20 Toys That Completely Spoiled Kids Movies

Unfortunately, making iconic movie moments and heroes into toys gets very tricky in the spoiler department

Toys are an essential part of childhood. They spark the imagination and help everyone connect with their inner imaginary world. Everyone has fond memories of playtime as a child, as it allowed them to build their own special stories in their heads. Crossovers that would have copyright lawyers sweating bullets in the real world and directors and writers alike weeping as they tried to keep up with chaotic narratives such as why He-Man was fighting Superman in a medieval castle that was also a space ship that could go underwater could be had there. Even better, however, were toys that were based on real movies.

These ones were usually the best and most expensive. As soon as any kind of audio could be built into action figures, they spouted out famous lines that made children giggle away while their parents slowly lost their marbles over hearing “To infinity and beyond!” on loop for eight hours a day. Lego and Mattel, the coolest and most expensive toy lines of all, were usually the fastest to jump onto the movie action figure craze to the point where they were given plot details and likely even saw the films well before release so that they could plan and manufacture corresponding toys. Of course, these weren’t the only ones who did this, but they were the most significant.

Unfortunately, making iconic movie moments and heroes into toys gets very tricky in the spoiler department. It makes sense, for example, that children would love to be able to recreate their favorite movie moments the instant they get home from theatre. Unfortunately however there is no discreet service for stocking toys so they won’t spoil the story with an errant glance down the toy aisle. Today, let’s take a look at the worst spoiler offenders in toys.

20 Deadpool Probably Should Have Sit This One Out

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The Merc with a Mouth is one of the most popular Marvel superheroes among the adult crowd. We say “adult” because if there is one thing this mutant loves to do is use every profanity in the book and then some, as well as end his opponents in the most spectacular way possible. Deadpool is one of the more unique mutants in the Marvel Universe for many reasons. In the comics, his abilities included an extremely powerful healing factor that essentially turned him immortal before Thanos did. He also had the ability to teleport short distances, which made him an even more dangerous opponent on the battlefield. Above these two major powers though, he was best known for one other reason: Being entirely insane. To clarify, while Wade Wilson’s mental stability has always been in question, he is well known for not only hearing voices in his head that he constantly talk to, but also acting like the fourth wall didn’t exist. In short, he knows full well that he’s a comic book character, and later a character in a movie played by Ryan Reynolds.

Being known to never stop talking, Deadpool did right by their character by allowing him to go full “Deadpool”, with the exception of ignoring his teleporting powers and never alluding to the voices in his head. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, not so much. After Wade Wilson is taken out of action during a mission with Wolverine, he shows up again as a complete mockery of his comic book origin with the worst modification of all being that he was made mute. Turned into an amalgamation of different mutants and given their corresponding powers, Wade fights the Wolverine in an awful CGI climactic battle. Even if the movie wasn't worth watching though, the last thing anyone wants is for his transformation, which was a legitimate twist, by the way, to be spoiled by a kids toy. Any kid cruising the toy store before going to see the movie would quickly find the ending spoiled for them, at least for the fact that there was a creepy scarred guy with swords in his hands like Wolverine.

19 The Giant Spoiler In A Tiny Toy

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Captain America: Civil War is a movie that finally raises the question of who polices the superheroes and who holds them accountable for their mistakes. Any movie goer, comic book fan or animation fan can tell you that almost any superhero battle requires tons of amazing explosions and collateral damage, sometimes even using perfectly intact pieces of structures or even vehicles as weaponry. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Man of Steel for example for what seems to be an excessive amount of destruction of populated areas as Superman and Zod duke it out over metropolis. Civil War addresses this by nearly every country in the world demanding that the Avengers be put into some kind of check and accountability when a mission goes wrong, resulting in unnecessary civilian casualties. Roughly half the team entirely disagree with this new authority over them, and decide to leave and continue their own private agendas to save the world.

