25 True Blood Stars On The First Episode And Now

We all remember the vampire craze that took over everyone's daily lives back in the mid-2000s. Sure, vampires have been apart of pop culture for decades, but they have not drawn quite as many audiences as the likes of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and of course, True Blood.

True Blood was the far racier option of the vampire-related dramas, and it was a guilty pleasure amongst fans of all walks of Earth. Unlike the Twilight films and The Vampire Diaries series, this was a more grown-up-centric vampire show with NC-17 material. But no one can deny the fact that it was incredibly fun to watch for the seven seasons it was on.

It was based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries novels, otherwise known as The Sookie Stackhouse Series, by Charlaine Harris. They did an excellent job of bringing the books to life in this series, and a lot of that had to do with the incredible actors that made up the ensemble cast, as well as the fan-favorite guest stars.

I'm sure we all remember the moment we saw our favorite character show up on screen. But even though these actors will forever be known to us as their True Blood counterparts first and foremost, they also have moved on and taken on new roles. Or have gone on into new ventures in their lives.

In this article, we will show you just what your favorite Bon Temps actors look like now, and update you on their latest adventures. So here are the 25 True Blood Stars On The First Episode And Now.

25 Sookie Is…A Detective?

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Anna Paquin played the beautiful, half-fairy, telepathic Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood. She was the title character and the heroine of this vampiric tale, and she played the part darn well. Sookie fell in love with the local vampire, Bill Compton, upon meeting him at Merlotte's Bar & Grill. Especially when she realized that she could not read his mind, unlike everyone else in Bon Temps. And from that turn of events, things spiraled out of control in her life from there.

While Sookie Stackhouse evolved into quite the strong woman throughout her adventures with vampires and everything that went along with knowing them, one thing we could have never pictured is her becoming a detective.

Well, Sookie certainly never became a detective but Anna Paquin did in her latest television series.

There are also no vampires in sight.

She now plays Detective Annie Ryder in Bellevue, which is a mystery/thriller surrounding the goings-on of a small town where everyone knows everybody...until a teenager goes missing and Annie suspects foul play.

It is very different from her role on True Blood but sounds equally as entertaining.

Other than her latest acting endeavors, she married Stephen Moyer, who played none other than Bill Compton, back in 2010 while True Blood was still on the air. And in 2012, the pair had twins. So it appears all is well with Anna Paquin both in her personal and professional life, even though we miss her dearly as Sookie Stackhouse.

24 A Drastic New Look For Eric

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Ah, Eric Northman. Who could forget the moment we first met the methodical, Swedish vampire who had an eye for Sookie Stackhouse? Played by Swedish actor, Alexander Skarsgard, he delivered a fantastic performance in each and every episode. It was always interesting to see him go from being cool, calm and collected to untethered with rage.

Skarsgard has become a household name, especially since his success on True Blood. Both during his time on the vampire drama and right after, he has been in several movies, including Straw Dogs, The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, and The Legend Of Tarzan.

But most recently, he had a starring role in another hugely popular HBO series - Big Little Lies.

He played opposite Nicole Kidman's character as her husband, Perry Wright. They had a tumultuous relationship to put it lightly that resulted in dire consequences.

He won a SAG award, Golden Globe, and an Emmy for his work on that project and it was well-deserved, as anyone would be able to tell you after viewing his performance in the series.

Since his days as Eric Northman, he has clearly ditched the long, blonde locks for a buzzcut. But he'll always be the Vampire Sheriff of Area 5 and owner of Fangtasia to us.

23 Bill Compton’s Newest Gig

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Bill Compton was the mysterious and handsome vampire that stole the heart of Sookie Stackhouse, and rather quickly, might I add. He started out simply as her vampire love interest and turned into an antagonist towards the later seasons, on and off.

The actor who played Bill Compton, Stephen Moyer, ended up stealing the heart of Anna Paquin, who played Sookie Stackhouse, in a real-life imitating art scenario. The two ended up marrying whilst True Blood was still on the air and ended up having twins later on as well, as previously mentioned.

