TS4 Island Living: Cave Of Sulani Guide

The Island Living expansion pack which was recently released for the fourth installment in the Sims is a true game-changer. Before its release, many Sims fans were growing concerned at the bare nature of the previous packs that had been released for The Sims 4 and many fans were either returning to previous installments of the game or quitting the franchise entirely. But the recently released (June 2019) Island Living Expansion pack brought so much new content to the game that it reignited the love that many fans had for the series. One of the hallmarks of The Sims 4 has been secret locations and areas in each one of their neighborhoods. And for the new area of Sulani (which comes with the Island Living Expansion,) this new and exciting location is the Sulani cave.

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8 Look For The Waterfall

Where can one find the Sulani cave? This is both a simple and complex question. First, players must travel to the tropical island world of Sulani. Then players must locate the area within the world known as "Mua Pel'am." This area contains an active volcano, a beautiful waterfall, an unofficial mermaid grotto, and the Sulani cave itself.

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However, the cave can be rather difficult to locate on one's first try. The best trick to finding the cave is to travel to Mua Pel'am and then locate the waterfall. The cave should be just to the right of the waterfall.

7 Complete The Mural

Once one has located the entrance to the Sulani cave, one might notice that there is a large and incomplete mural at the mouth of said cave. It is important to note that Island Living is a game that emphasizes the importance of player action (an example of this being the fact that players who are kind to the environment with be rewarded with increasingly lush vegetation) and that continued visits to the cave (with the same sim) will lead to changes in the mural. The mural will slowly expand as the sim continues to visit and explore the cave.

6 Find The Mermaid Kelp

Players are excited to explore the lives of the new occult species which has been brought to the game: mermaids. Some players choose to begin their game with mermaids by creating them directly within the create a sim screen.

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While other players seek to experience the transformation from human to occult creature themselves and research ways in which to experience such things organically. The best way to become a mermaid in The Sims 4 is to acquire some mermaid kelp. This can be done in several ways but the best way to do so is to explore the Sulani Cave (which is home to many mystical creatures) and swipe a bit of kelp for oneself.

5 Find Buried Treasure

Some players have reported finding buried treasure both at the mouth of the cave (while beachcombing) and deep within the cave itself. There are several pieces of treasure which can be discovered on the many islands that make up Sulani and each bit of treasure emits a specific emotional aura that reflects the several core emotional states in which Sims can find themselves.

4 Return Often

Each exploration into the Sulani cave will be a unique experience for the adventurous sims who are committed to traveling to its darkest depths. Each visit to the depths of the cave will prompt a new experience and description of said event for the sim, expand the mural, and increase the chance of one's sim receiving an exciting reward or even treasure for their travels.

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Visiting this location as often as possible will maximize the potential of reward that each Sim could glean from their adventures.

3 Go To Work (Conservationists Only)

Conservationists are some of the most important Sims in Sulani for they have dedicated their lives to ensuring the welfare of every Sim, plant, and creature on the Islands that make up the tropical region of Sulani. The conservationists spend their days exploring the Sulani islands and making sure that they are doing everything they can to protect the environment by taking samples from the waterfall, local plants, cleaning up trash, and surveying the cave for any information they can gather that could help their conservationist efforts. For those in the conservation career, the Sulani cave and the surrounding areas are some of the best areas in all of Sulani for the field work needed to advance in this career.

2 Explore The Mermaid Grotto

On the opposite side of the island as the cave is a small area which fans have dubbed the Mermaids grotto as the creatures tend to frequent the area. There is no precise location so players will need to explore the island in-game for themselves, but the approximate location is opposite to the mouth of the cave.

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If a mortal Sim is seeking to befriend some mermaids or if an occult sim is searching for more of their own kind, then the mermaid grotto is the place to be. It is important to note that this is not an official location, rather an area which fans have named due to the frequency of mermaid NPCs appearing in this area.

1 Experience All Unique Interactions

Several unique events occur when one's Sim travels into the depths of the cave and there only way to experience every single unique interaction with the cave is to return often and spam the explore option. Events include mermaids, strange lights, and other cave-themed interactions. These interactions change as the Sims explorations become more frequent as each visit prompts a new event and could lead to a new emotional buff or two for the Sim in question. Though it is important to note that there may be some repeat interactions along the way. But that does not mean that all interactions were experienced by the player. Continue exploring until the mural and the cave is complete to unlock all of the secrets of the Sulani cave.

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