Ultimately, this disagreement culminates in a climactic battle between the worlds greatest superheroes, and even debuts Tom Holland’s iteration of Spider-Man. It also features another surprise hero, Ant-Man, who already has had his own movie where it is well established what his abilities are. Or most of them. Aside of being able to become the side of an ant with his own mass intact, Ant-Man is also capable of becoming huge and turning into Giant-Man. This was a nice surprise for Ant-Man fans who had no idea that he could or would be doing that in Civil War. Too bad for you if you love Pop Vinyl toys and caught this massive spoiler in plastic form. Not only does Pop Vinyl sell this larger version of their regular toys, they also take it upon themselves to make it explicitly clear which movie Giant-Man features in right on the box.

18 Ignore The Sabre, She’s Not Important At All!

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The amount of spoilers on this one toy are worthy of several face-palms at once. The Force Awakens was a critically acclaimed cinematic return to the beloved Star Warsuniverse. Leading up to its release, epic trailers were released featuring a rogue Stormtrooper whom everyone safely assumed was the main character. There was in fact very little in the trailers concerning the true hero Rey, a scavenger on Jaku, aside from a few cool shots from inside a downed imperial destroyer. In fact, the adorable droid BB-8 was featured more heavily in the advertising than Rey ever was. This diversion was especially helped when it was featured in teasers that Finn, the Stormtrooper, would be wielding the legendary blue lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker.

This one toy and its packaging destroys every bit of misdirection entirely.

First and foremost, it clearly shows that Rey is in fact holding the blue saber exactly like a Jedi. Up until then, it was figured that Finn would be one of the new generations of Jedi. This one piece of box art clearly destroys that notion entirely with Rey looking like she’s about the strike someone (probably Kylo Ren) with the business end of that lightsaber. The other huge spoiler here? The fact that she isn’t wearing her ragged, robe-like tunic that we see her in in the trailers. Here she is wearing an entirely different outfit. This outfit is outright stated on the box that it’s her “Resistance Outfit”, which spoils another huge plot point in where she joins the rebels against the First Order. The kicker about this toy? It was released about a week before the movie actually came out. It’s nice that Disney wants kids to buy their toys and go to the theatres clutching them as they watch the movie, but couldn’t they at least wait a month before releasing this one? Even just changing the packaging would be fine.

17 Birds And The Bees

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The first two Shrek movies hold a very, very special place in millennial hearts. The first one was standard fare, but had enough jokes and references to keep audiences laughing enough to have the second one made. The second movie of the franchise however blew audiences away with nonstop hilarity, stellar voice acting, the constant turning of fairy tales on their heads while even injecting certain parts of real life in it. The masterful blending musical compositions with a heart pounding rendition of I Need A Hero sang by the Fairy Godmother. And who could forget Antonio Banderas playing the most dangerous and adorable feline in the history of cinema. With a single sweep of his hat, Puss in Boots became an iconic moment all on his own as audiences everywhere aww-ed along with the guards who fell for his clever trap.

Then Shrek The Third came along, and everything went downhill from there. Of course when a movie makes lots of money, it’s easy to see why studios want to keep trying to strike gold again and again. What’s frustrating about this is that everything begins to just become lazy, and even with Shrek and Fiona married, it still felt a bit run of the mill when Fiona tells him that she’s pregnant, and Shrek is terrified of the idea of kids even if he tries to hide it. Eventually, Fiona gives birth to three horrifying CGI children that are clearly supposed to be cute. The only way to prepare yourself for this awful plot was if you’d already come across the toy versions of Shrek’s children on shelves just prior to seeing the movie. After which of course you would understandably decide you don’t need to see the movie.

16 Who Needs To Be Surprised By A Beautifully Emotional Moment?

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Oh Toy Story. Everyone will remember you with fondness. Whether it’s catching you in the theatre as a kid, or the countless times we as children sat in front of the TV with this movie on repeat. You brought our toys to life, actually put into a plot and words what we all secretly hoped was happening. Who hasn’t looked at their favorite action figure, doll, or teddy bear, and wished that they were real? That they actually had thoughts and feelings, and maybe even adventures when we weren’t looking. For three movies we watched our family of toys, both classic and made up for the movie, travel everywhere in order to stick with their best friend Andy. When Toy Story 3 came out though, we all knew that it was a real tearjerker with just the opening plot.

