10 Toys From The 90s Worth A Fortune (And 15 That Are Worth Next To Nothing)

Growing up during the 90s was a magic time to be a child, and the toys that were being released during this time period were unforgettable. Who can forget one of a kind gems like the Furby or the I Choose You, Pikachu! toy that were all the rage? These are just some of the unique toys that we remember from our childhood. The toy business is something that is constantly evolving, and deciding if a toy is going to be a hit or a miss is a tough thing to do. There have been literally thousands of new toys that have hit the market since the 90s, and who would have thought that many of these toys would become worth a fortune.

Many of our favorite childhood toys have exploded in value in the past few years, and it's amazing to look at these many toys that we either disregarded or grew out of. Toys like the razor scooter have lost their popularity in recent decades, but other toys have begun to spike in interest as the collector market comes around. We look at items such as the Nintendo 64, which was not in style in the early 2000s but has since become an expensive “retro” item... and who can forget the Charizard Pokémon Trading Card that is worth over $4,000.00? We are going to be taking a look at some of the toys that we grew up with and see which ones are worth a fortune and which toys have taken a nosedive in value.

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25 Worth A Ton: American Girl Kirsten Larson

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Once the height of girls' toys during the nineties, just about everyone wanted an American Girl Doll. These were like the new Barbie in many aspects, but who would have thought their value would shoot up as it has? A vintage doll from the nineties on eBay can fetch as much as $650.00, which far surpasses the original selling price. The American Girl Dolls has recently come back into style, but it's not the new toys that people are looking for. Collectors are seeking out these vintage models by the dozen, so if you have one sitting around in the closet, it's time to pull her out.

24 Worth Next To Nothing: Furbies

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There was a point during the nineties that the Furby was the hottest selling toy in the world, and in-fact stores couldn’t keep these little guys in stock. But, the Furby has since become a cultural phenomenon and although they have decreased in value greatly these are still pretty fun little toys. There are some Furby toys that have held a good amount of value, such as the blue New Millennium Furby, but for the most part, you can find these toys for just about nothing and there have since been newer updated Furby toys as well to hit the market.

23 Worth A Ton: Deluxe Power Rangers Gold Galaxy Megazord

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The Power Rangers have always been a popular franchise, and for kids in the nineties, there were many distinct toys to be had. The Deluxe Power Rangers Gold Galaxy Megazord is perhaps one of the rarest of all Power Ranger toys, and the model has become worth a fortune in the past decade. You can’t find one for less than $400.00 on eBay. Good luck finding one that is still sealed for anything less than that. We have a soft spot for the Deluxe Power Rangers Gold Galaxy Megazord in our hearts, and it's great to see one of the toys from our childhood shooting up in value as it has.

22 Worth Next To Nothing: Dream Phone

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During the nineties, there were no dating apps, and the chat rooms were still new so how did a girl fantasize? Well, the Dream Phone was a unique toy that would let girls talk to the guy of their dreams. While this you never really achieved the height of popularity, it was still a rather unique idea, to say the least. Many parents didn’t find the Dream Phone an appropriate toy, and there was still stiff competition from other toys such as the Easy Bake Oven and the new Furby toys which were selling like hot cakes.

21 Worth A Ton: Mighty Max Playsets

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One of the more unique toys from the nineties came around the early decade, and they were called the Mighty Max Playsets. These one-of-a-kind collectible toys were both weird to look at and rather unique, which is partly why the series has exploded in value in the recent decades. There are sets that are being sold online right now for over $150.00, and this is far more than the Mighty Max Playsets were when they were new. This new trend of retro toys being “Chic” has really peaked interest, and thus the Mighty Max Playsets are one of the hot retro toys rising in value right now.

20 Worth Next To Nothing: Tamagotchi

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Remember going to school with your trusty little pet clipped to your backpack? Well, the Tamagotchi was at one point one of the most popular toys on the market but it was sadly overshadowed by the Furby. The Tamagotchi was the first pet that you could feed, teach and grow right from a watch battery powered device and they sold like hot cakes. But, once the Furby and other electronic pets came onto the scene everyone seemed to forget about the little Tamagotchi, which has since made a resurgence at Walmart.

19 Worth A Ton: Sega Genesis And Games

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Perhaps one of the most memorable items of the nineties is the Sega Genesis game console, and like with other retro gaming equipment the Genesis has also been increasing in value. Finding a mint condition original console can become quite expensive, and the games have also been increasing in value as well. The Sega Genesis was at the forefront of the nineties video game revolution, and the model at one point was the best selling and most popular video game console on the market.

