Twitch Streamer Perma Banned Due To "Suggestive" Clothing After Being Harassed

Twitch streamer Exohydrax was recently subjected to racial abuse on the platform, which led to an investigation that has seen her banned indefinitely from the service. According to her statement, the reason they gave was "sexually suggestive content."

During a YouTube stream shortly after her ban, Exo discusses the incident, stating that she's found some other people in similar situations who have been able to reclaim their channels but were only able to do this after a rebranding.

For example, Velvet_7 was banned from Twitch for wearing what the platform deemed to be "suggestive cosplay." She has since successfully appealed the ban and is now back to streaming again.

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On her channel, Exo plays games and does some IRL streaming, which includes dancing. Though she originally thought that she was complying with Twitch's dress code and guidelines, it appears that the service believes she was in violation.

“They say that they want streamers to wear outfits to be mall friendly, in which case I am comfortable wearing cleavage and a romper at the mall, but then I get banned for wearing cleavage and a romper, so... how does this work?" she said in a statement made to Kotaku.

Exo is a naturally curvy woman with a larger than average chest and she is very aware that this makes certain outfits she wears look more suggestive. She explains, “I also think it does depend on who’s wearing [the clothes.] Two girls with two completely different bodies but with the same shirt would get treated completely different.”

This certainly appears to be the case, as there are numerous other streamers who regularly stream in clothing that reveals their cleavage.

One of the most concerning things about the ban is that it was instigated after her channel of just a few thousand followers was mass-reported by racist trolls. Since she lost control of the situation, she was reported.

It also seems like Twitch's policies and how it implements them is getting more and more erratic. While smaller streamers like Exo and Velvet_7 are being banned, more high profile figures, such as Allinity, are continuing to break rules without and repercussions.

Twitch's team needs some proper guidelines and more consistency, and fast. While many complained about the restrictive Mixer dress code, at least this means that streamers on Mix know exactly where they stand, unlike those who stream on Twitch.

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