Twitch Had An Insane July - Here's Every Weird Thing That Went Down

There was an absurd amount of drama on Twitch in July, from cat throwing to breastfeeding, reckless driving, and even some drama from Twitch staff.

There was an absurd amount of drama on Twitch this month, from cat throwing to breastfeeding, reckless driving, and even some drama from Twitch staff. There were plenty of high-level suspensions. While some have since been reversed, others never happened at all despite petitions with almost 50,000 signatures.

Crazy things are happening on Twitch and in the world of e-celebrities every day. In case there was something you missed: here's a rundown of everything weird, confusing, and controversial that happened on Twitch in the month of July.

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Boogie2988 Would Really Like Us To Buy Him A Tesla

Streamer Boogie2988, known for his raw and unfiltered approach to streaming, had a bout of buyer's remorse this month after putting down a deposit on a $90,000 Tesla. Fearing he wouldn't be able to afford the car, Boogie tweeted about the purchase and lamented his financial ruin on stream.

Many took this as an attempt to guilt his audience into paying for his car and Boogie, not one to fold under the force of an angry mob, doubled down on the groveling as if it was some kind of bit all along. After several days of "I'm joking, but seriously," Boogie2988 announced that he would be doing a charity stream. After backing out of it several times, he eventually did raise some money for the charity To Write Love On Her Arms. However, at that point, it was kind of too late.

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Reckless Driving Got Out Of Control

While driving and streaming, Twitch requires streamers to obey all traffic laws. This means no interacting with chat, keeping your hands on the wheel, and driving safely. Dangerous driving while streaming got so out of control this month that Twitch had to suspend five different streamers in the same week.

Some of the worst offenders, streamers Bri and Katie Teresi, were temporarily suspended on July 10th when Bri was eating a bucket of ice cream, moving her camera around, and driving with her knees while looking everywhere but the road. Twitch has started acting quickly in these circumstances, sometimes too quickly in fact. Streamer Hasan was banned, and then pretty immediately unbanned, for looking at his phone while he was pulled over.

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 B00blesxd Has A Falling Out With Her Biggest Fan

This one was pretty complicated and there still isn't a clear story of what exactly happened. Streamer B00blexd appeared on The Rajjchelor and said some rather unladylike things, according to her biggest donator. B00bles called the guy out on her stream for being possessive and the fan reacted by leaking dozens of text and Discord messages on Reddit that paint B00bles as a manipulative sociopath who has spent months convincing this fan she wanted to be together so she could get money from him.

The fan donated almost $12,000 to B00bles, which he wrote on Reddit was actually a loan. B00bles tweeted what appears to be a screenshot of a DM between her and the fan in which he admits to faking the messages, but there's been a lot of doubt about the legitimacy of that screenshot. This week, B00bles has finally been tweeting about the situation, and while she is no longer claiming the messages are fake, she says there is a lot more to the story that will soon be explained.

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Alinity Throws Her Cat, The Internet Explodes

The talk of the town this month was all about Twitch's inconsistent treatment of streamers on the platform and their apparent bias for attractive women. Alinity became the center of that discussion and the prime example of bias among Twitch staff when she tossed her cat Milo behind her head when he walked in front of her screen.

via Bleeding Cool

An older clip of Alinity swigging vodka and kissing her cat then surfaced, and for the next week, Twitter and Reddit raised hell to try to get her banned. Alinity was not punished, and in fact, was cleared by the Saskatoon SPCA, which visited her home and inspected her pets. Despite this, the story has only served to contribute to the narrative on Twitter and Reddit that Alinity is immune from repercussions on Twitch because she is an attractive woman and Twitch staff either wants to or is sleeping with her. Now, every time someone gets in trouble on Twitch, someone digs up a clip of Alinity doing something vaguely similar and the hate train leaves the station all over again.

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CraigSetupShop Gets A Heinous Email From Twitch

Twitch has a real problem with fake streamers right now. People who stream infrequently and have no activity in chat yet rake in thousands of prime subs even when offline are flooding the service. One individual that fits that description is Craig Williams, an iRacing setup creator that provides access to his content to subscribers of his infrequently used Twitch channel. Twitch banned his channel without explanation and when he reached out to them, he received the most unprofessional email of all time.

Williams was understandably shocked and posted the email on Twitter. That same day Williams got his channel back and will finally be getting paid by Twitch for all his subs, no one apologized for or explained the email, however.

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XQC Was Banned For Watching Porn And Breastfeeding Streamer Gets Video Taken Down

Overwatch Pro XQC was banned yesterday for watching a porn video that had been edited to not reveal any nudity. A spiteful viewer went through the video frame by frame until they found a split second in which a fraction of a penis can be seen. XQC is currently in a 72-hour ban, but interestingly, was given a heads up before hand and allowed to stream the rest of the day.

Update: XQC has been unbanned.

While not banned, streamer Heatheredeffect had a VOD removed in which she was breast feeding her baby on stream. Heatherdeffect admits that this was a stunt to start a conversation about the stigmatization of breast feeding, and Twitch's strange middle road to remove the video shows that they don't really know how to handle the situation either.

Twitch is a much different place today than when it first started, and is in the unfortunate position of needing to grow and adapt quicker than a large company is capable of. Though they are inconsistent about their own rules, they're extremely consistent about refusing to show any transparency or communicate with their community. We'll see what next month looks like, but I would hazard to guess things are going to get a lot weirder from here.

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