Twitch Announces New All-In-One Streaming App

The number one streaming platform for games has revealed a new studio app meant to make it easier for anyone to stream.

The new app, called Twitch Studio, is a streaming program similar to Open Broadcaster Software(OBS) or Xsplit. Unlike those two programs, Twitch Studio is meant for use only with Twitch and is designed specifically for inexperienced streamers. According to a FAQ about the new app posted by Twitch the new Studio app will be customizable and allow for streamers to interact with their audiences. An invite only Beta for Twitch Studio is currently underway for those interested in trying out the new app.


But why is Twitch building this Studio now?

According to the FAQ:

“We know a lot of people want to stream but fail to start because it can be complicated. Twitch Studio improves the experience for new streamers by making it easier to get started, with guidance on how to setup your first stream.”

Since its founding in 2011, Twitch has grown to become the leading live streaming platform on the internet with 2.2 million daily broadcasters and 15 million viewers Twitch is by far the most popular streaming platform around, but recently competitors like YouTube Live, Facebook Video and Mixer have begun challenging them from the margins. Just last week top Twitch streamer Ninja announced that he’d signed an exclusive contract with Mixer. Only five days after this switch Ninja’s Mixer channel reached 1 million subscribers. Despite this, Twitch is still by far the biggest streaming platform with 72% of the over 3 billion total hours of viewership happening on Twitch compared to 19% on Youtube, 5% on Facebook and 3% on Mixer.

With this new app Twitch may be revealing their long term strategy to keep ahead of the competition by making their viewers into broadcasters. According to the FAQ for the new app, Twitch Studio will not compete with existing streaming apps in terms of total features. For veteran streamers this makes the new app less than ideal but for rookie broadcasters a streamlined set up is a major selling point. Anyone who has attempted to set up a stream in OBS or Xsplit for the first time is familiar with just how fiddly getting those programs can be.

So who’s going to sign up for this Beta?

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