After Beating Breath Of The Wild, Twitch Plays Zelda Tries A Link To The Past

The 'Twitch Plays' channel communitycontroller recently finished Breath Of The Wild, and has moved onto A Link To The Past.

Twitch. Is there anything it can’t do? This is not just a place to watch our favourite content creators doing their thing. This is a place where miracles happen. Will the combined powers of a Twitch chat’s users be able to complete The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past? You’d better believe they will.

The whole curious Twitch Plays… phenomenon began with an emulated copy of Pokémon Red. Anybody who hopped in could enter some of the game’s simple commands (Up, Down, A, B and such), and so several hundred people were all playing the game simultaneously. Naturally, it was utter, utter chaos and progress was painstaking, but the game was eventually completed.

When it was, it left us gloriously meme-tastic memories like the legend of Lord Helix, the humble Omastar that could. The internet laps these sorts of things up, of course, so the whole ‘Twitch Plays’ thing became a series.

In April, the Twitch collective took on Switch sensation Super Mario Odyssey. There may have been some unfortunate incidents in the Sand Kingdom (where Mario was stuck trying to open a treasure box in empty room for an hour or so), but they eventually defeated Bowser in the final battle. However badly things went after that.

Via: Gamer Network

It all just goes to prove that if the internet actually comes together and tries to cooperate for once, beautiful and inspiring things will (eventually) happen. Nothing can stop Twitch Plays. What happened when they took on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? The open world title threw up a heaping helping of challenges, sure, but they made it through all of the Divine Beasts and the big bad Ganon himself. This happened just last week.

What’s next for Twitch Plays? Another Zelda installment, that’s what. A Link to the Past is currently in full swing, and it’s sure to prove as frustrating and eventful as any other title Twitch has conquered. At the time of writing, they’ve been stuck in the inventory screen for a couple of minutes, trying to equip the bow to destroy a dungeon knight. Onward, Link! You can do it!

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