TV Azteca Has Big Plans For Gears 5 Esports In Latin America

TV Azteca, the second largest media company in Mexico, is giving lots of screentime to Gears 5 Pro League throughout November.

TV Azteca, which is the second largest media company in Mexico and broadcasts to 13 Latin American countries has just announced that it will broadcast Gears 5 Pro League games to its sizable audience. This is part of its ongoing partnership with Allied Esports.

Gears 5 Pro League, which begins this month, will be played in four groups in three regions: two in the U.S.A., one in Europe, and one in Latin America. TV Azteca will air all of the Latin American regional games starting on October 28. This will lead up to a live broadcast of the region's finale match on November 25, 2019 which will take place at TV Azteca Studios in Mexico City. Pro League will culminate in a World Championship in July 2020.

Both the decision for Gears 5 Pro League to include a Latin American regional group, and TV Azteca to broadcast Gears 5 games are due to the huge popularity of the game in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Mexico, for example, has one of the highest number of pro Gears players in the world.

In the past, TV Azteca has broadcast a number of other esports events. These include airing the Fortnite World Cup, that reached an audience comparable to TV Azteca's broadcast the Super Bowl; an original PUBG tournament called "Nation vs. Nation," pitting 40 U.S.A. players against 40 Mexico players; and a Smash Ultimate tournament, titled "Glory Road," which featured over 60 Smash players and was watched by over an estimated seven million viewers.

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This is all leading up to plans by TV Azteca and Allied Esports to run a digital Azteca Esports channel dedicated both to esports and general video game culture, that will air for 24 hours a day.

Rodolfo Ramírez, who is the head of Azteca Deportes, the network's sports division, believes that Gears 5 will be an integral part of TV Azteca's esports programming moving forward. This in turn will likely become a significant part of TV Azteca's general sporting broadcasts as esports become more and more mainstream. Ultimately, Azteca Esports aims to be a platform for a wide variety of games and esports, and hopes that its Gears 5 content will be part of its path to this eventual goal.

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