Andy had grown up and long outgrown his toys. Not wanting to throw them away, he actually has his mom put them in the attic with the rest of his old things as he was heading off to college. The only toy he planned to take with him as a keepsake was Woody. It wasn’t to be, however, and after a terrible mistake they the group of plucky toys end up being donated to a daycare. During their attempts to escape, they end up on their way to their final end and tears broke out in movie theatres around the world during this painful and emotional moment as those toys held hands to be with each other to the very end. Hopefully you didn’t happen to buy the Lego set that released and spoiled the entire scene, including the part where the toy aliens use the ultimate claw to save the lives of their fellow toys. That would have been a terrible shame.

15 Wicked Spoilers In Your Cup

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The Wizard of Oz is a wonderful tale about a young woman overcoming a terrible and evil witch, only to find out that the maybe not-so-nice witch Glinda had known a way for Dorothy to leave the dangerous land of Oz and return home. It is still a well loved tale even today, even if for some it hasn’t entirely aged well. What’s important here though is the fact that the world seemed to eventually become absolutely fixated on the Wicked Witch of the West, the main antagonist of the original movie. A book was written and adapted into a Broadway play called Wicked, and focused entirely on how the Wicked Witch was maybe more misunderstood than wicked. Then Hollywood decided that it wanted to take a crack at its own Oz origin story in the form of Oz the Great and Powerful.

In this movie starring James Franco as Oz, and Mila Kunis as Theodora a very naïve witch who happens upon him when he is blown into the land of Oz, we follow their adventure to overthrow the tyranny of the current Wicked Witch, who now rules over Oz. At first it seems obvious that this Wicked Witch is destined to become Dorothy’s adversary later on. While this movie isn’t exactly lauded by critics, it does have one major saving throw: Theodora, the beautiful, kind, and overly trusting young witch that we’d come to know and love throughout the movie, ends up going over to the proverbial dark side when she is betrayed by the “wizard” Oz, who is in fact just an ordinary stage magician with no magic power to speak of. If you wanted to have that kept a secret, then too bad for you if you happened upon the commemorative mug that Disney was selling. Even a bleary eyed person who hasn’t had their coffee yet could see that that is clearly Mila Kunis at the front. Way to spoil your twist, Disney!

14 Pepper Potts: New Iron Man?

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Lego is an enormously successful toy company that has always advocated for users of all ages to use their building blocks to create whatever they wish. Lego has also managed to secure a very nice deal for themselves where they often will work together with upcoming movies in order to create merchandise relating to that movie. These movie franchises have ranged everywhere from The Lord of the Rings to current superhero movies. We’ve seen already how they managed to have the worst judgement on what to release and when concerning their intended audience and their movies, so where did they go wrong this time? It has to do with their tie-in to Iron Man 3 and what exactly goes down during the mansion attack scene.

You see, audiences were already aware that Tony’s amazing seaside mansion was going to be attacked during the course of Iron Man 3. What they didn’t know was how everyone managed to get out of there.

It seems obvious that Tony would put on his suit to save the day. In a surprising twist, however, Tony decides that the one person who needs a suit more than himself in that moment is his girlfriend Pepper Potts. We’ve already had it established that Potts has never flown in a suit before, nor has ever wanted to. She understandably expects Tony to jump into his suit and save the day during the attack, but before she can do anything, Tony hits a few buttons, and audiences watch in surprise as the suit suddenly assembles around her to protect her. This is shown very, very clearly on the box art for the Lego set of the scene.

13 An Unwanted Vision Of The Future

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Age of Ultron was received with mixed reviews both among fans and critics. The plot was overcomplicated and too long, filled with plot holes and dumb decisions made by the characters all around. One of these terrible decisions was for Tony, in his paranoia, to decide to create an exceedingly powerful artificial intelligence with the purpose of using all sorts of algorithms in order to protect the world. Tony, we know that the battle for New York in the original Avengers left you with terrible nightmares and panic attacks. We understand that anyone after that would want to do anything to keep that happening again. It’s Bruce Banner, who happens to be around Tony when he starts to implement this idea, who actually ends up being an enabler to Tony by allowing him to continue with what is clearly a bad idea that can be realized by watching any Terminator movie.

