Redditors Are Mass Reporting Amouranth For Lying About Streaming In A Store

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth has drawn the ire of Reddit once again for streaming in a place she isn't supposed to. The Reddit post showing the clip of her rule breaking has almost 5,000 upvotes and many in the comments are calling for readers to report her to Twitch in order to get her banned.

Streaming is prohibited on private property without permission, as the Twitch guidelines outline, and violating this rule could result in a temporary ban between 24 hours and 30 days. As of this writing, Amouranth is still active on Twitch, currently doing her typical nighttime ASMR stream, but it isn't outside of the realm of possibility for Twitch to take action at a later date, especially since this isn't the streamers first slip up.

In the clip, you can see Amouranth using her phone to live stream while shopping in a clothing store. An employee of the store can be heard off camera asking, "Are you filming in here?" to which Amouranth replies "Oh, we're just video chatting, is that not okay?"

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"Oh you're video chatting? Okay," replies the employee, and Amouranth moves on. As an isolated incident, probably not the most noteworthy event on Twitch any given day. But, within the context of Amouranth's past antics, it was enough to rile up the Reddit army and signal a call to action.

Amouranth has a history of streaming where she isn't supposed to. Last time, she received a 12 hour ban for streaming in a gym after being told repeatedly to stop by gym employees. The footage is particularly unflattering; Amouranth argues, lies, and eventually skedaddles when they mention calling the police. At which point she tells her stream that she was kicked out because she is white. It was, frankly, all pretty hard to watch.

This time, however, Amouranth managed to avoid scrutiny from the employee and moved on without incident. This doesn't change the fact that she broke a rule, a rule in which she has been punished for breaking before, and Reddit isn't going to let it go.

"For those who think this is mild it's worth mentioning that lying about not streaming when you are is specifically against TOS." one user commented, another linked to the report page and urged other to join in reporting her, saying "She's not going to get disciplined if people don't report her. She might not get disciplined either way, but it's worth a try."

Amouranth is, suffice it to say, a controversial figure on Twitch. Serving as a sort of de facto figure head for all of the things Twitch shouldn't be, the gamer gatekeepers like to point out the scantily-clad streams and lack of real game playing on her stream, which is mostly IRL, Just Dance, and ASMR, as reasons why Amouranth shouldn't be allowed to use the service.

Whether worthy or not, the streamer has a substantial following. With over a million followers and 84 million total views, it is safe to say Amouranth is making a lot of money for herself and Twitch, whether this means she is above the rules or not is a matter of perspective. One thing is for certain though, recording people without their permission is a pretty scummy thing to do, and lying to them about it is even worse. Lets hope Amouranth has learned her lesson and will be keeping her IRL streams strictly to HER real life, and no one else's, from now on.

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