18 Worth Next To Nothing: Bop It

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One of the more popular toys during the nineties, the Bop It was an incredibly impressive toy that had a lot of options and it made it extremely addictive to play with. We like what the Bop It had to offer, with a one of a kind style and a pretty addictive soundtrack that made it pretty fun to play. Many of us will remember having a good time with the Bop It, and the little device is quite unique, to say the least. The Bop It nowadays is worthless, and you can find original ones for just about nothing.

17 Worth A Ton: Princess Diana Beanie Baby

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Who could forget the rise of the Beanie Babies during the nineties, which were some of the most popular collectibles that we have ever seen? Perhaps one of the rarest Beanie Babies to ever hit the market was the limited edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby, which is a purple little bear that has a value of around $500,000.00. Surely these little Beanie Babies haven’t actually sold for this much, but a quick look online at a few auction sites will show that the prices are quite substantial for the little royal purple bear.

16 Worth Next To Nothing: Super Soakers

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Who can forget one of the most annoying and popular toys of the nineties, the Super Soaker? These squirt guns were sold just about everywhere and came in a variety of different price ranges and options, depending on how much your parents wanted you to soak your friends. Old Super Soakers can be found for just about nothing nowadays, as the toys hold no value and generally begin to crack and leak if they are left outside for a few summers. Still, the Super Soaker has left many of us with happy thoughts.

15 Worth A Ton: Hey You, Pikachu! Nintendo 64

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In addition to the Gold Nintendo 64 and the Fun Colors series, there was also the Hey You, Pikachu! Nintendo 64 which came with the matching game and all of the accessories. This limited edition Nintendo has also skyrocketed in value in recent years and is one of the most sought after consoles in the collection. The unit was sold alongside the Hey You, Pikachu! game, and the unit managed to accrue a steady following of gamers. Finding one of these units in clean condition is not easy, and they are getting harder to come by.

14 Worth Next To Nothing: Gak

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The odds of any original GAK still being around unless it's sealed are slim, but who could forget those days playing with their GAK and pulling pranks on people? The slime trend of the nineties was mainly fueled by a good old network that we like to call Nickelodeon, and for some strange reason, GAK managed to become extremely popular. Finding GAK online is not hard, and you’ll find that the product is basically worthless nowadays, but nevertheless is still quite a fun product to have fun with.

13 Worth A Ton: Pokémon Gold And Silver Game Boy Color

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The Pokémon craze of the nineties was almost unstoppable, and when the games peaked in popularity Nintendo decided to release some handheld game consoles to match with the fad. Released alongside the revolutionary Gold and Silver Pokémon games, the Gold and Silver edition Game Boy Colors are among some of the rarest versions of the console that you can find, and with good reason. Gold and Silver introduced a whole new world of Pokémon, and have since become some of the best selling games in the world.

12 Worth Next To Nothing: Polly Pocket

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Most girls who grew up in the nineties remember the pop music of the time and the Polly Pocket dolls which were swarming store shelves. Unfortunately, the time has not been too friendly to the Pocket-sized dolls and the value is next to nothing for these toys. If the dolls have even survived the past twenty years it would be a miracle, but for the most part, you won’t find a 90s edition of the Polly Pocket that is still in salvageable shape, and that is even if you like to collect these. There have been several revisions of the Polly Pocket dolls in recent years, which have helped fuel a resurgence.

11 Worth Next To Nothing: Neo Geo Pocket Color

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During the nineties, the Nintendo Game Boy absolutely ruled the handheld gaming scene, and naturally, there were a few competitors that came around to try and get some of the sales such as the Sega Game Gear. The Neo Geo Pocket Color is another handheld game console that had a lot of promise but it just didn’t catch on with consumers. The unit which was sold exclusively at Toys R Us had unique features like a backlit screen, as well as a slew of interesting games including Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket.

10 Worth Next To Nothing: Gooey Louie

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Remember the board game fad of the nineties? We don’t either, but one game that was making its way across TV commercials was Gooey Louie. This interesting and somewhat gross game had a cool premise and was part of a broader effort to get more kids to play board games at home, and this was part of this push. The Gooey Louie is both fun and entertaining, and many of us fondly remember playing this game at one point or another. Gooey Louie will go down as one of the most memorable board games to come across the screen, although being practically worthless.

