With Overwatch On The Switch, Tracer Should Be In Super Smash Bros.

Now that Overwatch is confirmed on Nintendo Switch, Tracer would make a great addition to the Super Smash Bros. roster.

The multitude of hype released from the recent events of Gamescom, PAX West, and Nintendo Direct have given light to titles both anticipated and relatively unknown. While the many trailers and gameplay reveals have been amazing, the recent news of more Switch ports has seemed main among the foray of announcements. As an esport legend, Overwatch moving on over to the Switch is an interesting maneuver by Blizzard, one that beckons an even more interesting question: When is Tracer getting her Super Smash Bros. debut?

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Having characters such as Joker from Persona 5, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and Terry Bogard from King of Fighters is proof alone that Nintendo is certainly open to having characters from a variety of universes and gaming titles. Being the mascot of Overwatch, similar to the others mentioned, it's only right Tracer should stand and fight as a Hero from her world in Super Smash Bros.

Not to mention the fact that her moveset would be unrivaled, Tracer would annihilate on the battlefield. With teleportation, time dilation, and intense speeds as her main abilities in Overwatch, it would be interesting to see how she'd fare against similarly situated foes like Mewtwo, Fox, Sonic, or even Ness. It's clear there's an audience for the character, what with rampant speculation (and even a Super Smash fandom page).

It really all comes down to Nintendo and Blizzard in the end, as their deal really may only go so far as a Switch port. With Tracer or any other of the various Heroes from Overwatch making an appearance in Smash, both the game and the companies would benefit immensely. The extreme excitement and glee that erupted from Nintendo Direct last night is evidence of the fact that an Overwatch resurgence is imminent, while the Switch's worldwide takeover has already begun.

New characters, like the recently revealed Banjo and Kazooie, also give light to the possibility of many and more characters to come. With Nintendo's Fighter Pass, one can receive both Joker and Hero, as well as future names to come. Nintendo plans on revealing many new characters into the future of the game, their next slated DLC being Fatal Fury's Terry in November. Tracer could very well be on the horizon, and as so evidenced by the many varied leaks, it's clear there's some merit to an Overwatch-Super Smash interconnectivity.

There's also the fact that Tracer is a lesbian, which would make her the first LBGT+ character in Smash (that we know of). She wields her own brand of wit and humor alongside a tough shell full of enthusiasm. There's plenty of great Heroes from Overwatch, but none are as fun as she is, or as funny, in my opinion. She's, in many respects, the Pikachu of Overwatch, and that in of itself should prove her worthiness as an addition to Super Smash Bros. With the beginning of 2019's Overwatch League Playoffs, the time is ripe for Nintendo to make an unprecedented move to further their platform and their own game.

Though it may only be wishful thinking, the necessity for Tracer in Overwatch can't be left unstated. One of the reasons I came to love Super Smash was its ability to draw in players from a wide range of categories. Solid Snake, who would have thought? And Mewtwo? Despite him being my favorite character in the game, there comes a point where you have to question Nintendo's choices.

Tracer could make one excellent addition to the lineup, but we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, practice your speed techniques and teleportation before the Switch release come October 15th.

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