After Insane 11-Game Showdown, TSM Wins Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

It took 11 games and nearly seven hours, but X-Games gold medalists TSM walked away with the championship at the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational Finals in Kraków, Poland.

The trio is comprised of TSM_ImperialHal, TSM_Albralelie and TSM_Reps. Together, they beat out teams such as Rogue, NRG and Sentinels to earn the title as well as $105,000.

The tournament started on Friday, featuring 80 of the world's best Apex Legends teams and a prize pool of $500,000. A double-elimination format left only 20 teams left to battle royale in the Finals.

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Unlike the tournament's earlier brackets, which combined placements and kills for point totals over a set number of matches, the Finals consisted of a "match point" format. Teams first had to earn a total of 50 points, which they could earn from placements and from kills. Once each team hit that threshold, it had to win one game order to secure the championship.

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A dramatic scene unfolded when 11 teams reached the 50-point threshold over ten games.

TSM was one kill away from the championship in Match 8 but couldn't quite manage to pull it off from a low ground disadvantage in a final fight. Gamer's Origin (GO) took that win, qualifying them for match point.

Ultimately, TSM's championship-winning moment put them against GO again, along with MVP, which had yet to qualify. Working separately, TSM and MVP managed to knock out GO. But at that point, MVP had sustained heavy damage outside the circle. With TSM in the dominant position, TSM_Reps eliminated MVP's last-standing player for the win.

TSM's competitive roster is dominating Apex Legends esports. The team has thus far won the gold medal in the X-Games Apex Legends tournament as well as a recent Twitch Rivals title. TSM_ImperialHal also won a Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Solos competition.

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Earlier in the day, Albralelie tweeted that he'd woken up sick, making the win even more impressive.

There were other several surprises throughout the tournament. Russia's 789, a team comprised of unsigned players, impressed commentators with an early win in the series.

The only team in the Finals with a female player, 789 also won Finals Round 1. The three reached match point in the series but were unable to secure a top placement upon meeting the 50-point threshold.

There was a three-way tie for the Apex Predator award for most kills. NAVI team members Clawz and 9impulse and Wyvern's Selly shared the award, each earning 22 kills throughout the Finals. NAVI qualified for match point early but was unable to secure the win needed to bring home the gold.

The next major Apex Legends tournament event will take place during TwitchCon. Unlike the Poland tournament, that event will primarily host content creator players who are Twitch streamers.

Fans can watch replays and highlights on the Apex Legends Twitch channel.

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