• With one poor decision after another, Twitch seems to have found its tipping point in pushing its streamers and viewers too far 1 / 9

  • #TWITCHISOVERPARTY is currently trending on Twitter 2 / 9

  • The final straw has come after Tyler “Ninja” Bevins has his old channel hijacked to show pornographic content 3 / 9

  • For a while, one may have looked at Twitch and thought that they had a Public Relations (PR) problem 4 / 9

  • the reality of the situation is they have problems deeply ingrained into the culture of the organization that PR cannot spin past a certain point 5 / 9

  • Less than two weeks ago, Ninja made the formal announcement that he would be streaming exclusively on Mixer 6 / 9

  • While the news has surprised many, it seems like a brilliant business decision when considering what Mixer could offer Ninja on their platform 7 / 9

  • Check out the full article for more on how Twitch has become so unpopular in such a short period of time! 8 / 9

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