Trihex Banned From Next Year's Awesome Games Done Quick

Streamer Mychal "Trihex" Jefferson has recently confirmed that he was banned from next year's Awesome Games Done Quick. The ban is due to an incident that took place in October 2018 when he used a homophobic slur while streaming on Twitch. He apologized for his use of the language shortly after.

This resulted in a temporary ban from the platform. However, that wasn't the only penalty he faced; he was also banned from the speedrunning charity marathon Awesome Games Done Quick until 2020. Trihex was not aware of this ban until he tried to sign up for a Super Mario Maker 2 relay during next year's event.

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He announced his discovery on his Discord on Saturday. It was met with shock and anger from those on Discord and on the speedrun subreddit. It wasn't until Monday that Trihex spoke more about the incident:

In a stream, Trihex said that his fans' heated reaction made him wish that he had kept the ban under wraps and had not announced it on Discord.

"For that, I do apologize, but I'm only human," Trihex said. "I was very emotionally irrational. I was super sad, I was super mad. It was like, 'I'm being dragged again from a thing from a year ago.'"

Games Done Quick has not responded yet to Trihex's ban. However, Trihex made a point of dissuading any outraged fans from lashing out at Games Done Quick for its decision.

"I’m not here to fuel a GDQ hate mob. I’m not here to topple the speedrun government, or whatever you want to call it," Trihex said. "It doesn’t benefit me to be the face of wanting to hate and destroy things. I know as badly as a lot of y’all, maybe at face level or surface level, want to engage in that kind of thing and start throwing grenades at a building or whatever, it doesn’t benefit me."

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