Twitch Banned These Korean Supermodels, But They'll Be Back

A group of Korean super models have each had their Twitch channel banned after participating in NSFW Pool-side stream. The models, which go by ‘sooflower’, ‘addielyn9’, ‘chobiman0125’ and ‘damicos’, have received individual 72 hour bans after the stream became the number one watched channel on the Just Chatting section of Twitch Saturday.

During the stream, the four models stripped down to bikinis and played together in a shallow pool, posing suggestively while they interacted with chat. At one point several of the girls got behind a glass window in the pool and pressed their bodies up against it for the camera.

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The stream went viral after an hour or so, peaking at nearly 30,000 viewers and became the top stream on Just Chatting. Once the stream ended, which was hosted on Sooflower's channel, Twitch issued the customary slap on the wrist 72 hour ban that they've come to known for when streamers blatantly disregard the content guidelines on their channel.

Twitch watch dog Slasher tweeted a screenshot of Sooflower's instagram after the ban, which explained that their suspension would only last 3 days. She thanked all of the viewers who helped make it the #1 stream on Just Chatting and promised they would be back on Twitch in a few days.

Pornography getting past the Twitch censors (if there is such a thing) is becoming an almost daily occurrence. After the full blown Artifact take-over earlier this year that saw hundreds of pornographic streams flood the site, adult content has continued to show up on the site on a regular basis. While no nudity or explicit content was shown during Sooflower's stream, they were certainly pushing the line of decency and propriety. The short ban further communicates that while Twitch is still going to take action against streams that break the rules, it isn't really that big of deal.

At a certain point, Twitch is either going to need to crack down on this stuff, or just open the flood gates and give viewers what they obviously wanted. Twitch still brands itself as "the world's leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love," but as IRL and Just Chatting grow in popularity, Twitch's identity is evolving. Whether they adapt remains to be seen, but if things continue on at this rate, no one is going to stick around to find out.

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