9 Worth Next To Nothing: Don’t Wake Daddy

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Perhaps one of the more unique board games that were released during the nineties board game heydey, Don’t Wake Daddy is a pretty unique game, to say the least. Taking the simple premise of not waking daddy up, the board game centers around a fictional dad who you are aiming not to wake up. The game is still sold brand new today in many outlets, but the original versions are pretty much worthless and the only reason to hang onto them would be for the nostalgia that you might have from when you were a kid.

8 Worth A Ton: The Gold Nintendo 64

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Toward the end of its lifespan, the Nintendo 64 released quite a few notable game consoles, and one of the rarest was the Nintendo 64 in Gold. This was a Toys R Us exclusive console and was sold in very limited quantities during Christmas of 2000, and thus the system has retained a fair amount of value that has made it shoot up in the eyes of collectors. We like everything that the Gold Nintendo 64 has to offer, and if you are an avid collector this Nintendo would be a unit that is definitely worth adding to your collection.

7 Worth Next To Nothing: Baby Sinclair

via: worthpoint.com

Sadly, the Dinosaurs TV show was actually one of the most popular kids TV shows of the nineties. The Baby Sinclair was one of the most popular and annoying toys that were based on the show, and although it was quite creepy, this little dinosaur actually managed to sell quite well. The Baby Sinclair toy is basically worthless in today's world, but if you can find one in the cool condition it is actually a one-of-a-kind collectible that lets us look back on a happier time when Disney was churning out interesting children's TV.

6 Worth Next To Nothing: Pogs

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There were a couple of collectible trends during the nineties, and not one has really been as much of a bust as Pogs were. The collectible little chips had a whole bunch of different faces and styles on them, and for a good while, it looked like they might actually be worth something. But, Pogs were sadly overtaken with the Pokémon craze and a few other collectible crazes during the nineties that really fogged their glory. You can find an entire set of Pogs for nothing nowadays, although it is fun to take a look back.

5 Worth A Ton: Peanut The Blue Elephant Beanie Baby

via: worthpoint.com

Another famous Beanie that has made its way onto this list, this little blue elephant was one of the first Beanie Babies to roam the world. Worth a couple grand in its original form, Peanut The Blue Elephant is one of the rarest Beanie Babies that you can find. The interesting little character was sold as a Beanie Baby, as well as in a few McDonalds Happy Meal packages as well. It's interesting to note that not all Peanut The Blue Elephants are worth the same price, and some have a special marking on their tag which will let you know which ones are rare and which ones are not.

4 Worth Next To Nothing: Beanie Baby Heart Tag Protectors

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Beanie Baby collecting was one of the funniest things to do as a kid, even when they exploded in value. One of the ways to protect the value of the Beanie Baby was by using a case or the Beanie Baby Heart Tag Protectors. These interesting little protectors can still be found on auction websites, but the value is just about worthless. So, if you have a bunch of Beanie Baby Heart Tag Protectors sitting around and you think a Beanie Baby collector is going to come out of the woodwork you are not going to be in luck.

3 Worth Next To Nothing: Easy Bake Oven

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The Easy Bake Oven has been a girl's best friend for years, and the models have not changed very much over the past few decades. The nineties models are just about worthless these days, and there's a good chance that if you had one around this time period you are ingesting raw eggs. The Easy Bake Oven will forever be one of the most popular toys around because it allows children to experience the joys of cooking just like an adult. The Easy-Bake Oven is still being sold brand new, although there have been many improvements.

2 Worth A Ton: Pokémon Edition Game Boy Color

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Aside from the Gold and Silver editions of the Game Boy Color, there was also a Pikachu edition which went alongside Pokémon Yellow Version. If you were a kid in the nineties, there is no way that you didn’t play this one of a kind games at least once, and playing on an official Pokémon edition Game Boy Color was even better. We like everything that the Pokémon Edition of the console has to offer, and the value has gone through the roof on these original systems, so if you have one you are in luck.

1 Worth Next To Nothing: Creepy Crawlers Bugmaker

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When a toy is a hot seller for girls, there is generally a version that hits the market for boys, and in the nineties toy world it was the Creepy Crawlers Bugmaker. Obviously, most little boys won’t be making cupcakes or cookies for a tea party, so the toy makers decided that the Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker would be a great way to make bugs that you could actually eat. While it was a pretty unique idea at the time, the Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker never really managed to sell well, especially with the popularity of Pokemon and the Game Boy around this time.

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