During Ultron’s inevitable creation and going rogue, the robot finds his way to an extremely hi-tech medical facility that actually has a casket that can more or less build a body. Ultron uses this in order to create the perfect body for himself to rule the world with the combination of the Mind Stone. Tony, Banner, and Thor intervene, and the next thing anyone knows, the hero Vision is born, which is a total surprise for anyone watching the movie for the first time. In another instance of clearly wanting kids to buy their favorite hero off the shelf the instant the movie ends, this action figure of Vision was released, and clearly states that is from Age of Ultron, which entirely spoils the fact that another hero joins the team right near the end of the movie.

12 Compromised Queen

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again until the end of time. The Star Wars prequels aren't the best and have very few redeeming qualities. Those qualities don’t extend much beyond cooler Jedi fights and much better CGI. The prequels introduce us to Queen Amidala early on, who is a young woman who has actually been elected to the position rather than born to it. Queen Amidala is well known for her incredibly wild way of dressing, with crazy hair styles that put today's craziest stylists to shame. During one battle, the Queen is horribly injured and doesn’t make it, much to the horror of the Jedi escorting her. It doesn’t take long though before the long train of maids that follow the Queen around reveal that woman they thought was the Queen was just a flashy decoy.

The real Queen Amidala actually hides among her maids most of the time and turns out to be a simply dressed woman named Padme who happens to be very handy with a blaster. This toy by itself wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the title “Queen Amidala” in large text underneath the woman. Without it, unless you’d seen the movie, it was likely you wouldn’t have known that Padme was actually the Queen. It’s always hilarious, even after working so hard to keep their plot twist a secret, something as simple and as common as a toy in its packaging can entirely destroy all of your hard effort to surprise your audience.

11 Here Be Fire Giants

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Norse mythology has always been a popular subject in the western world. It’s no surprise at all that these myths have leaked into the mainstream, albeit in a form not necessarily as intended. It isn’t difficult at all how anyone could take a hammer wielding storm God and make him a superhero. All his powers are right there, and can be tweaked to fit the narrative. Alongside him is an easy antagonist in the form of Loki, the Norse god of mischief and often the entire reason why things have gone wrong in the first place in many of their stories. Certain things get shifted around to suit the narrative as needed, such as Loki being Thor’s brother rather than sort-of uncle. In the end, everything else is easily laid out in terms of origin and later enemies.

Speaking of enemies, the biggest antagonist in Norse folklore is Surtr, spelled “Surtur” in the movie. He is the massive fire giant who is destined to end the world once and for all with his massive fiery sword. The main part he is meant to destroy is Asgard, home of the Gods. This is true in the movie Thor: Ragnarok as well. Unfortunately, Pop Vinyl once again didn’t get the memo that this wasn’t really supposed to be common news before the movie actually came out. So once again, they released a toy that spoiled a major player in a movie. Way to go, guys.

10 Ares, God Of Spoilers

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Before Kratos ever delivered the smack down to end all smack downs to the Greek god of war, Ares actually already had a superhero to fight against in the DC comic book universe. This hero happens to be Wonder Woman herself, an Amazon created by Zeus in order to save humanity from outside enemies and of course themselves. Ares became, in the DC mythos at least, one of the main proponents and instigators of all sorts of human misery. Ares feeds off of the battles fought between people and becomes stronger with every fight. He ends up as Wonder Woman’s main villain to fight against, but more in an overarching sense. She often battles the results of Ares’ meddling rather than the god himself, so understandably when trailers for the movie came out, fans didn’t expect to see Ares show up so soon.

That is, unless they saw the official toy merchandise for the movie. Most fans expected some great threat for Wonder Woman to deal with, especially with the main setting of the first World War and the featuring of new toxic gases as well as what looked like a super powered general to fight. The fact that Ares was in the movie at all and as a main antagonist rather than a future enemy to build up to was a huge surprise to many viewers, though still an awesome one. It’s too bad that toy factories don’t get the memo to at least erase the bit on the packaging that outright states this fact.

