Twitch Bans Streamer Who Was Robbed And Beaten Before Last Stream

A streamer who went live after a home invasion attack has had his account banned by Twitch. Streamer RollzReezy went live earlier this week with dried blood caked on his face to tell his viewers about being attacked and robbed in his home.

Twitch bans are never detailed unless correspondence is leaked by the affected streamer, and even then the reason for the ban is often vague and undefined. In this case, it seems likely that streaming while covered in blood violates Twitch's TOS policy, but RollzReezy has not made a public statement online.

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The stream, which lasted for several hours, was RollzReezy's first stream in several weeks. Despite only having a few dozen followers, the stream got a lot of attention on Reddit as RollzReezy explained that intruders broke into his house, beat him, and robbed him. RollzReezy admitted to being a drug dealer on stream, and explained that the intruders came looking for drugs to steal. Here is a link to the clip, which we have decided not to embed as it depicts a degree of gore that some readers might be uncomfortable with, click through at your own discretion.

Whether that has anything to do with the Twitch ban is unknown, but the timing of the story has caused it to gain traction with the recent #Twitchoverparty movement on Twitter, which was started by provocateur and self-appointed Twitch watchdog Keemstar earlier this week.

Keem believes RollzReezy's channel was banned due to his use of the n-word on a stream, which would better fit the anti-Twitch moderation narrative. Recently, cat-throwing streamer Alinity said what sounds suspiciously like the N-word on stream, though she has denied saying it on Twitter. Alinity has become a focal point in the #Twitchoverparty movement and, if RollzReezy was in fact banned for using the slur, has the potential to add a lot of fuel to the already blazing Twitch fire.

RollzReezy eventually cleaned the blood off of his face and continued to stream for another hour. His channel was deleted later that day. We've reached out to RollzReezy on Twitter for comment, but he apparently has not been active on his Twitter since March. This story will be update if/when RollzReezy makes a comment on the situation.

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