And while Bill Compton set forth the events that transpired once he and Sookie met, and subsequently fell in love, he *spoiler alert* didn't make it out of the series finale alive. Stephen Moyer, however, went on to be in several other television shows, as well as films, before he landed his latest gig.

Now he plays Reed Strucker on the series, The Gifted, which centers on Reed as an attorney for the mutant task force, which aims to prosecute and imprison mutants who are "dangerous" to the community.

Things grow complicated for his character, though, when he finds out his children are mutants and they must go on the run.

Stephen Moyer's latest role is clearly exciting, and while it may not be about vampires, it still has a lot to do with supernatural-type powers, which always makes for a fun show.

22 Baby Vamp Is All Grown Up

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Jessica Hamby didn't make her debut appearance on True Blood until episode 10 of season 1, but it was quite the dramatic debut, I must say. She was taken from her conservative family and forced to become a vampire by none other than Bill Compton himself. This was his punishment for ending the life of a fellow vampire, and as reparation, he had to turn a human into a vampire.

And that is the story of how Jessica Hamby became Bill's progeny, a.k.a. a Baby Vamp. Jessica always caught people's eye because of her beauty and bright, red hair, and no one was more infatuated with her than Hoyt Fortenberry, her on again/off again love interest.

But now that the actress who played Jessica, Deborah Ann Woll, has moved on from the series, we have seen her in now another iconic role...this time as a blonde.

She is now playing the Marvel character, Karen Page, on Daredevil, as well as The Defenders and The Punisher, all of which are on Netflix.

Deborah has shown just how versatile of an actress she is and has made us fall in love with her all over again in this latest role of her’s.

21 From Lovable Doofus To Handsome Gentleman

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The actor who played Jason Stackhouse in True Blood - Ryan Kwanten - really knew how to sell the not-so-bright womanizer of Bon Temps with what almost seemed like little effort, due to how believable he was. But make no mistake, the Aussie actor is much different from his True Blood character.

Still, we couldn't help but love Jason even when he got himself into ridiculously dangerous situations due to his impulsivity. He was so brave and caring whenever it came to his loved ones, that you just had to look past his unintelligent decision making and the fact he has bedded almost every woman in town.

Ryan Kwanten hasn't changed much in the looks department since his time on True Blood came to an end, other than the scruff, of course, but regardless of him still being unfairly handsome, he has done some very different work than his True Blood days recently.

He did voiceover work for Jake and the Neverland Pirates, as well as starred in films such as The Hurricane Heist and Supercon. We are obviously glad to see he is still working in Hollywood in fun and exciting projects, but we will always love him as Jason Stackhouse, the womanizer turned Deputy.

20 Magic Alcide

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Sookie Stackhouse may have had a few different love interests throughout her time on True Blood, but one of the most loyal and down-to-earth guys she was involved with had to be Alcide Herveaux. The ironic part about it is he wasn't even a vampire on the series. No, he was a werewolf.

Played by Joe Manganiello, he first arrived in season three when he was repaying a favor to another beau of Sookie's - Eric Northman. He told Eric he would keep Sookie safe and ends up becoming more to Sookie down the road.

His character was a lone wolf...literally.

Because he was able to control his animalistic nature more than most werewolves, he felt it would be better to be on his own. This didn't necessarily mean he stayed out of the drama that happens in packs, though, unfortunately.

Since his demise in the seventh and final season of True Blood, he has done quite well for himself. With roles in films such as Justice League, Rampage, and perhaps most notably, the Magic Mike films, he has become a blockbuster star.

Even with all of his successes, he still seems as down-to-earth as Alcide was. And he clearly decided to keep the werewolf beard.

19 The Vampire Queen Of Louisiana

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Evan Rachel Wood has been in show business for a long time, though she is only 30 years old. She did mostly smaller roles until her big break in the drama Thirteen in 2003. From that moment on, her career has blossomed into quite the formidable one and made her into a household name.

