Hilarious Ninja Joke Could Start A Catfight With Alinity

Ninja Joke Starts Catfight With Alinity

Ninja made a jab at Alinity's cat drama during TimTheTatman's Twitch stream in a clip that has since been picked up by Keemstar on Twitter and currently has over 285,000 plays.

When jokingly asked by Tim if he was going to have a limited edition shirt for TwitchCon 2019, Ninja sarcastically replied "yes." It didn't end there, however, as Ninja used the opportunity to roast Alinity over her alleged animal abuse. Ninja can be heard on the stream saying, "I'm gonna have a shirt – it's gonna have a picture of a cat being thrown over – and then a picture of a cat spitting out what appears to be water. It's gonna say TwitchCon 2019."

Tim laughs at Ninja's joke with an accompanying "jeez," clearly aware of the recent fiasco surrounding Alinity and the treatment of her pets. Those familiar with the situation know that the Colombian-Canadian streamer landed herself in some hot water after mistreating her cat live on Twitch.

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The main outcry against Alinity rose from a clip of her tossing a cat over her head, clearly frustrated that it was in the way. This was followed by the discovery of another clip in which she feeds her cat vodka (both of which Ninja references in the jab). However, it could be argued that Ninja's joke was meant for Twitch itself. Lately, Twitch has come under fire regarding its inconsistent approach to moderation, as well as for its preferential treatment of larger streamers on the platform.

Regardless, Alinity didn't skip a beat and quickly threw her hat in the ring, responding to Keem's post with an oft-cited quote that Ninja has been criticized for.

Overall, the situation is more humorous and lighthearted than it is dramatic or hateful. Based on Alinity's response in the comments of the viral Twitter video, it looks like things will likely end on a light note. She didn't seem to take things too seriously and jested back with one of Ninja's controversial moments. Sure, Keemstar picked it up and seems to be trying to stir the pot, but it would be surprising if Ninja continued to fan the flames.

Source: Twitter

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