How To Make The Most Of Turtwig Community Day Bonuses

Here are all the bonuses you'll get alongside Turtwig's Community Day spotlight this Sunday the 15th.

Turtwig, the grass-type starter of the Sinnoh Region, will be this month's star for Pokémon GO's community day. On September 15 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m (local time globally), Turtwig will appear more frequently in the wild and players will be able to obtain 3x catch stardust with their catches.

What's even more exciting is that players will have an increased opportunity to encounter a Shiny Turtwig, with the encounter ratio drastically falling from 450/1 to 25/1. Even if players fail to catch or encounter this elusive Pokémon, there are still plenty of other bonuses to look forward to.

Grotle that evolve into Torterra during the event or two hours following the event will learn Frenzy Plant. Additionally, lure modules will last up to three hours during the event, greatly increasing players' prospects of encountering a Shiny Turtwig or evolving their Grotle. Or perhaps even evolving a Shiny Turtwig into a Shiny Torterra.

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Players on Reddit have expressed their satisfaction towards the extended opportunity to evolve their Grotle, citing that it's an ideal timeframe for them to evolve their Pokémon. The announcement of Torterra's special move has been less warmly received, with players believing that Torterra would be better off with a move other than Frenzy Plant.

Regardless, the upcoming Community Day appears to offer more promises than disappointments. The increased timeframe for players to evolve their Grotle will give players the opportunity to evolve their Grotle without worrying about their phone battery dying or real-world obligations.

The first Community Day was held on January 20, 2018, with Pikachu as its featured Pokémon. Since then, Community Day has become a holiday of sorts for the Pokémon GO community, who see it as an opportunity to take advantage of otherwise inaccessible bonuses and mingle with fellow Pokémon GO players. Nevertheless, Community Day hasn't been without its controversies, such as the change in the event's run time that was met with criticism from school-aged players.

Community Day will run from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 P.M local time on September 15.

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