Which is why her performance in True Blood as Sophie-Anne Leclerq was very memorable, even though she had only been a recurring guest star on and off for a few seasons.

Sophie-Anne was the Vampire Queen of Louisiana and was an antagonist to the main characters on the show. She met her demise in season four, but she made her time on the show truly count by causing quite the stir with Bill, Sookie, Eric, and even Lafayette.

Since her time on the show ended, she has had plenty of success elsewhere. Most notably, she plays the lead on Westworld, which is another show that has become a humungous hit on HBO.

For those who aren't familiar with it, the show's plot is described as, "Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, explore a world in which every human appetite can be indulged without consequence."

And judging from how popular the series has become, I'd say Ms. Wood is going to be busy for quite a while.

18 The Fan Favorite: Pam Swynford De Beaufort

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The cast of True Blood as a whole meshed quite well together and created a show that became a cultural phenomenon. But there were certain characters who stood out amongst the rest and became fan favorites. And one of those characters is Pam Swynford De Beaufort, a.k.a. Eric's progeny.

Pam was not only Eric Northman's loyal progeny but the co-owner of Fangtasia with Eric, as well as his sidekick who would often be the source of much needed comedic relief to cut the tension. Her character became such a fan favorite due to her crassness and overall bluntness when conversing with others, as well as her being an incredibly fun character to watch each and every episode she was in.

Pam and Eric's utter love and devotion to each other as maker and progeny was also something that was unrivaled.

The actress who played her is Kristin Bauer van Straten, and while she did an absolutely excellent job of portraying the sarcastic and cunning vampire, in real life she is much more down-to-earth.

Kristin is an animal activist and has many rescue animals herself. And since her time on the beloved vampire show, she has appeared in a guest-starring role on Once Upon A Time as Maleficent, as well as taken on new film projects.

But I'm sure we can all agree that whenever we see her, we'll think of her time as Pam Swynford De Beaufort.

17 The Shapeshifter Of Bon Temps

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When we first met Sam Merlotte, the owner of Merlotte's Bar & Grill, he seemed like your average joe. Little did we know there was much more to the man than we gave him credit for.

The first real thing we learn about Sam is that he has feelings for Sookie. But it seems that those feelings are unrequited, especially when it is clear that Sookie's attention is lying elsewhere - with Bill Compton.

Regardless of being put in the friend zone, he still manages to keep a watchful eye on Sookie due to his distrust of vampires. He does this, though, in the form of a dog.

Yes, Sam Merlotte is indeed a shapeshifter.

This caused him to have several interesting storylines involving his true nature all throughout the seven seasons of the show.

Sam Trammell is the actor who played Sam Merlotte, and he really had a knack for making you emotional for his character whenever the need arose. Since True Blood ended, Sam Trammell has been a part of numerous projects, including a guest stint on This Is Us and several films such as The Fault In Our Stars and Say You Will.

It's clear that though we had to say goodbye to Sam Merlotte, Sam Trammell isn't going anywhere. Which I am truly glad for.

16 A Journey From True Blood To Pitch Perfect

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One of the most irritating characters to ever grace True Blood was Sarah Newlin. She was the wife of televangelist Steve Newlin, the head of The Fellowship Of The Sun, which is basically a religious anti-Vampire organization that first was shown in the second season.

Sarah Newlin had a brief affair with Jason Stackhouse when he joined The Fellowship Of The Sun in the second season before he had come to his senses about vampires. That was just the starting point of Sarah and Steve's relationship deteriorating.

Aside from Sarah being an overall annoying character, she also became a serious villain not only in season 2 but in the sixth and seventh seasons as well.

But the actress who plays her - Anna Camp - appears to be the polar opposite of the character she portrayed on the show. Her look on the show and in real life are also night and day. Sure, she is still a beautiful blonde, but her hair is not higher than necessary and her clothing is much more laidback.

And since her last appearance on True Blood, she has been in multiple roles on television, as well as films. The most notable film franchise she has been apart of is Pitch Perfect. She has starred in all three films, all of which have been quite successful.

