meal toys are really hit or miss when it comes to value. However, if you think that your child’s most recent toy from the past week is worth anything, just give the toy back to them. It’s always going to be ones that are older and sealed that will have more value. As far as those toys go, the only ones I’m pretty sure I still have kept somewhere are keychains from the W.i.t.c.h. series.

And even then, they aren’t worth anything in comparison to other items, like Furby or Super Mario toys. However, don’t bank on your McDonald’s toys making you a lot of money. They really won’t. Yet, these meals just got a bit happier for those out there that held on to their sealed goodies.

11 Lots Of Hair, Lots Of Cash

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Now from what I understand of Totally Hair Barbie, this doll is almost like any other Barbie, other than the fact that she has ridiculously long hair. And I mean long. Her hair goes all the way down to her ankles.

I guess for some little girls, this would be the perfect doll if they liked brushing hair.

However, if you still happen to have this Barbie in her box, you’re looking at a value of about $60 to $130, which is pretty good considering this is a Barbie we’re talking about. These dolls must be pretty rare if they’re worth this much. I really am curious though on why they made this Barbie. Who knows. There are many Barbie dolls that are worth decent money if sealed in their original packaging.

10 Are Those Jewels Real?

via mom.me

This is once again a doll that I remember nothing about. But anyway, this is Lil’ Miss Magic Jewels. From what I understand, kids could bedazzle the doll with jewels, because apparently, jewelry was fascinating to a lot of young girls. I wasn’t one of them. To this day, I’m not even a fan of jewelry.

Currently, this doll is selling on eBay for about $100. Once again, it’s a lot more valuable if it’s still in the box, unopened and mint. I can understand why it’s so rare since I’ve never actually heard of it. I just hope that you won’t feel as many regrets as I do regarding some of these toys. This just proves that anything at anytime can beccome a huge collectors item.

9 Just As Expensive As A Real Mall

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I honestly wish I could remember this game because it actually sounds interesting and it’s also worth a lot of money. Electronic Mall Madness was known as “the talking shopping spree game.” It was a board game that allowed players to basically experience a real mall shopping experience. Which, if you were like me and lived in the middle of nowhere where nothing happens, would be a perfect game to entertain yourself.

Depending on the box and game’s condition, this sells anywhere from $75 to $250, which is quite a bit of money just for a board game. So if this looks familiar to you and you think it’s hiding somewhere in your basement, now may be a good time to go looking for it.

8 A Pocket-Sized Craze

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Now I remember Tamagotchis extremely well. I always saved up to get every new version that came out. I think by the time my Tamagotchi phase was over, I owned about seven or eight of them. They were just fun, even though it would get pretty bad if you started crying in class because your Tamagotchi perished. I might be speaking from experience.

Anyway, you have to be really careful when it comes to valuing your Tamagotchi on eBay.

There’s a lot of fake sellers on there who are attempting to sell what they deem “vintage Tamagotchis” for $5. Depending on the Tamagotchi version, yours could be worth about $100. Just do some research on the year it was released to find its exact value.

7 Historical Value

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I was obsessed with the American Girl series when I was growing up. I loved all the historical characters and learning about the time periods they lived in. Yes, I was a pretty big geek. I still own all the books, but I unfortunately never owned one of the dolls. 

However, if you do, then you’re looking at some really good money.

Samantha, the girl who lived during the 1920s, is a doll that can sell anywhere from $300 to $800, depending on her condition, as well as the accessories you might have for her. Kirsten, the pioneer girl from the 1800s, is also a very valuable doll. If you still have one laying around somewhere, definitely dig it out and check its value.

6 Tape As Old As Time

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Now I know this doesn’t count as a toy, but I really wanted to mention this here because this is probably the most valuable item on the list. We’re all fully aware that we live in a world where kids would look at a VHS tape and be beyond confused as to what it actually is. However, if you still have a Disney VHS collection laying around, you might want to check and see if you have the Black Diamond edition of Beauty and the Beast.

Currently, the tape sells on eBay from anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000. That money right there would be a nice loan payment, and that’s a lot just for a single VHS tape. I could understand for a collection of VHS tapes, but sheesh.

5 Keep These Toys Contained

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To this day, Jurassic Park is still a very popular franchise. And with that, there’s a lot of merchandise for it as well. If you remember playing with a lot of dinosaur figures as a kid, you might want to double check and see if they're from the Jurassic Park series. Because if they are, you’re looking at a good chunk of money.

On eBay, even unboxed figures from the 90s sell for about $125. Of course, their condition and original packaging add to the value even more. With the Jurassic Park movie franchise continuing to grow, this means there will be more merchandise to go along with it. Make sure you hold onto everything. As with a lot of series', everyone wants to get their hands on the original toys.

4 Polly Pocket's Counterpart

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I had never heard of the Mighty Max series until I started working on this story. Mighty Max toys was a series that were similar to Polly Pockets but are, of course, geared toward boys instead of girls. The toy sets usually consisted of weird, menacing creatures and a figure of a boy named Max.

From what I know, the series even ended up with its own television show at one point.

Depending on the set you might own, these can go anywhere from $25 to $60. And for some plastic toys, that’s not a bad price at all. Even though I had never heard of these until today, I hope this is a good suggestion for you.

3 Mutated Prices

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And of course, where would this story be without more action figures to discuss? If you loved X-Men as a kid, then you more than likely had some of the toys from the 90s. Once again, it really depends on both the character and original packaging to determine the value of the figures you might potentially own.

Some sets of four go for about $40, while other single figures sell for about $100 each. I can’t emphasize how important the whole “mint condition” thing really is. If you bashed these figures around a lot, I can already tell you that they’re worth next to nothing at all. But if you’re lucky, maybe you still have a sealed one laying around somewhere.

2 Every Music Lover Wanted These

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How do I explain Hit Clips? Basically, they were the closest thing kids had to an iPod in the 90s. Even now, iPods are a pretty rare item to see in public. Anyway, with HitClips, there was a single radio that had various keychains of music attached to it. 

Each keychain played a single song.

If you still own a HitClips, chances are that you’ll have a lot of money if you sell it. Depending on when it was released, as well as what music it has in it, HitClips can sell from anywhere between $25 to $110. I mean, considering the technological age we live in, I’m sure you don’t have much use for this anymore, so.

1 Cooking Up Cash

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And last, but not least, I give you the Easy Bake oven. In the 90s, Easy Bake ovens were great ways for little kids to make their favorite sweet confections, like cookies, cakes and much more. I remember having one as a kid, but I’m pretty sure it ended up breaking on me within the first month of me owning it.

Now, if you still happen to own yours, it’ll obviously be more valuable if it’s unused and in its original box. But regardless, you’re looking at the Easy Bake oven being worth anywhere from $50 to $400. And that’s a lot of money for a little old oven that can make cookies. They still make these cute little cookers but the older the model the better when it comes to value.

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