9 Lego My Huge Spoiler!

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The new Ghostbusters installment featuring a mainly female cast received mixed reviews. Even with its star studded cast, featuring the likes of Melissa McCarthy the Hollywood Comedy Queen and Chris Hemsworth, much of the humor fell flat on its face while trying to appeal to a newer and younger audience with more or less the same jokes the last two installments were making. While the Ghostbuster franchise could frankly make a comeback someday, it was difficult to take this flick very seriously as the stylized and cartoony ghosts, while awesome and funny in the original films, just made the whole movie like it was trying way too hard. Though it is hard to take a ghost design straight out of a tacky Halloween store seriously when most audiences these days have suffered through the likes of Mamma or The Conjuring.

Even so, there were still spoilers to be had even with an iffy movie such as this one, and Lego once again takes the cake in ruining the movie for anyone (namely children) who haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

Look, we get it, every kid and even adults like to recreate their favorite movie scenes with accurate merchandise. No one likes to stick random pieces together to recreate a movie villain, and certainly won’t if they can get an official toy recreation at the store. Just try to avoid putting these toys up in the front of the line or something, or better yet place a removable sticker or opaque bag around the toy so that kids don’t accidentally spoil themselves. No one needs to know before they’ve seen the movie that Chris Hemsworth is possessed by an evil spirit and becomes the villain. That would be just mean.

8 Hopefully Star-Lord Didn’t See This Toy Before The Movie

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The Guardians of the Galaxy was a massive hit with both new and old Marvel fans alike. Chris Pratt broke into Hollywood stardom properly as Peter Quill, or as he prefers to be known as Star-Lord. Hilariously, the first time we hear Peter try to name drop himself to a bunch of armed guards, their reaction is a gut busting, confused “who?”. This is an awesome example of how all these cool names we think of our heroes as might have come from the humble beginnings of someone trying to invent a persona that they practised in front of a mirror.By the end of the film, Star-Lord saves the Nova Corps and their planet with the help of his ragtag bunch of friends, and even eliminate a huge threat from the galaxy in the form of Ronan the Accuser. Just as the film is about to close, the Nova Corps hints at the fact that there is more to Star-Lord than meets the eye after they check his DNA after witnessing him hold an Infinity Stone.

When the second movie rolls around, Star-Lord is approached by a mysterious and powerful man who doesn’t seem to require a spacesuit in space.That man reveals himself to be Ego, and is actually Peter Quill’s biological father. Many fans have speculated on the idea that this movie was certainly going to go over Peter’s parentage, it was still a bit of a downer to suddenly have it spoiled by the packaging of this action figure set. It explicitly states that Ego and Peter are father and son, and even talks about Ego being a Celestial, and for anyone who hadn’t gone to see the newly released movie yet who was cruising for merchandise this could and did spoil a large part of the movie for collectors and kids everywhere. Keep in mind: if you ever make it big and create a blockbuster movie, maybe keep an eye on any merchandise in orderto make sure your fans don’t have the beans spilled on them.

7 Unmasking The Mystery

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Batman: The Animated Series is lauded even today as being the best superhero TV show of all time, and even the best kids show of all time. Produced by Warner Bros., this long running series captured the attention of kids and adults everywhere with its gorgeous animation and style as well as stellar writing. The plots, whether it be a one episode on-shot or several-episode-long story featured impressive creativity and flexibility, willing to occasionally switch to the villain’s point of view to give the audience a different kind of story to get behind. These flipped narratives often led to heart wrenching moments where the audience was educated on why exactly a character acts the way they do. Even more awful were the moments where it seemed that not only did the villain actually have some redeeming qualities and even a good motivation or two, they could never quite step back over the line to normal society once again. Then The Mask of the Phantasm came into being as Batman’s first animated movie.

This film was filled with such amazing twists and turns it left audiences everywhere arguing amongst themselves as to who the new masked vigilante in Gotham could be. The Phantasm wears a black suit with a silvery grey cloak, boots, and gloves, and was systematically cleaning up Gotham of its crime problem one unfortunate victim at a time. There were plenty of similarities to Batman in this newcomer, except that the Phantasm was equipped with some kind of blaster and an axe. Warner Bros. did a phenomenal job hiding the true identity of this character up until release, but it seems someone once again didn’t think about the much larger groups of people who had yet to see their movie. Imagine their surprise when they came across a Phantasm action figure pictured above and very suddenly having the huge twist at the end entirely ruined for them or their kids. At this rate, Hollywood will never learn.