That is a seriously drastic change in characters but she plays both parts very well, as you can see.

15 An Underrated Character

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Tara Thornton was one of the original main characters on True Blood and stayed that way throughout most of the series. She was Sookie Stackhouse's best friend since childhood, as well as Lafayette Reynolds' cousin. The woman went through several obstacles and traumas in her life but still remained strong and capable no matter what was thrown at her.

Eventually, she too was turned into a vampire by Pam, Eric's progeny.

It was quite the shock when at the beginning of the seventh season, she met her demise. Luckily, she still would return in both visions her mother, Lettie Mae, would have as well as flashbacks. But it didn't hurt any less that she was really gone.

The reason for that is because the actress who portrayed her did a fantastic job at making us truly care about Tara. Rutina Wesley is the actress behind Tara Thornton and boy, did she really know how to tug at the heartstrings.

Now, Rutina has had guest-starring roles in television shows such as Hannibal and Arrow and is also the star of Queen Sugar. Plus, she had a role in the popular film, The Perfect Guy.

She may no longer be Tara, but she is still as beautiful and talented as ever.

14 The Villain To End All Villains

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Everybody knows what it is like to hate a villain so much on a television show or film that you actually kind of love that they are so delightfully evil because it is pretty entertaining. You feel partially guilty but chalk it up to a stellar performance by the actor who makes you love to hate him...and hate to love him.

That is precisely the feeling most people got when watching Denis O'Hare portray Russell Edgington on True Blood.

He was truly evil to his core and made Eric Northman's rage look like he was having a mild temper tantrum.

He played the main antagonist in the third and fifth seasons of True Blood and his deviousness and lack of sanity contributed to many terrible situations for our favorite characters. He is known to not only be possibly the oldest and most powerful vampire in existence...but also the craziest. And for good reason.

Denis O'Hare is probably the only person I could ever picture in that role, now, and it is simply because he was so entrancing in his performance of Russell, that I could never see anyone else as Mr. Edgington.

Since his character met the final death in season 5, Denis O'Hare has been a part of many notable projects, including Dallas Buyers Club, American Horror Story, This Is Us, and The Good Wife. It is good to see he is putting his extreme talent to good use.

13 Arlene’s Claws Are Out

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One of the few characters on the show to rarely get sucked into the supernatural elements of the new vampire world is Arlene Fowler (later Bellefleur). She did, however, have very little luck with relationships. Her first four marriages ended in disaster, she dated a man who turned out to be a life-taking criminal - more on that later - and then her one true love ended up meeting his end in the sixth season.

So to say the woman has been through a lot would be the understatement of the year. But her sassy personality and love for her children seemed to always push her forward and caused her to never give up.

Which is why even when she was considered a "fairweather" friend, we still couldn't help but love Arlene.

The actress who played Arlene is Carrie Preston, and she has been in many television shows and movies both before and after True Blood that you are sure to remember.

After her time as Arlene came to a close, she had guest-starring roles in Grace and Frankie and The Good Fight. But now, she also has a starring role in the dramedy series, Claws, which is about five women who work in a Florida nail salon and the life of crime they each have taken on.

It may be a serious departure from Arlene Fowler, but I'm sure Carrie Preston plays the part equally as well as she did her True Blood character.

12 Actor Turned Comic Creator

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Steve Newlin was an anti-vampire advocate, much like his father, Theodore Newlin. After his father passed away, Steve aimed to carry on his work and did so as the lead of The Fellowship Of The Sun. He was equally as annoying as his wife, Sarah Newlin, but eventually became quite entertaining when he was turned into a vampire himself in the fifth season.

Yes, the anti-vampire fanatic became a vampire, which is the most ironic thing to have happened on True Blood.

He seemed to acclimate to his new "life" well, though, and even though he still sees himself as being religious, he now relishes being undead and all that comes with it...mostly.

We also find out later that part of why his relationship with Sarah didn't work out was because he was gay, and also very much attracted to Jason Stackhouse.

