Twitch Plays Breath Of The Wild Has Beaten Ganon And All Four Divine Beasts

Twitch plays Breath Of The Wild has beaten the game, conquering Ganon and even getting all the memories for the best ending.

Forget Link. A bunch of random people in a Twitch chat room apparently have what it takes to save Hyrule just as well as the Hero of the Wild. Twitch Plays Breath of The Wild, a Twitch channel where the chat controls the game, managed to conquer all four divine beasts and vanquish Ganon.

For those who have been living under a rock these past few years, Twitch Plays is a type of livestream where the people in chat are the ones playing the game. They type in certain phrases to make the game characters move, and so play one game as a collective. The phenomenon started with Twitch Plays Pokémon, in which the chat did the impossible and beat Pokémon Red despite the chaos of hundreds of people all trying to control one video game.

Since then, the group has moved on to complete other games in the Pokémon series, as well as Dark Souls of all things. The Legend Of ZeldaBreath Of The Wild is the next big challenge, and it's being broadcast over on the channel Community Controller.

Or at least it was, until the chat managed to beat that game as well.

The chat goes wild as Ganon explodes, with people spamming emojis and epic poems of their victory. It certainly is a feat worthy of being immortalized by the bards. For a large group of strangers unleashed upon a chat to come together and sensibly make their way through a huge open world game is nothing short of a miracle.

It might just be enough to restore one's faith in humanity. No matter how divided people seem to be these days, it's nice to know they can set aside their differences to destroy a giant evil smoke monster. Even if they have to spam incomprehensible memes while they do it.

There's no word on what the next adventure will be. Community Controller tweeted after the victory to say that they're working on a "secret project." Until then, Breath Of The Wild has been restarted in the more challenging Master Mode.

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