Twitch Experienced A Turbulent August – Check Out The Craziest Highlights

Coming off an incredibly hectic month of July, the drama didn’t slow down even a little bit for Twitch and its streamers through the month of August. From Ninja announcing his abrupt departure from the platform, to the tidal wave of viewers that hit for World of Warcraft Classic’s launch, Twitch encountered some pretty intense highs and lows.

This summer has been packed with chaos surrounding streamers – keeping up isn’t easy. Consider this your guide to the most notable happenings on Twitch for the month of August.

Ninja Leaves Twitch For Mixer And Plenty Of Drama Follows

To kick things off, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced on his Twitter on August 1st that he would be exclusively streaming on Mixer, leaving Twitch. This came as a shocker to most, as Ninja was the leading streamer in follows and subscriptions on the platform – by far.

Speculation about his reasoning ranged from potential dissatisfaction with Twitch staff and policy, to not being able to keep up with the fast-growing Tfue, to the large amount of money Mixer likely offered the streaming superstar. Ninja himself has stated that while he can’t disclose the specifics, the motivation was not money, but rather related to the longevity of his brand.

Via twitter.com/RYANHADJI

This may prove to be absolutely true considering Twitch’s misstep that followed soon after Ninja’s announcement, allowing a slew of other channels to display on Ninja’s inactive profile, including a porn account.

Instant backlash had Twitch scrambling to remove the profile, claiming that they were “experimenting with showing recommended content across Twitch, including on streamer’s pages that are offline.” Twitch DEO Emmett Shear did apologize to Ninja and take full responsibility – a good way to handle the mistake, though it is unfortunate considering the timing.

Currently, Ninja has gathered over 2 million subscribers on Mixer along with a partnership with Adidas; so far, it looks like the platform switch hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

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Epic Releases Overpowered Mechs, Frustrating Streamers And Players

Season 10 of Fortnite arrived and along with it – the controversial “B.R.U.T.E.” mech. These mechs quickly built up a reputation as overpowered killing machines. This effect is, to some degree, by design, as Epic sought a way to help players of any skill level find a way to win.

Via polygon.com

Consequently, Twitch streamers displayed the frustration felt by the BRUTE’s in-game impact. Tfue lost his marbles and cussed out Epic for adding them into the game, CouRageJD raged during the Twitch Rivals Tournament and bowed out of the event, and SypherPK joked that they would continue to nerf the mech until its eventual removal.

Both hilariously and sadly, TimTheTatman demonstrated the lack of skill required to use the mech by eliminating three players with his monitor turned off. If you missed the moment on his stream, check it out here.

Currently, the mechs are “temporarily” disabled from the game, supposedly due to a problem with the stomping ability – a decision that has been widely praised.

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The Aftermath Of Twitch Streamers And Their Alleged Animal Abuse

Last month, Alinity caused an uproar when she tossed her cat over her shoulders during a livestream. Many took up arms about Twitch’s hypocrisy, claiming the platform is more lenient on popular female streamers and that she should be suspended. The drama has not died down this month, with viewers finding more evidence to suggest Alinity is abusive towards her pets.

Via dexerto.com

These events on Twitch have seemly led to heightened sensitivity to the way internet personalities are treating animals. Streamers and content creators across Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram have been called out this month for abusive acts towards their pets and other animals.

Twitch seems to continually find themselves in increasingly difficult positions when it comes to bans, suspensions, and maintaining consistency when enforcing their community guidelines. How they choose to handle these situations will be crucial, considering they will serve as benchmarks for any future issues that arise from their streamers.

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Pewdiepie Gets Married, Hits 100 Million Subscribers On YouTube, And Embraces Minecraft

Although not the most relevant to Twitch anymore (considering his switch to streaming on DLive over Twitch), Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has had quite a big month.

Pewds finally married his long-term girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin, in a private ceremony held at the Kew Gardens in London. To make things even sweeter, on August 24th, only four days after the wedding, he hit the 100 million subscriber mark on YouTube.

Via unilad.co.uk

It’s a great time for PewDiePie. He rarely deviates from his gaming and meme-centered content, but recently testified in a heartfelt video how happy he has been. He stated his thankfulness for his fans and for Marzia, stressing his contentment with simply making Minecraft videos throughout the foreseeable future. As for Twitch, it seems unlikely that Pewds will make a return to platform, currently satisfied with releasing content on just YouTube and Dlive.

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Twitch Receives An Influx Of Viewers For The Launch Of World Of Warcraft Classic

Perhaps the best news for Twitch this month was the release of World of Warcraft Classic, summoning a massive wave of viewers to the platform. Top WoW streamers Asmongold and Sodapoppin both remain loyal to streaming on Twitch and entertained well over 200,000 viewers between the two; the whole launch brought over one million viewers to the platform at one point.

Via twitch.tv/asmongold

The opening night was not without its hitches, as Asmongold (maintaining the top spot in the WoW category by a longshot), was booted from the server with around 150,000 people watching. This was particularly frustrating for the streamer, as the wait time to get back into the action was anywhere between 2 to 8 hours.

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Tfue Passes Up Shroud And Takes The Number One Spot On Twitch... For Now

Although Ninja has technically retained over 14 million followers on his inactive Twitch profile, his departure left Shroud at the top with his audience of around 6.8 million followers. Shroud’s reign was short-lived however, as Fortnite streamer Tfue overtook him on August 27th – a lead he still maintains by around 20,000 followers.

Via hyperxgaming.com/dotesports.com

Tfue remains loyal to Fortnite, while Shroud has been mixing things up with World of Warcraft Classic for the time being. Both are still enjoying channel growth regardless, and it remains anyone’s game to hold onto the top spot on the platform.

Twitch’s summer has been a wild ride so far, and the company has had its share of difficult problems to deal with. They have done a decent job keeping themselves afloat and have stayed strong through controversy by remaining determined to improve on mistakes, but will have to find a way to continue to stay relevant without their superstar on the platform anymore.

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