The actor who played Steve Newlin was Michael McMillian and he made Steve into both a fan favorite as well as a character some despised, which is quite the feat.

Michael has been busy since his time on True Blood, and not just with acting. Yes, he has had a guest-starring arc in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and appeared on NCIS: Los Angeles, but he also has created his own comic book series.

It is a magic-themed comic book titled Lucid. And he also was a co-writer of the second True Blood comic book series.

So it seems that he is a man of many talents and is very busy putting them to work.

11 Poor Terry Bellefleur

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Oh, where to start with Terry Bellefleur? He was the misunderstood Marine Corps veteran who had PTSD all throughout his time on True Blood. Because of this, many Bon Temps residents thought he was crazy when in reality he just suffered from a real disorder and a guilty conscience for what he did while he was serving.

While most viewed him as awkward, blunt, and odd, the people in his life he cared for knew how he was truly a hardworking and honest man who was loyal and loving to those who mattered to him.

No one knew that better than Arlene Fowler, who later becomes his wife. Unfortunately, Terry lost his life due to not being able to live with the fact he ended the life of a fellow former Marine, Patrick Devins.

The actor who played Terry Bellefleur is Todd Lowe, and he did so with an honesty that isn't easily duplicated.

Todd had been in Gilmore Girls previously as Zack van Gerbig, and after True Blood ended, he reprised that role when Netflix revived Gilmore Girls for one season.

He has been in other projects, but it will always be hard to see him as anything other than the beloved Terry Bellefleur who could never catch a break.

10 Witchy Waitress

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Holly Cleary first arrived in Bon Temps, specifically Merlotte's Bar & Grill, in season three, when she was applying to be a waitress. We quickly learn that she is a devout Wiccan, and is actually the first witch to appear on True Blood. Later, we see just how powerful of a witch she is, both when trying to assist Arlene with performing a ritual and when she created a mystical barrier at a pivotal moment during the series.

Her character is very level-headed, loving, and supportive when it comes to those around her.

Later on in the series, she becomes involved with local Sheriff, Andy Bellefleur, who is indeed the cousin of Terry Bellefleur.

Lauren Bowles is the actress who played Holly and has been in several major television shows in guest-starring roles. In the 90's, she appeared on Seinfeld a number of times, in fact. And lately, she has had parts in both Veep and Modern Family.

It is quite evident that she is a great actress who will continue to work in Hollywood for years to come, but my personal favorite performance of her's will always be her portrayal of Holly Cleary on True Blood.

Plus, her character was the coolest witch to ever be on True Blood.

9 A Character Gone Too Soon

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Kevin Alejandro played the longtime boyfriend of Lafayette Reynolds, Jesus Velasquez. Now, Lafayette was a fan favorite since day one and had some of the wittiest one-liners of anyone on the show. Lafayette was played by Nelsan Ellis (who unfortunately passed in 2017) all throughout the series' seven seasons. Lafayette was actually a cook at Merlotte's and was also a medium.

Lafayette met Jesus because Jesus was the nurse at Lafayette's mother's nursing home. They soon became involved, and Jesus actually ended up teaching Lafayette about witchcraft, magic, and mediumship because he was a Brujo and saw that Lafayette had great power.

Kevin Alejandro and Nelsan Ellis made you become heavily invested in the relationship between their character's on the show seemingly effortlessly, so it was hard for many fans when Jesus met his end at the end of season four.

Kevin has had recurring roles in many shows since his True Blood days, including Arrow, Grey's Anatomy, The Returned and Lucifer.

Clearly, he is still a busy, hard-working actor, but ever since we last saw him as a ghostly Jesus in season five of True Blood, I wished that he had been able to be on the show just a bit longer. What a shame that was.

8 Baby Vamp’s Boyfriend

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When we first were introduced to Hoyt Fortenberry in the series premiere of True Blood, he came across as a small-town guy who was generally good-natured. Even Sookie Stackhouse, who can read minds remarks that his thoughts are consistently kind and broad-minded. While all of that was true and stayed that way for pretty much the entire time he was on the show, he eventually became a much more emotional and dimensional character. Especially when he met and fell in love with the young vampire, Jessica Hamby.

