Turn-Based Game Wargroove Getting PS4 Edition Early Next Week

Wargroove's blend of tactical turn-based warfare and charming pixel art is finally coming to the PlayStation 4.


Wargroove is finally coming to PlayStation 4 next week.

Do you like tactical turn-based war games? Do you wish that Nintendo never stopped making Advance Wars games? Do you want to play as a dog? Then Wargroove is the game for you, and starting next week you’ll even be able to play it on PlayStation 4.

Wargroove is brought to you by Chucklefish, the developer slash publisher that made 2016's sci-fi survival/builder Starbound and helped create the farming phenomenon Stardew Valley. Using their characteristic high-def pixel art style, they created a turn-based wargame with a 20-hour campaign and 15 different commanders each with their own unique story and abilities.

And one of them is a dog named Caesar. Don't ask how this dog somehow managed to achieve the rank of general, just know that he's a tactical genius with the full respect of the nation's warriors.

Speaking of nations, there are four in Wargroove’s fictional world: Cherrystone is peaceful and prosperous, Felhelm is full of vampires and zombies, the Floran Lands are full of Florans (which are a plant species originally from Starbound), and the Heavensong Empire is full of tinkerers and fantastic technology.

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Wargroove also has both local and online multiplayer, a mission, map, and campaign editor for you to make your own military campaigns complete with cutscenes, puzzle mode for figuring out how to win a game in a single turn, as well as arcade mode for a quick set of missions without any cutscenes to break up the action.

Originally released for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows PC back in February, the PlayStation 4 version is finally coming out next week thanks to the tireless work of Blitworks, who also helped Chucklefish with the Xbox One port. The PS4 version will sadly not have the full crossplay as all the other versions of the game, but it will be able to draw from the same library of user-created campaigns and missions.

Wargroove releases on PS4 next Tuesday, July 23rd. If you’re a fan of tactics games, or just want to see how good this dog general is, then Wargroove is your ticket.

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