Twitch Controversy Explodes Between Streamer And Obsessed Fan, Someone's Making Fake Receipts

A Twitch streamer called out one of her top supporters Tuesday for acting creepy and possessive, only for said donor to leak a series of text messages indicating the two have a very, very different relationship.

The streamer, B00blesxd, addressed the viewer indirectly on her stream, accusing him of "thinking he is entitled to s***" based on comments made to her after her appearance on the popular Twitch show The Rajjchelor. Soon after, dozens of texts and Discord messages leaked that represented B00blesxd as a major manipulator, leading the donor on with promises of a relationship if he would loan her money. On Twitter, B00blesxd shared DMs from the donor apologizing for creating the fake messages, but it is unclear whether this admission of guilt is itself a fake as the donor himself has not come forward. It's all rather messy and confusing, and further details are sure to develop as time goes on.

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This all began Tuesday after an episode of the popular web-celeb dating show The Rajjchelor that featured B00blesxd. B00bles was her usual irreverent self, but apparently, according to B00bles, her top donor had a problem with the way she acted on the show.

In the clip, a fired up B00bles claims to be reading messages from "a top donor", later revealed to be a viewer named Disruptedorder. B00bles reads "The slut s*** is unattractive, the cocaine s*** is unattractive, your attitude is s***, you need to grow the f*** up."

The clip made it to Reddit, where Disruptedorder himself commented with links to a series of text messages, saying "Majority of the money was a loan that she decided she didn't want to pay back when i said i didn't want to be with her."

The texts show a history of B00bles manipulating Disruptedorder by asking for money for medical treatment, promising to pay him back, and telling him she wants to be in a relationship with him.

B00bles denied that any of these messages are true on her Twitter, but today another Reddit post, titled "The Truth about Boobles top donator" links to dozens of text that tell the same story: Disruptedorder loaned her money time after time on the promise that they would one day be together. It's a difficult read, but highlights an issue that is all too common today on Twitch: viewers donating absurd amounts of money to female streamers because they believe it will be the basis for a real life relationship.

The story doesn't end there: B00bles posted a screen shot and video on her Twitter today that appears to be a message from Disruptedorder confessing to fabricating the messages in order to save face. Disruptedorder hasn't updated Reddit, any many believe this admission is itself a fake post using an inspect element edit, or simply manipulating him into a false confession.

Finally, there is an update on the "Truth" reddit post explaining that Disruptedorder felt pressured to lie and say he created to text so he wouldn't hurt B00bles career. It's very difficult to know what to believe at this point, but it's a very sad story that unfortunately is all to common on Twitch.

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