He had always been accepting of vampires and progressive in general, mind you.

But his relationship with Jessica only furthered that trait of his.

Jim Parrack is the actor who played Hoyt Fortenberry in the first five seasons, and then again in the seventh season. He truly made you feel for his character when he and Jessica were having problems, and subsequently broke up. Particularly because we were all rooting for them to make it. (Spoiler alert: they eventually did make it...and even got married in the finale.)

But since then, he has still been a busy man. He has had roles in Suicide Squad and Fury, but he is currently on Broadway in the production of Of Mice And Men. Seems Hoyt, er, I mean Jim, has done quite well for himself.

7 Janice Is A Mean Girl

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Lizzy Caplan will probably always be first and foremost known for her role in Mean Girls, as Janice Ian, Cady Heron's friend-turned enemy-turned friend again. She was not, however, the "mean girl" in the movie. But her guest-starring role in True Blood would tell a different story.

She mostly appeared in the first season as Amy Burley, and only appeared later in flashbacks, but she made her time on the show count, that's for sure. She met Jason Stackhouse in Fangtasia in Shreveport, Louisiana while Jason was looking for V, which is basically an illegal substance in the True Blood universe because the human users are literally ingesting vampire blood to have an altered state of mind.

She and Jason become involved, but then later become addicted to V...which unfortunately, leads to Amy's demise. But to be fair, aside from Amy's addiction to V, she ended the life of a vampire after kidnapping him for his blood for no reason at all. So maybe she wasn't the best person for Jason in general...but it's still unfortunate for him that her life ended tragically.

Since Lizzy was on True Blood, she has been in numerous films and television shows, and most recently has been in The Disaster Artist and is rumored to be in the upcoming film Gambit. I would say she is definitely one of the more successful guest stars that were on True Blood.

6 The Never-Aging Andy Bellefleur

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Chris Bauer, who is the actor who portrayed Andy Bellefleur in all seven seasons of True Blood, has had a long career in Hollywood. But one of his most notable roles is and always will be his role in True Blood.

Andy may be the Sheriff in Bon Temps, but he, unfortunately, does not always get much respect, particularly after his false arrest of Jason Stackhouse in the first season for a series of crimes. But he is still a competent police officer, even if he does not always go about solving cases in the most responsible of ways.

As time goes on, he becomes involved with Holly Cleary, the newest waitress at Merlotte's Bar & Grill, and even became a father down the road at the end of season five...and in very unusual circumstances.

We may always see Chris Bauer as Andy Bellefleur but he has been in many other projects, and recently he guest-starred in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family, and even had a recurring role in American Crime Story as Detective Tom Lange.

He may not be the lovable idiot Sheriff Andy Bellefleur any longer, but at least we have his new projects to look forward to. Plus, he still looks exactly the same as he did as Andy all those years ago.

5 Eric Northman’s Number One Fan

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Ginger was not only a fan favorite on True Blood but also one of the most hilarious background characters the show ever had. Ginger worked at Fangtasia as a waitress, though the idea for Fangtasia was originally her's as shown in a flashback. Pam had glamoured her so she could not remember it had been her idea, that way she could take credit, you see.

Ginger was known for her high-pitched screams at any and every odd situation that occurred in her presence.  

But she was also extremely loyal to Eric. That may have been because she was obsessed with him, but it was still an endearing quality of her's.

Tara Buck is the actress behind the hilarious character of Ginger and made her into being a fan favorite with her excellent performance of the aspiring "fangbanger" as the series liked to call the vampire groupies.

Tara was able to make Ginger likable and annoying all at the same time, but ultimately her likeability factor would always win out amongst fans.

Since True Blood, Tara has been in a number of roles but had a recurring role on Ray Donovan for some time. While I'm sure we are all thrilled to see she is taking on new projects, I will always have a hard time picturing her in any other role than Ginger.

