New Twitch Prime Rewards Offer Apex Legends Character And Weapon Skins

To promote the new season of Apex Legends, Twitch Prime is offering a suite of skins for four legends and two weapons. The offer is available starting today for anyone with a Twitch Prime account.

The rewards have a staggered release schedule, so you will only have access to Sweet Dreams Wattson  and the Stellar Stallion L-Star. The others, for Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, and a 2nd, unidentified weapon, will be available at some point in the future.

This is the second time Twitch Prime has offered free rewards for Apex Legends, the first, offered during the game's launch, was the exceptional Omega Point Skin for Pathfinder, as well as 5 Apex packs. And while this Twitch Prime bonus doesn't include the packs, the number of free skins available here certainly more than makes up for it.

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In order to claim the free skins, you need to have a Twitch Prime account linked to your Origin account. It's a fairly simple process assuming you know your log in for both services. First, go to Twitch.tv and log in. Twitch Prime is included with an Amazon Prime subscription and provides not only free games/cosmetics but also a free sub you can use for any partnered or affiliated streamer on Twitch. Once you've logged in, there is a crown icon in the top right you will need to click. The drop down menu will advertise the Apex Legends loot, click learn more, then click claim on the next page. Voilà! The Wattson and L-Star skins are yours to keep. It is likely you will need to log on to Twitch and claim each new skin as they become available, but all of them will be free.

The first two free skins are designed for the newest legend and weapon added to Apex with the launch of Season 2. Wattson, a defensive character, has the ability to build electric fences around the map to help separate the enemy from your team. She also has an electrified pylon capable of shooting down air strikes and protecting your team with a shield regenerator. The L-Star is a new energy weapon available from supply drops that fall randomly around the map. It fires a large, powerful projectile that lands on your targets more consistently than other energy weapons.

This is the second free skin available for Wattson, the other is awarded to every player that reaches level 30 during season 2. There is a lot to do and see in the new season, and these rewards are just the cherry on top. There's nothing like using a free account to get free skins in a free game. What a time to be alive.

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