6 Awful Movie, Even Worse Spoiler

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It’s no secret whatsoever that the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds was bad. Terrible acting and writing were bad enough, but it was hard not to up and leave the theatre once you witnessed Hal Jordan’s animated super suit in all of its terrible CGI glory. These days movies, especially superhero ones, love nothing more than to point out all of the ridiculous things we take for granted in any comic book universe. Such as the idea that covering up ones cheekbones will somehow disguise you from someone who has known you for years. That one joke was the only highpoint in a movie that has Hal use his lantern ring to make a Hot Wheels construct in order to drive a crashing helicopter to safety. Yes it was terrible. No, you would never believe that no one got hurt during this incident either.

It also is very much not a secret that the main villain against any Green Lantern is Parallax, an entity that embodies fear in its entirety. Early on after Hal puts on the Lantern Ring, the nerdy and creepy son of his company’s main source of funding stumbles upon this monster that has managed to escape its prison. Parallax possesses the hapless man, but doesn’t take full control for a while. Instead, it grants the man exceedingly powerful telekinetic powers while also turning his head into a laughable balloon shape. The trailers very much featured this antagonist, so audiences knew to expect a showdown between him and Jordan. At best, they were given a glimpse of an angry looking yellow cloud heading towards Green Lantern. The trailers certainly didn’t say that the fight at the end of the movie would be against Parallax and the mighty Green Lantern, but as luck would have it, this toy company thought it was a good idea to spell out their toy’s scene and significance.

5 Not Even Merchandizing Knew To Keep This A Secret

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Dick Tracy made the leap from comic strip to film strip in 1990. It follows the trials, tribulations, and adventures of the hard-boiled detective of the same name as he dives deep into the underbelly of organized crime in order to stop the hostile business takeovers happening all over town, as well as the more physical violence that any crime group likes to get up to either against their opponents or even with each other. After temporarily adopting a witness of some of the recent violence, the girlfriend of the latest victim of the organized crime ring is taken away by the boss in order to gain some leverage among remaining citizens.

The woman in question is a locally famous singer known best as Breathless Mahoney. Keep this in mind, because this becomes very important later.

After a series of events that lead to the gang getting further and further out of the reach of the police, a mysterious vigilante-like gangster comes into the picture. This newcomer isn’t just mysterious because no one knows who they are, but because they wear a mask that entirely hides their face and gives the impression that the person literally has a blank face. This creepy figure quickly becomes known as “the Blank”, and they begin to terrorize the remaining criminals while Dick Tracy races to uncover not only the big bosses plan to take over the city and thwart it, but to also figure out just who this Blank really is. Well, this toy already has the answer for you. Why wait until the movie is just about over to find out the big twist, when you can find out that Breathless Mahoney was the Blank all along! If this keeps up, why even bother to go see any new movies?

4 Loser Lex Luthor

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Lex Luthor is Superman’s greatest adversary. Exceedingly rich, striking looks, a razor sharp genius intellect, and a glistening bald dome atop his head that would put bowling balls to shame. Unlike the maniacal random violence that the Joker loves to indulge in, or perpetuating humanities capacity for war as way to keep himself power like Ares did, Lex Luthor’s villainy stands out quite a bit. You see, Luthor is a very greedy man, to say the least. He is also practical though. Rather than rob a bank, Lex likes to maintain his fortune by enacting all sorts of crazy schemes that ensure that his company will always come out of top by eating up the contracts to rebuild buildings, or literally create more real estate with ancient alien crystal technology. Lex’s schemes for getting money through real estate is strangely the most adult thing to do out of the rest of the villain line up.

Dawn of Justice decided that it didn’t like this suave mad genius who wanted to buy up the world. Instead, they introduced Jesse Eisenberg and his extremely crazy take on the well known super villain. Instead of swindling politicians, we got Lex awkwardly feeding a politician candy.