4 Teen Heartthrob Turned Villain

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Scott Foley, up until recent years, was mostly known for his work on the teen drama, Felicity. It was about a college girl and her trials and tribulations as she navigated college life in New York City. Oh, and there was, of course, a love triangle between herself and two men, one of which was played by Scott Foley.

But he has taken on different projects since his days as a teen heartthrob, and one of those roles was a recurring guest-star role in True Blood's fifth season.

He first arrived at the end of season four as Terry's former platoon leader from his past Marine Corps days. But we later find out that there is a curse that was put on Terry and Patrick Devins (played by Foley) because of something they had done while in Iraq. The only way to break the curse was for one of them to perish, and when they could not get out of the curse, it came down to Patrick or Terry making it out alive.

Terry won that fight in the end, but not without repercussions.

Scott Foley has done plenty of notable work since his role on True Blood, including a long-time starring role on Scandal, up until it ended this year. And I am positive that will not be the last we see of him.

3 From Saving Lives To Taking Lives

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Christopher Meloni has been in the film and television industry for some time and has long been known for his role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Elliot Stabler. And while he may be well-known for that role, as well as several others, his role in True Blood's fifth season was a pivotal one, to say the least.

He played Roman Zimojic, a 500-year old vampire leader of the Vampire Authority. He was also responsible for what is known in the True Blood Universe as the Great Revelation - or the day that vampires made themselves known to the world and "came out of the coffin".

His character was mostly calm and wanted peace amongst humans and vampires, which is why he was a great part in creating Tru Blood so there would be no wars between the two species. But if anyone ever crossed him, they would face dire consequences.

He ultimately was going to be the end of Russell Edgington until the device that was supposed to execute Russell malfunctioned and he ended Roman instead.

His time on the show may have been short-lived but it was quite memorable, that is for certain. Plus, Christopher Meloni has been in a number of projects since True Blood, showing what a versatile actor he truly is.

2 Big Bang Theory Meets True Blood

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Melissa Rauch is quite famous for her role on The Big Bang Theory as Bernadette Rostenkowski. Because of that, not many people know she once had a recurring guest role on True Blood as Summer, a woman very much infatuated with Hoyt Fortenberry.

During a period of time in season three, Hoyt and Jessica were having problems and take some time apart, and because Hoyt knows Summer is interested in him, he uses her to make Jessica jealous.

Things never go far with them at all, much to Summer's dismay.

And when he fully rejects her to get back together with Jessica, we learn that she had been in on a scheme with his mother, Maxine, to get Hoyt to be with her so he would no longer be involved with a vampire (i.e. Jessica).

This was because of Hoyt's mother's clear prejudice against vampires and her subsequently never liking Jessica.

Her role may not have been a part of the show for long, but it definitely was a role that stirred the pot and caused Jessica and Hoyt to get back together.

Melissa has since continued her role on the very successful Big Bang Theory and has also been a voice actor for several different television shows like Ant-Man and Batman And Harley Quinn.

1 A Memorable Villain

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Rene Lenier was the boyfriend of Arlene Fowler in season one of True Blood. He also turned out to be the main antagonist and life-taker in that same season. And even when the Bon Temps residents learned that his actual name was Drew Marshall, many still referred to him as Rene.

Rene - or Drew - was considered an ally and best friend to both Jason Stackhouse and Hoyt Fortenberry since they all worked together. But in actuality, he was responsible for several of the passings that had occurred in Bon Temps. He primarily went after women who were with vampires a.k.a. fangbangers. Which is why he tried to end the life of Sookie Stackhouse multiple times, though his identity wasn't revealed until the end of the season.

He was played by Michael Raymond-James who has been in several other roles. One of his most famous recurring roles was on Once Upon A Time as Neal Cassidy, a former love interest of Emma Swan's. He most recently has been in Frontier, the Jason Mamoa-fronted Netflix series. He also had a guest stint on the Lethal Weapon series.

He may have moved on from True Blood long ago, but he really knew how to sell how utterly creepy and evil Rene/Drew truly was.

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