Bridgett Is Back On Twitch, Still Confused About Why She Was Banned

Bridgett Devoue, known simply as "Bridgett" on Twitch, has returned to the streaming platform following a short, three-day ban. The frustration over Twitch's new reputation for banning streamers over "sexually suggestive" content is beginning to boil over. Regardless, Bridgett seems as determined as ever to continue on as her usual self, even poking fun at the entire situation with a recent tweet.

She kicked off her first stream back after the suspension with a comical introduction, immediately stating, "it's tough out here for an egirl." She was also donning a hoodie to poke fun at her new, "modest" approach to streaming (despite immediately removing it after the stream began).

Although Bridgett was joking about the situation, clearly glad to be back, the confusion surrounding her ban was nonetheless prevalent throughout the stream.

While answering viewer questions, she explained that someone in chat referencing "jerking off" was timed out because she got banned. Bridgett stated the reasoning in a matter-of-fact manner, but seemed quite upset at one of her moderators for timing out another viewer for asking about her bra size. It is easy to understand how moderators for her channel might be on edge, especially considering the recent drama that led to the initial ban (supposedly her chat was being too inappropriate at the time).

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Curiously enough, Bridgett grew her initial Twitch following through notoriety in World of Warcraft – she was known as the world's #1 PvE Priest (a title that is still boasted in her channel description). Somewhere down the road, she took a hiatus from the game and underwent a "rebranding" of sorts, transforming her channel's image and content. Her regular appearances on Rajj Patel's drama-centric shows have also helped Bridgett steadily grow her audience. Nothing, however, compares to the explosive growth she experienced as a result of her recent ban.

As of late, Bridgett has been known for her risque outfits and NSFW conversational topics. With so much uncertainty surrounding the interpretation of Twitch's guidelines for its partners, things may be tough for her if she plans to continue with her normal antics. Either way, it will certainly be interesting to see how this affects Bridgett's overall streaming presence – will she be able to meet Twitch's expectations or end up with another ban?

Source: Twitter

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