After foolishly creating the monster Doomsday in a bid to bring down Superman, Lex is apprehended by authorities and placed inside a special prison. Of course anyone who has ever seen any superhero film knows that the good guys ultimately win and the bad guy is brought to justice, that doesn’t mean that the official toy needs to flaunt that fact. What’s more is that it goes out of the way to show in detail how justice is served to Lex by showing him in all his bald headed, orange jumpsuit glory. Did no one making this toy ever think that they should at the very least hold off on its release? Just that much planning alone could have avoided the magnitude of these catastrophic spoilers.

3 Bart’s Risky Bet

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The Simpsons is the great-great-granddaddy of animation that featured offensive (for the time) jokes, and regularly made statements on worldly events and trends. Whether the younger generation believes it or not, The Simpsons was quite controversial back in its day, as it featured a loving but clearly dysfunctional family. The main two characters who often sparked the ire of the morality police the most was Homer and Bart Simpson. Homer was a lazy many who over-indulged himself regularly and publicly, and Bart was an underachiever and proud of it. Rather than taking these zany characters for the situational humor they were meant to be, critics felt that Homer and especially Bart would make youths feel that it was ok to be delinquents who had no desire to amount to anything.

Bart was always clearly Homer’s chip off the block and they would regularly engage in the same kinds of antics together. One thing that Bart loved to do the most was prank his dim witted father, but sometimes Homer would dare his son to pull off some crazy stunt for the fun of it. When The Simpson’s Movie came out in 2007, Homer gave his son his craziest dare yet: to skateboard around Springfield without clothes. While it doesn’t necessarily factor into the overall plot of the movie, it was a hilarious moment, but when a collectable set of toys meant to link together to create one big scene was released just prior to the movie coming out, it clearly showed Bart in the middle of this dare, which sorely ruins this unexpected moment in the film.

2 The Rise Of Spoiler Packaging

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G.I. Joe has been a popular cartoon and action toy line for decades. It follows a group of heroes of exceptional skill as they battle against the evil group known as Cobra. This group, bent on world domination, would clash with the Joes again and again as their literally faceless commander would lament over and over how his allegedly unstoppable plans were foiled. The plot of G.I. Joe was always very run of the mill good vs. evil story, but they were still very much enjoyed by kids everywhere. So of course Hollywood saw dollar signs in presenting a bit of nostalgia to the now grown up fans of the Joes, and set out to create a movie filled with explosions, action stars, and a revival of the entire G.I. Joe line. Unsurprisingly, the movie fell flat in a bad way, even with the likes of A-lister Channing Tatum as the star. With a plot that involved destroying parts of the world using devouring nano-bots with terrible CGI effects, as well as giving the characters generic super suits that are easily marketable to young kids with equally terrible CGI, the movie fell flat.

Not only were the effects terrible, but the acting was awful from all sides as well. That being said, it probably couldn’t be helped on account of terrible writing even if the actors did try. In the movie, it is revealed that Duke once had a relationship with the Baroness, one of the villains. One of the main reasons their relationship was ended was because the Baroness’ brother, Rex, passed during one of the missions her boyfriend was a part of, and his passing may have been Duke’s fault. It is revealed later in the movie that the mysterious Doctor is actually Rex, but this packaging clearly doesn’t care about spoiling this for anyone in the toy aisle.

1 The Bigger They Are…

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Before we begin with this entry, it should be said that this toy is from the new Avengers: Infinity War. If you haven’t seen it yet, or don’t want it spoiled in any way shape or form, you should switch to another article now. While the following spoiler is minor in comparison to the other ones that we have covered here, it is still noteworthy enough considering who is involved.

Take a good look at the toy above, and see if you can find the problem in this toy before we mention it.

If you’re still not sure, look at the bottom left corner. See anyone a touch out of place in this scene? Bruce Banner would probably be more at home in a laboratory Lego set, and he is nowhere obvious to be found on the packaging even though he is included. Well, to cut to the chase, Bruce Banner is piloting the Hulk Buster Iron Man suit. This all by itself can spoil the movie in many ways, especially when Infinity War trailers clearly showed the Hulk going into battle alongside his fellow heroes. This is technically still true, but instead Bruce is in the armor instead of using the other guy. This packaging actually causes spoilers by making viewers ask too many questions about why Bruce Banner would need to pilot this armor. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and still decided to risk a spoiler, just do your best not to think about it.

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