TSM_ImperialHal Wins First-Ever Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Solos Tournament

TSM_ImperialHal defeated many top streamers and Apex Legends pros to take the win in the first Twitch Rivals Solos tournament.

Once again, TSM_ImperialHalproved a fierce Apex Legends competitor, stealing the show in the Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Solo Showdown. The event put 60 of the platform’s top FPS players against one another in a private lobby. ImperialHal, part of Team SoloMid's winning trio at ESPN’s recent X Games Apex Legends Invitational, proved himself a truly well-rounded competitive Apex player by earning the top spot based on game placements over the course of six games, as well as earning second place in total kills.

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For his efforts, he'll take home $15,800.

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ImperialHal was second only in kills to NRG_Aceu, who earned 25 kills throughout the six games to ImperialHal's 24. Only 14 players total managed to land 10 or more kills throughout the six games.

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The lineup included a variety of Twitch favorites including NRG_Dizzy, Shroud, and DrDisrespect. Many of the players, including Dizzy, ImperialHal, Aceu, and Rogue Huskers, are professional competitive Apex Legends players.

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Most of the competitors opted to play as Pathfinders and Wraiths, though there were a few rare Caustics, Bangalores, Lifelines, Mirages, and Gibraltars throughout the day. 

In spite of nearing the end of the game with only an R-99 and an Alternator with low-level attachments, Huskers, who also played in the Apex Legends X Games Invitational, took the first game after winning a tactical fight against former Cloud9 pro GregoFPS as another player, Fedmyster, died to the storm.

The next game went to ImperialHal, who once proved unstoppable with the Mastiff as he did in the X Games tournament. In his final move of the game, he nailed his opponent with a finisher while the player was downed with a gold Knockdown shield, which grants the ability to self-revive.

Huskers then powered through what appeared to be certain death in game three, bouncing back to win in a showdown that saw him damage his opponent with a Wingman through a tiny floor crack in the deck of a house. He defeated sYnceDez to win the game.

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A memorable moment in game four saw Aceu eliminate a player that turned out to be his NRG teammate, Mohr.

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Upon earning the kill, in a moment of playful trolling, Aceu drilled more bullets into his teammate's death box while laughing. However, even with a solid kill streak, it wasn’t enough to secure top placement as Overpowered impressed the masses with a wholly unexpected Mozambique kill near the end of the game. He ended up winning as a remaining opponent died to the circle.

In the fifth game, Snip3down was having an excellent run when Nathanias trapped him in the bunker, demonstrating the true power of Caustic’s skill set. Fan favorite Dizzy, who is widely regarded as one of the game’s best players, took the win in that game after a showdown against rising star GuhRL, earning Dizzy a total of 11 kills that game.

ImperialHal won game six with a highly tactical Wraith maneuver, which involved portaling through the storm to buy time and confuse his opponent. An exceptional player, ImperialHal will be someone to continue to watch in the Apex Legends competitive scene. His X Games teammates TSM_Reps and TSM_Albralelie did not participate in this tournament.

Fans can catch the Twitch broadcast in its entirety here. Respawn Entertainment team has already announced the game's next major event, which will be the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, to be held in Poland in September.

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